Monday, January 18, 2016

Into The Gallery

Two views of the National Gallery in day and evening; the first shot was taken a couple of days after the second. I went to the Gallery earlier this month late in the day to photograph some of the collection, as well as take in a temporary exhibit on Claude Monet.

The exhibit unfortunately was photo-restricted, so no photos from there, but you can check the exhibition website (I hope the page remains open past the end of the exhibition) for a taste of Monet: A Bridge To Modernity. Monet and his family stayed in the town of Argenteuil for a number of years in the 1870s, where he painted a series of paintings of the two bridges over the Seine. Seeing these paintings grouped together was a delight, and for those in the Ottawa area, the exhibition wraps up on the 15th of February.

Moving into the permanent collection now. The Gallery houses its permanent collection on two primary levels, with Canadian art on one and world art on the upper floor. There is also an area dedicated to First Nations art (which I'll have to return to sometime soon, as I didn't visit it this time out). Starting off, this is a portrait that seems to always catch my eye. It's a painting by the Quebec artist Theophile Hamel, dating back to 1854, entitled Henriette Massue Le Moine.

The top painting here is by William Raphael, a Prussian born artist who came to live in Canada, entitled Indian Encampment On The Lower St. Lawrence.  The lower painting, by British-Canadian artist John A. Fraser, is September Afternoon, Eastern Townships.


  1. I enjoyed the Canadian landscape with first nation folk

  2. Manet and Monet were great painters.


  3. Looks a tad more cheerful inside than out then William

  4. Second shot is super. For a moment I thought you might be able to show some of the Monet exhibit yourself...not surprised that cameras are banned but thanks for the link.

  5. I'm not surprised cameras are banned! Intellectual property and all that. One really should see these in person, anyway!
    I love the building.

  6. I really like the pictures of early Canada, very nice.

  7. @Cloudia: so did I.

    @Tomas: they were. I didn't see a Manet elsewhere in the Gallery... I wonder if he's represented.

    @Bill: I can see that.

    @Lauren: I figured adding the link was a good idea.

    @Marianne: she certainly stands out.

    @Jennifer: the Gallery did relax those rules. Aside from no video recordings and no flash photography, it is only the odd item that cannot be photographed.

    @Gill: thanks!

  8. Glad that you can photograph the art! ;-)

  9. The atmosphere in your second shot makes the day for me, William.

  10. I'm glad some galleries are now relaxing their photo restrictions, at least in some areas. I'll check out the link.

  11. The last three paintings caught my attention.

  12. I especially love the Impressionists, but Monet is my favorite!

  13. I bet that Monet exhibit was wonderful. I hope it moves in this direction.

  14. Everybody should have to go to art exhibits. there's so much to learn, appreciate and enjoy.

  15. @Halcyon: there were exceptions to the new rules, but opening up to photography seems a good idea to me.

    @Jan: thank you!

    @EG: it was a wonderful exhibition to attend. Adding on the link seems appropriate.

    @Nancy: and much more to come.

    @Norma: he's one of the best.

    @Janey: I do have a Monet coming up in this series.

    @Sharon: it really was. Such a pleasure to see those paintings.

    @Red: there really is.

  16. I like Monet, but the painting you are showing us are surely more unusual and interesting...

  17. The dark blue through the windows is really interesting.

  18. Claude Monet is one of my favourite artists!

  19. I could spend all day there. Did you get to see the Monet exhibit?


  20. The portrait is delightful.

    I just don't know why photographing Monet is such a big crime during temporary exhibitions, if you don't use a flashlight...

  21. I like the evening photo of the gallery!

  22. Great post, love the paintings. And if I haven't said it before, your header shot is beautiful!

  23. I do like the light of lamps on snow. :-)

  24. great exhibit and a little funny because i am getting ready to hang a small monet print in my bathroom lol

  25. @VP: and a good deal more to come. I'll stop by here from time to time and do more of the same.

    @Linda: I did like that very last light coming into the tower.

    @Linda: I do have a Monet to come. One of the gallery's Monet paintings was in its usual location.

    @Janis: I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    @Ciel: I imagine because the paintings come from multiple sources, and one or two of those might not want photos taken, it's easier to go with a general no photos rule for the exhibition. As it is, I rarely use the flash on my cameras, and never in a gallery or museum.

    @Marleen: I've usually been in there in daylight hours, so this was different. Had I gone in a couple of weeks earlier, there would have been a big Christmas tree in the tower.

    @RedPat: thank you!

    @Beth: I quite agree.

    @Denise: thanks!

    @Revrunner: so did I.

    @Tanya: small world!

  26. i like the night-time blues of your winter shots.

  27. Seeing original Monets has been one of my favorite museum experiences. Too bad you couldn't snap any shots.

  28. I would enjoy the Monet exhibit. We visited Giverny back in 2000 and saw his studio and gardens.

  29. The National Gallery itself is pretty spectacular William, what a wonderful venue for the Monet exhibition, I checked the link.. how wonderful to see the actual paintings. Hope it comes to Perth at some point.

  30. @Tex: thank you!

    @Kay: I enjoyed that exhibit.

    @Linda: I always like seeing a Monet.

    @ODP: thank you!

    @Grace: it was amazing.

    @Carolann: thank you.