Thursday, November 26, 2020

Aberdeen In The Fog

Today I have some odds and ends shots, taken at various times in recent weeks. I start with this view from early October, very early in the morning. I was out and about down at Lansdowne Park and photographed this view of the full Moon amid a slight cloud deck, taken looking west from the property towards an apartment building across the street.

A few days later I was downtown, and took this view down Elgin Street on a day with stormy skies. St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church is at left in the background.

And on another day in October while photographing fall colours, I stopped to take a shot of the Embassy of Kuwait, near the National Gallery.

Another night, passing through Lansdowne on a foggy night, I took this shot of the Aberdeen Pavilion in the mist.

Another one of those brooding October days, this one a few blocks from my home in Centretown.

When I was photographing my fall shots from the Landscapes Of Canada Gardens at the Museum of Nature, I noticed this little one on a picnic table. I think it's a yellowjacket. It was kind enough to indulge me in a photograph as opposed to stinging me.

At the end of October I was out in Westboro, and photographed these signs in store windows and outside shops.

In the first days of November I passed by a house in Centretown and noticed the statue on the porch. I came up to photograph it and noticed the little companion beside it.

This mix of faces is a sculpture along Elgin Street. The street has undergone a large infrastructure restoration project in the last couple of years, and it's standard after such an occasion for public art to be included. There are some sculptures along the street, including this one.

And to finish things off, this is Birkett Castle, built in 1896 for Thomas Birkett, the mayor of Ottawa, in the Baronial architectural style. It stands a block away from the above sculpture. Today it is home to the Hungarian embassy. If you're curious about the interior, click on the Castle in the tags below; I've been inside during Doors Open.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Along The River

Picking up where I left off yesterday,  I photographed across the Rideau Canal.

This view includes the National Gallery and Nepean Point above the river. At present, there is work going on at Nepean Point, with a complete reconfiguration of the ampitheatre. The statue of Champlain that tops the Point has been moved for the time being.

I stated walking along the path that follows the river, heading upstream.

This caught my eye.

And here's the staircase heading up the side of Parliament Hill.

These bushes along the path caught my eye with their red fall colours.

As I followed the path, I would look back again for colours along the Hill.

A close up of some of the trees here.

Here we have a view over to Richmond Landing and Victoria Island beyond it. The Navy Monument is the white structure at left. The Ottawa River comes through this area in a set of channels among islands, crossed by the Portage Bridge. The ruins of an old mill are on the island.

Here in the Richmond Landing area, I looked up towards Library and Archives Canada at the top of the hill.

And this is my last fall shot taken, with this channel of the Ottawa River. The presence of man has had its influence here; upstream from here is a pumping station and the channel beyond that seems to be man-made, with this area looking somewhat more natural. It felt fitting to have this as the last shot of my fall series.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Fall At Its Peak

 This view of Parliament Hill was taken from the staircase leading down to the terrace beside the Chateau Laurier. Fall colours were in full on the slope leading down to the side of the Rideau Canal. The building in the foreground is the lockmaster station.

Further along, on the terrace, I took this shot that included the Bytown Museum.

And then I went into Major's Hill Park for another view.

Further in the park I looked back towards the Chateau.

And then I went back to the fence to get this shot of the Hill and the Ottawa River.

Fall colours in close up make for a good shot.

I looked towards Notre Dame. The flowerbeds were in the process of having tulip bulbs placed when I was here. A close eye might make out the National Peacekeeping Monument, framed in red. I headed that way.

And here it is. The bushes that ring around the monument were all turned to red.

Here's a close up of them.

I carried on, photographing this tree outside Notre Dame.

And this tree beside a wall at the back of the church property.

Back in Centretown, I photographed this wall of ivy in fall colours.

For today I finish off with this view of the slope beneath Parliament Hill. I returned here a few days later for a walk along the river, a reverse of the visit I showed some days ago. This was the first shot of that trip. Tomorrow I'll show you the rest of that walk to finish off my fall colours series.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Autumn Walk

 Carrying on with my walk, I took this view along Sussex Drive a short distance away from where I left off yesterday.

This view overlooking the Ottawa River looks towards Gatineau, and the Macdonald-Cartier Bridge. Jacques Cartier Park is the wooded area on the far shore.

This path nearby would lead down closer to the water.

My walk took me back to the core, with this view of the Rideau Canal, and Confederation Park across the water.

A view from the Mackenzie King Bridge takes in the final stretch of the Rideau Canal.

I headed for Confederation Park.

And my last shot of that day, in the park itself.

Another day, and these two views in Dundonald Park.

A different day can make a big difference. This day passing by Dundonald Park had brooding skies in the west.

I went in October to pay a visit to the Canadian War Museum, in a series I'll start in a few days. I passed over a channel of the Ottawa River here, one that's been developed for white water rafting.

And nearby I took this photograph at the Canadian Firefighters Memorial.