Thursday, February 20, 2020


Today I'm starting where I left off yesterday, with the trio of smaller sculptures, gathered together.

And then there is one of those ice benches.

The mastodon ice sculpture held up quite well throughout Winterlude, even being exposed to the elements. It was sculpted on behalf of the Museum of Nature, which will soon have a temporary exhibit on the ice age.

On the other hand, ice sculptures that were judged in competition didn't stand up as well this year. For whatever reason, the shelter structures that have been used for years were not used this year. Those shelters did a marvelous job in preserving ice sculptures from the elements- sunlight or wind can wreck havoc, and even a slight warm up can do damage to these delicate structures. When I came to photograph these just up the street, there were signs of fallen pieces. Fortunately on the second weekend of the festival more ice sculptures were made, and we'll get a look at them down the line. We'll see more of this tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


A reminder for members of City Daily Photo: the theme day for the first of March is Municipal Building. I expect many of us are going to be featuring city and town halls- I know I am. And for those who were inquiring about a video of the Spectrum installation, I was able to get a couple of videos of it. Check them out here and here. Yes, that's me whistling to get the lights going.

The ice sculptures at Winterlude are probably most dramatic lit up at night, but I wanted to show what they're like in daylight too. Here we start with the CBC sign.

And that winged bench nearby.

I took more perspectives of the Louis Riel sculpture.

Here we have that sculpture from yesterday's post, when it was lit in green. It still feels abstract, but has the look of perhaps an owl... or perhaps a Viking.

Three smaller sculptures are close by.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


Earlier on in the series I mentioned this ice sculpture that had something of an abstract feel to it. It was designed to get close to for photo ops, and I decided to take several different detail shots of it under the green light.

Nearby was this structure- an unusual bench.

Here we have another look at the CBC sculpture.

I decided to take a close up shot of one of the windows, replicas of the House of Commons stained glass. Tomorrow we're back here, but in daytime conditions.

Monday, February 17, 2020


This ice sculpture set marks an upcoming international book fair in Europe, with an ice bench for posing.

Ice benches are found elsewhere on the street.

Here we have another look at some of the smaller sculptures.

While this is a wider view of the street.

This wall was an interactive one, with children applying coloured cubes of ice to the surface of the wall during the first weekend.

The Louis Riel sculpture kept drawing my attention during visits.

As did this one.

Sunday, February 16, 2020


Today I start with something taken on a windowsill at my place. I got this hockey puck earlier on during Winterlude.

Art installations have been part of the festival, with an emphasis on light and interactiveness. Up in the Byward Market are a series of geometric shapes that light up as you walk around them, and play varying music. It's called Oscillation, and I filmed a clip as I walked among them. You can view that right here.

I headed back to Sparks Street. While there I walked through this installation I showed you the other day. Iceberg takes the sounds of an iceberg and plays them as you go through. Different amounts of people can have an effect on those sounds. Check out my video of it right here.

There are several large stationary wheels on Sparks Street at the moment. You can sit inside, move the handlebars as if they're oars, and the wheels will turn, showing the images within rapidly changing, much like old fashioned film projection. Older technology used in a different way.

Another interactive installation. Spectrum uses sound, such as a whistle or a voice from either end, to send light spiralling down to the other end.