Thursday, December 31, 2015

Auld Lang Syne: The Sun Sets On Another Year

I think sunsets make for a good New Year's Eve post, so I have these. The first one's from late September, with the last light of a clear day over the Experimental Farm here in the city (yes, I know I've never even mentioned this place before).

This view from October is from the Bank Street Bridge over the Rideau Canal

And this is a view from November, taken of twilight over Parliament Hill and the Ottawa River, as viewed from Major's Hill Park.

This sunset was from mid-December, in a part of the city I don't get to often. I was crossing this park towards a library in the South Keys area when I looked back behind me and noticed the light to the west with a break in the clouds.

I close this out with another view from the Bank Street Bridge, taking in the last light of the day on Christmas Eve.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Abbotsford House Through Changing Seasons

Back in the summer I took photos of Abbotsford House, the senior citizen's community centre in the Glebe. Situated between a retirement home and a nursing home, it started its days in 1872 as a farmhouse before becoming a home for the aged in 1889- with its residents called inmates.

I decided to take comparison shots in autumn. As you can see here, the ivy was turning red at that point.

I chose to leave the post until the ivy leaves were off as a third seasonal contrast, and photographed the place again earlier this month to show its current state, as well as to show the Christmas lights.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Lights In The Heart Of The City

Aside from one shot in tomorrow's post, this ends my series on Christmas for the year, with views of Christmas lights from around Confederation Park, the National Arts Centre, the War Memorial, Parliament Hill, and the Chateau Laurier. I took these shots within a half hour on the weekend.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Taking In Christmas Sights In The City

A mixture of Christmas related shots today. Here at Sparks Street the pedestrian mall is well decorated for the holidays. These first two shots were taken on Christmas Eve afternoon.

I liked the reflection coming off the windows at Darcy McGee's, the pub named after the Father of Confederation and Member of Parliament who lived on this street in the 1860s, and who was assassinated arriving home after a session of Parliament. 

A poinsetta tree was arranged in the lobby of an office building in Little Italy.

This nativity scene was in the sanctuary at Sunnyside Wesleyan Church.

While this one is in Notre Dame Basilica, as is the wreath in the following shot.

Another one of these sets of snowflake balls lit up in the Glebe.

And I finish up in the corridors at the Chateau Laurier.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Memorial Lights And Blue Snowflakes

These Christmas lights are set up around the War Memorial.

Down in the Glebe, meanwhile, Bank Street had blue and white balls in the trees, with snowflake shapes flashing on and off within, giving the illusion of movement.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Shop Fit For Our Feline Overlords

I thought of using this shop for the December theme day, but decided I'd wait a bit to see if they'd have some Christmas themed material in the window. Sure enough, they did. Cats R Us is in the Glebe neighbourhood, catering to those who accept the undeniable fact that cats are the ultimate life form on the planet. The place has cat food, toys, and accessories, and items that are just right for those who love taking orders from felines.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Yuletide In The Great White North

Merry Christmas! 

Wreaths can be found in many places here in Ottawa at present. Two are on the front door of Centretown United Church, taken in daylight and evening recently. I like the look of the wreath against the faded wood.

Wreaths can be found on the front door of First Baptist Church downtown, first at night, and the second in the daytime.

This first Nativity scene is outside St. Patrick's Basilica downtown, taken a few days ago. I'm assuming the Baby Jesus is placed there as well during the Christmas Eve mass.

And this Nativity scene is on the mantle when one steps into Fourth Avenue Baptist Church in the Glebe.