Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Living Sculptures

MosaiCanada is an event currently underway within Jacques Cartier Park on the Gatineau side of the Ottawa River. The event opened for Canada Day and will carry on until mid-October. This has been done in Montreal, and it's been done here for the big anniversary year this year. MosaiCanada is a collection of living art- mosaics consisting of plants placed into frames, surrounded by flowers and more plants, creating a fantastic result throughout the park in a number of themes. The concept is called mosaiculture, and I have previously shown some of the preparations for the event, here and here. The grounds are tended to by workers- I noticed a couple of instances during my tour when workers were amid the sculptures and plants. The entry to the site comes through this station house- which is the first example, its walls covered with plants. 

It stands across from a steam train- a full frame covered over with plants.

The first theme is A Journey Across Canada, taking in sculptures of the provinces and territories. Before stepping into it, we're met by a sculpture evoking a young precocious girl of Canadian literature, waiting for her ride to arrive at the station. This is an oversized Anne Shirley... as in Anne of Green Gables. The sculpture is titled More Scope For The Imagination.

Here we have an arrangement representing Alberta, titled The Wild Rose. This rose is emblematic of the province, and has been recreated here in a much larger floral form.

This view looks beyond at what's to come.

This contribution comes from the Royal Canadian Mint, and is titled Proudly Canadian.

Representing Saskatchewan, this is titled Royal Canadian Mounted Police Horse And Rider.

Red Foxes is the title of this sculpture representing Prince Edward Island.

This one, which we'll get more of a look at tomorrow, is for Nova Scotia, depicting the long tradition of the lobster fisherman.

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Striptease

I look forward to the sort of search results that title will bring where this blog is concerned. 

I have more today from Secret Circus, the busker act that concludes this series from Buskerfest. The two were in the midst of their act, working the audience, removing items of clothing as they went. Not everything, mind you- this was a family show. Though there is a burlesque show held during the festival with several buskers at an indoor location on one evening. And there's a group evening fire show held here that I missed- these two would have had a part in that.

Then it was time to light the torches for a little playing with fire.

I'm finishing with this shot- her expression is perfect. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Secret Circus

Secret Circus was the name of this act; the two British buskers did a second separate act which I never got the chance to catch during the festival. Secret Circus is a mix of dance, comedy, juggling, and burlesque. They were getting prepped in these first shots. The two are playing the part of bookish geeks and civil servants.

The two started out bantering with the audience and each other, dressed in business attire. The attire got less so as things went along. I'll show you more of their act tomorrow.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Being busy here at the moment, I direct you over to my writer's blog, where I have a photo post scheduled to go live today when this one does. It's part of the Ottawa Welcomes The World embassy series, this one focusing on Macedonia.

Living statues were also on hand during Buskerfest. The Daughters Of Midas have been here before, and are a delight to watch. They were positioned before the large bear sculpture that stands at Sparks and Metcalfe. This act is different from other buskers, which will tend to draw crowds right around for the performance over a half hour. This is more transitory- you stop by, have a look, put some money in, and take selfies with them (incidentally, can you tell I don't take many selfies?). All the while these two ladies are interacting with the public in hilarious or cute ways. And toddlers don't quite know what to make of them.

Friday, August 18, 2017


The Circus Firemen were another act during Buskerfest. I caught them doing their act at the east end of Sparks Street one day. It's a combination of comedy, high balance, and juggling as the two banter with each other and the audience. Their finale makes use of juggling torches.