Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Visiting The Garden Of The Provinces

The Garden Of The Provinces And Territories lies just west of the Parliamentary precinct, consisting of a series of terraces, water features, and flowerbeds. On a damp day in mid-month I came by. Some tulips can be found among the terraces.

Across the street to the south are a couple of churches. One, St. Peter's Lutheran Church, has a lovely tree always in blossom when I come by to photograph the tulips.

It was a mix of purple and white this year among these tulips.

Down below the terraces are flowerbeds, mostly with varied plants, but a scattering of tulips among them that are likely left in the ground as opposed to dug up as is the case elsewhere. Christ Church Cathedral stands in the background.

A close up of tulips in these beds.

Across the street from the Garden to the north is the main headquarters for Library and Archives Canada. Tulips can be found in planters and flowerbeds here. I'll be starting here tomorrow for the theme day, as I'm featuring Wellington Street and its landmarks.

A short walk west along Wellington takes us to another flowerbed beneath the flags of the country, provinces, and territories. The Canadian War Museum can be seen in the background.

Monday, May 30, 2022

A Tulip Bed Honouring A Queen

 I continue today with the tulips I left off with yesterday.

Across the path is the last of the big beds in this part of the park, with a fringe of muscari accompanying the tulips.

I like to get shots from ground level- it gives the muscari a chance to shine too.

This particular bed has plaques in English and French, first unveiled by Dutch Queen Juliana in 1967 during a return visit. After her death, the bed was re-dedicated in her memory.

Last views of this bed.

And for today, tulips across the path to close out the post. I'll return to Commissioners Park when I close out this series, but tomorrow I'm taking things to another location.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Yellow, Red, And Pink

 I start today where I left off, with this bed of colourful tulips, reds and yellows.

Of course there were dogs to be seen. This one was particularly friendly.

Many of the beds have a walk-in area suited for photo ops.

If you look closely, you'll see a rogue tulip, in yellow- forgotten from previous years, perhaps.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Brilliant Blossoms

 A proverbial feast for the eyes, these tulips.

The large circular raised beds had two types, one of which was the white and red Canada 150 tulip developed for the anniversary year. The other was a red tulip fringed with white.

Beyond, the path beckoned me on.

A bed with other plants in it has a number of tulips spread throughout. I suspect these may also be the work of squirrel gardeners. Unlike many of the beds, I don't think these bulbs are removed after the tulips are done.

And for today I leave off here.