Monday, March 8, 2021

From Bridge To Bridge

 A closer view at the Bank Street Bridge as I approached from the east. Skaters were moving faster than I was, but that's to be expected. For the walker, the Canal surface makes for easy walking- often easier walking than the sidewalks.

Here we have another stadium view at Lansdowne.

I crossed beneath the bridge, taking these views from the west side.

Turning around, I photographed to the west. Between here and Dow's Lake, the Canal does a bit of gentle curving, but not like the big bends further back towards downtown.

Continuing on, I took one more shot of the Bank Street Bridge before I went around the curve.

I proceeded on, photographing in either direction as I went. I'd earlier decided that depending on how my mobile battery was doing, I could have left the Canal at Bank Street or continued the whole way. It turns out there was enough battery power to make the whole trip in one go.

My last shot for today features the last of the bridges to cross the skateway: the Bronson Avenue Bridge. Beyond it the Canal widens out into Dow's Lake.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Pavilion, Stadium, Canal

 Yesterday I left off with taking leave of the Canal skateway to come into Lansdowne Park to get some shots. This is a view of the Aberdeen Pavilion from the east. The building dates to the late 19th century as an exhibition hall. In the age of Covid, it is only being used at the moment for the weekly farmers market.

Here we have it from the southeast.

Heading on my way to rejoin the Canal, I paused to photograph the stadium. The two stand sections are quite different; the south stands at left is newer, dating to 2014. Under normal times a football team and a soccer team play on the field. We'll see what happens as the year goes along.

There's a fair sized ridge along this side that's good for tobogganing. A light sculpture stands at the top of the ridge.

I returned to the Canal. This view looked back to where I had been.

And this looked to where I was going. The curve in the Canal completes itself up ahead, turning directly west as the skateway heads towards Dow's Lake.

Across from the stairs I took down from Lansdowne is an island in this part of the Canal. I noticed branches of one of the trees tilted downward and partially covered in snow.

I carried on. This shot at Lansdowne includes the pavilion among the trees.

The south stands is visible here. A large wooden screen curves around its back.

And here's what's ahead of us: the Bank Street Bridge. Most of the time when it's in the blog, it's because I'm photographing from on top of that bridge, as opposed to down here.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Passing Along The Canal

 I walked into the portion of the skateway that leads into Patterson Creek, heading to the spot down at the end here, the island in the creek. Willows and other trees line this area, along with parkland. Central Park, which I've mentioned before, starts over here. The skateway loop in here turns back from the island.

Here's a shot of the stone bridge on my way out.

Back on the Canal, and a look towards the next bridge. The Flora Bridge is another pedestrian bridge, linking the Glebe and Old Ottawa East.

Looking back the way I came, I took a shot of the two skaters on the right. One often sees people with bright green jackets on the Canal during skating season. These are medics, and their backpacks include everything they'll need to treat an emergency.

More views of the Flora Bridge as I approached. This is the newest bridge on the Canal, named for a former federal cabinet minister who lived in the area, Flora Macdonald, a well liked politician. 

Here's looking at it from the other side.

Close by, this is a view of the Canal Ritz, one of the few restaurants actually alongside the Canal. I've done take out from here since Covid started.

Here we have a view in the direction of the next bend the Canal makes, shifting westward. I actually left the Canal here, deciding to reconnect with it at the next staircase around the bend.

The reason was a quick stop at Lansdowne Park. This LED sign at the Queen Elizabeth Drive entrance usually advertises events on site. At present, someone on staff must have a sense of humour.

Friday, March 5, 2021

A Mixture Of Eclectic Bridges

 Starting today, I took another shot back towards the University of Ottawa. One of the plows that keeps the skating surface clear was passing by.

Moving on, I headed for the next bridge. The 417 crosses through the city from east to west. On its far side the neighbourhoods change on both sides. And there's another bridge that is parallel to it and closer down to the skating surface.

One more look back for good measure.

This is the parallel bridge, the Pretoria Bridge, so named in honour of victory in the South African War.  It is a table lift bridge, with the middle span able to be raised to allow the passage of larger boats beneath.

Its architectural details have always interested me.

Here we look at it from the south side. Now on our left is the Glebe neighbourhood, while on our right is Old Ottawa East.

I photographed the way I was heading.

And then back at the bridge.

I paused here. Patterson Creek is an inlet area that feeds into the Rideau Canal from the Glebe, and part of the skateway is in there. Queen Elizabeth Drive crosses it over this graceful stone bridge. We'll go in there tomorrow.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

From One Bridge To The Next

Starting where we left off yesterday, here are a couple of more shots looking back the way we came. 

I continued on, and at this point looked back again.

Then I looked forward. The bridge you see here is the next bridge along the path.

This is the Corktown Bridge, which links Centretown on the right to the campus at the University of Ottawa at the left. This is a pedestrian bridge, spanning the Canal in a graceful way. I noticed as I passed beneath that the scourge of love locks is returning to its railings.

I kept walking, looking back to the bridge from where I was.

This view takes in some of the buildings of the university campus.

I kept along, starting into the first major curve of the Canal.

Looking back, I photographed the campus again.

The next bend was ahead, along with the next bridge, a crossover for the 417 freeway. We'll pick up from here tomorrow.