Sunday, March 31, 2024

Some Quiet Time For The Dairy Herd

The cows were busy eating, and being fairly quiet. I can imagine what this place might be like during the busy period of milking.

Onward I went into another area. Calves were found here, generally at rest.

And beyond them, some of the herds' recent mothers, whose milk is reserved exclusively for the youngsters.

They certainly are photogenic.

Saturday, March 30, 2024

A Variation Of Cow Breeds

 Here's a couple more looks at Tristyn, the expectant mother cow, and a very photogenic one.

Back into the main area I went. Each cow has a name, and the milk- after what's reserved for the calves- goes into the provincial milk supply.

There are a total of seven distinct dairy cow breeds here in the herd.

In warmer weather, they're out in the pastures, only really brought in for milking.

Friday, March 29, 2024

The Herd Having Lunch

 I start today with views of the Dairy Barn.

I headed inside. Display panels are found throughout- this one with some frequently asked questions.

At this time of the day, the herd was having lunch, with staff members working in the central area between them. They're milked later in the afternoon, and get some outside time in the barnyard during the mornings.

This is actually the second barn of its type here, but built with the architecture of the original.

A look out into the barnyard.

The maternity area is out beyond the main area, and here I found this cow, Tristyn, in a pen on her own. Staff move cows that are soon to give birth to this area and keep an eye on them. She noticed me.

And then came over. There's signage throughout discouraging people to touch the cows.

She wasn't having any of it, but wanted a bit of attention. I spoke with her for a few minutes.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Interior Perspectives

More today from within the Learning Centre. 

I headed to the second floor, where this painting caught my eye.

A look below.

Display panels on the walls look at the importance of bees and honey.

A look outside towards Meadowview Barn.

The Soil Lab is in a building linked to the Dairy Barn. I popped inside and had a look. This display panel looks at the importance of using soil in a responsible way.

Outside, a look towards the main entrance of the Dairy Barn. But before going there, something else drew my attention across the way.

This machine, back over by the Learning Centre, is a seed drill.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Learning Centre

I passed by this large tractor on the grounds.  

The barnyard of the Dairy Barn is here.

A view towards the Learning Centre.

These antique plows caught my eye.

Inside, the current exhibit is on aquaculture- fisheries being the primary example. A number of large scale photographs around the First Nations fishery industry of the Pacific Northwest were here.

This bell stood in the original horse and cattle barn, which was destroyed in a fire. It now resides here.

The aquaculture exhibit I skimmed through- though I liked the visual of this, with streamers from the high ceiling resembling seaweed.