Thursday, February 29, 2024

Concluding The Evening Along The Canal Skateway

 Carrying on where I left off yesterday, another look at the Flora Bridge.

I zoomed in for this.

I carried on. A small stone arch bridge carries Queen Elizabeth Drive over an offspur of the Canal called Patterson Creek. This spot is open for skaters.

Another glimpse back at Flora.

The next bridge was ahead- the Pretoria Bridge.

Along the east side of the Canal, seen through the trees, is a Catholic high school.

A final look back at the Flora Bridge.

And on I went.

The Pretoria Bridge is a table bridge at the north end of the Glebe and Old Ottawa East, linking the two neighbourhoods. It's over a century old, dating to 1915. A table bridge is one where the centre section can be elevated as needed to allow for the passage of taller boats. It takes its name from the street it's on, which was itself named in honour of veterans of the South African War.

I looked back before heading up the stairs and departing the Canal. I will return to the Winterlude series after the theme day.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

An Elegant Bridge By Night

 I looked back the way I came, with Old Ottawa East to the left now, and the Glebe off to the right, with the buildings of Lansdowne Park beyond the trees.

The Flora Footbridge is a pedestrian bridge named for Flora Macdonald, a former Conservative cabinet minister and a well respected humanitarian, who lived in the area and was well liked. It's the most recent of the bridges in the city, and elegant in its design, particularly so at night.

Crossing to the far side, I took advantage of the bridge lights to photograph skaters.

And then I continued on, looking back.

The path ahead, with one more bend in the Canal before I was to leave it.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

On The Skateway

 Picking up where I left off yesterday, more of this stroll along the frozen Rideau Canal at night.

One last look back at the Bank Street Bridge from here.

A look left gives us glimpses of the stadium and Aberdeen Pavilion at Lansdowne Park.

A short walk on, another perspective. The lit structure is a light sculpture at Lansdowne.

I paused here. There's a gap in the trees that gives a view of the Pavilion.

Zooming in a bit with my phone gave a closer view at the structure, with a skater passing through.

A short walk further on, I looked left again as a skater went by, with a headlight. Beyond, a skate changing area, and a Beavertails outlet.

The next destination was before me- the Flora Bridge, beautifully lit in the evening.

Monday, February 26, 2024

Rideau Canal

I took these on a beautiful morning earlier in the month. No skaters on the ice, but the Canal looked outstanding in the dawn as I came to the Flora Bridge, a pedestrian bridge linking the Glebe to Old Ottawa East.

A few days later, but the same location, and another beautiful dawn.

On the last evening of Winterlude, I was able to get onto the ice itself, and we'll start looking at that today. I started at the Bank Street Bridge.

I have absolutely no idea why my phone did this, but I liked these two shots taken under the bridge arches.

The structure at left is the south stands at Lansdowne Park. People had taken to the ice, some walking like me, but most skating.