Sunday, August 20, 2017

Secret Circus

Secret Circus was the name of this act; the two British buskers did a second separate act which I never got the chance to catch during the festival. Secret Circus is a mix of dance, comedy, juggling, and burlesque. They were getting prepped in these first shots. The two are playing the part of bookish geeks and civil servants.

The two started out bantering with the audience and each other, dressed in business attire. The attire got less so as things went along. I'll show you more of their act tomorrow.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Being busy here at the moment, I direct you over to my writer's blog, where I have a photo post scheduled to go live today when this one does. It's part of the Ottawa Welcomes The World embassy series, this one focusing on Macedonia.

Living statues were also on hand during Buskerfest. The Daughters Of Midas have been here before, and are a delight to watch. They were positioned before the large bear sculpture that stands at Sparks and Metcalfe. This act is different from other buskers, which will tend to draw crowds right around for the performance over a half hour. This is more transitory- you stop by, have a look, put some money in, and take selfies with them (incidentally, can you tell I don't take many selfies?). All the while these two ladies are interacting with the public in hilarious or cute ways. And toddlers don't quite know what to make of them.

Friday, August 18, 2017


The Circus Firemen were another act during Buskerfest. I caught them doing their act at the east end of Sparks Street one day. It's a combination of comedy, high balance, and juggling as the two banter with each other and the audience. Their finale makes use of juggling torches.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


A reminder to members of City Daily Photo: the theme day for September is Photographing the Photographer.

Buskerfest is our annual event featuring a collection of buskers throughout the first weekend of August. It takes place on Sparks Street, a block south of Parliament Hill, and always features a variety of performers. Today I have several buskers for you at once. The first busker I'm showing is one who was here last year. Pancho Libre is a gymnast busker whose final part of the act has him perched high on a pole above the crowd. Here, he's up against the reflective surface of the CD Howe Building, with the Wellington Building and the Confederation Block of Parliament Hill reflected in its glass.

Up the street, a busker by the name of Mat Ricardo was in the midst of his act when I came through, having had wrangled one of the onlooking kids into the show.

Another act present this year was the escape artist Rob Collins. I caught him briefly entertaining quite a crowd.

An aerialist trio, Hercinia Arts, was just getting their act started here on the last morning of the festival.

And I came across another act on the last day of the festival. Zap Circus (there were a lot of circus named acts this year) had roped in a couple of onlookers into their act.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Canal

Things were going on outside the Bytown Museum on Colonel By Day, including the presence of re-enactors in period clothing and uniforms. As the occasion fell on August 7th this year, it was also Colonel By's birthday- his 238th. A cake was here for the occasion. Yes, it was delicious.

The Canal is busy through the summer season, and for whatever reason, boats going through the locks seem to attract onlookers.

On the east side of the Canal here, in the shadow of Major's Hill Park above, a Celtic cross was erected several years ago in memory of the more than a thousand workers (and family members) who died during the construction of the project. Some died in accidents, but others of malaria, which was a problem of the time. On Colonel By Day, there is always a ceremony held during the afternoon here. 

While I was in the area, there were musicians playing for listeners in this shelter by the Museum. When I took this shot, it was a trio playing something with an Irish tune.

Here we see the Museum from above, in Major's Hill Park, with a view of Parliament Hill above. Colonel By's statue finishes the set. Tomorrow I'll start to show you the other event that was going on here on the first weekend of the month- the buskers.