Friday, April 30, 2021

The Changing Of The Seasons

Each year I like to show a given spot as it transitions from winter to spring. The location is Central Park in the north end of the Glebe neighbourhood. I took these first two shots near the end of December. This one looks east through the park from Bank Street, which intersects through the park, lying lower than the road on both sides.

The second view looks west. The park is quite popular with dog walkers.

In the middle of January, during a snowy morning, things had changed considerably.

Here we had things in the second half of February at sunrise.

This was in mid March. Signs of the thaw were underway.

These shots are from late in March, not so long after dawn. What snow there was was in the process of melting, with pools of water in the park.

And finally these shots are from just a few days ago. Green was returning to the grass as I passed by one morning.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Works Of The Old Masters

 Today I begin with another work by Lucas Cranach The Elder. Christ And The Adulteress dates to 1533.

Hans Baldung Grien created the dark, compelling painting Eve, the Serpent, and Death between 1510-15.

This is a portrait by Titian. Daniele Barbaro dates to 1545.

Jacopo Tintoretto painted Portrait of an Elderly Man between 1565-75.

Lastly today, another portrait. Bartholomeo Veneto painted Portrait of a Young Lady between 1520-30.

I'll be back with this series after the theme day. Tomorrow is something different.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Faith And Mythology

 Today we have four paintings, two of a religious nature and two going back to the older myths. The Assumption of the Virgin is by Neri di Bicci and dates to 1455-56.

An Allegory of Civilization is by Piero di Cosimo, circa 1490.

Lucas Cranach The Elder painted Venus circa 1518.

And here we have The Crucifixion by Quinten Massys, circa 1515.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Courtyard Vantages

 To begin today, here are three views of the garden courtyard from the world art galleries.

This is from the workshop of Antoine Caron, done circa 1570. It is The Submission of Milan To Francis I.

This work is attributed to Jean Penicaud II. The Crucifixion is circa 1550.

And here we have Scenes From Ovids' Metamorphoses. This is by Antonio di Domino Mazzieri, circa 1525.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Religious Works

 Today we start moving into world art with the collection at the National Gallery. We begin with religious art, which was the predominant theme in art centuries ago. This is one such example. Triptych of the Virgin and Child is by Jacopo di Cione., and dates back to circa 1370- 80.

A couple of views of the same space- one with a gallery visitor and one without.

This is The Virgin and Child With Saints, by Benozzo Gozzolo, circa 1476-77.

Tommaso del Mazza is the artist behind this work, Saints Peter, John the Baptist, and Bartholomew, done circa 1385-90.

For today we finish with these candlesticks, credited to Master I.C.. Pair of Candlesticks dates to circa 1575-1600.


Sunday, April 25, 2021


 Starting off today, a wide view of one of the last portions of the Canadian galleries includes this work by the Anishinaabe artist Norval Morrisseau. Artist And Shaman Between Two Worlds is from 1980.

Morrisseau also painted these two, in 1971. Untitled (Child) is beside Untitled (Shaman).

Alex Colville is well known to Canadians. This is one of his best known paintings. To Prince Edward Island is from 1965, and includes the artist and his wife.

Stepping out of the Canadian galleries, I stopped at a nearby temporary multimedia installation before heading up to the world art galleries. South African artist William Kentridge devised More Sweetly Play The Dance. It incorporates music and figures travelling across the walls of this room and is a response to the former apartheid era of his country.