Thursday, April 22, 2021


 To start today, here we have Georgian Bay, a 1913 painting by Arthur Lismer of the Group of Seven.

Another Lismer work: The Big Rock, Bon Echo dates to 1922.

Lawren Harris was another member of the Group. Here we have his Lake Superior, which is from 1928.

Two more works by Harris. North Shore, Lake Superior is from 1926. As is High Country, Lake Superior.

An artist following in the footsteps of Harris a few years after Harris first started visiting the area. Yvonne McKegue Housser painted Rossport, Lake Superior in 1929.

And for today we leave off with this. Edwin Holgate, another member of the Group, painted Early Autumn in 1938.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021


Yesterday I featured two paintings by J.E.H. MacDonald of the Group of Seven. They were studies for this. Gleams On The Hills dates to 1921.

Here we have three works by Tom Thomson. Though his death predated the formal organization of the Group, he was friends with them, and they deemed him essential to their movement.

This is Burnt Land, which dates to 1915.

And this is The Pool, from 1915-16.

This is a Thomson masterpiece from 1916-17: The Jack Pine.

Close by is this display case featuring the work of First Nations artisans.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021


This large and diverse collection of paintings on the one wall in this part of the Gallery usually has folders at either end identifying the paintings. Because of Covid, that has not been the case, and while scanning a code was available, I didn't partake this time. I've featured this elegant painting before, but attempts to find its identity in my past posts were unsuccessful.

This one I remembered the title of. Mortgaging The Homestead is by George A. Reid. It dates to 1890.

The signature on this one gave me a lead through the Gallery's website. It's Miss Audrey Boller, by Randolph Hewton, dating to 1922-23.

Returning to The Group of Seven. This is The Hilltop, by Franklin Carmichael, dating to 1921.

It was common for Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven to work in the wilds with a field kit of paint  brushes and small canvases, do a sketch of a location, and then bring that to full life on canvases in the studio. These paint sketches are some of those.

Here we have Moonlight, by Thomson, done around 1913-14.

Two paintings by J.E.H. Macdonald, another member of the Group. Both date to 1918, and have similar titles. Gleams On The Hills I is at top. Gleams On The Hills II is below it.

Closng out the day: Spring Ice by Thomson, dating to 1916. 

Monday, April 19, 2021


 Emerging into the next gallery space gives us this large area with a collection of various paintings on one wall, works of the Group of Seven facing on the opposite wall, and an Algonquin canoe taking pride of place in the centre of the room. 

Here we have March Storm, Georgian Bay, by A.Y. Jackson of the Group, circa 1920.

Another view of the canoe and the paintings. We'll have a closer look at three of those tomorrow.

Franz Johnston, another member of the Group, painted Fire-Swept Algoma around 1920.

A September Gale, Georgian Bay is a 1921 painting by Arthur Lismer, another member of the Group of Seven.

To close out the day, another Jackson painting. Here we have The Red Maple, a 1914 oil painting. I'm quite familiar with the river this painting depicts.

Sunday, April 18, 2021


Starting off today and continuing with the theme of Canadian artists abroad, here we have Port-Blanc In Brittany, a 1906 painting by Marc-Aurele de Foy Suzor-Cote. 

It is paired with this bust, Head Of A Woman, by Alfred Laliberte.

Here we see another painting by Suzor-Cote. Winter Landscape dates to 1909.

In The Laurentians, Winter is a 1910 painting by Clarence Gagnon.

Here we have Winter Evening, Quebec, a 1905 painting by Maurice Cullen.

Now we start seeing some of the artists we'll be focusing on in coming posts with these three paintings. The Group of Seven was a group of Canadian artists who exhibited formally together for several years starting in 1920, drawing from the landscape of the country as their subject. The membership changed here and there over the years. Tom Thomson, who was friends with the founders and would have been a member himself had it not been for his untimely drowning in 1917, shares their style and is generally grouped together with the rest of the group in galleries. Two paintings here: Thomson painted In The Woods, an undated painting. Below it is Study For 'Sumacs', a 1915 painting by Franklin Carmichael. 

Alongside these two is this one, by another member of the Group. A.Y. Jackson painted Frozen Lake, Early Spring, Algonquin Park, in 1914.

This is Breton Girl, by James Wilson Morrice, dating to 1896.

I'll leave off for today with this panel.

Saturday, April 17, 2021


We start today where we left off yesterday, with another of the sculptures in the reflecting pool courtyard. This is Inspiration, by Louis-Philippe Hebert.

The Smiths is an 1894 oil painting by W. Blair Bruce.

Robert Harris painted A Meeting Of The School Trustees in 1885.

This wider view takes in a display case at the centre of this area with Haida artifacts.

In this particular area, the emphasis is on Canadian artists who spent time abroad and what they were painting. Two paintings are close together. This is Prow Of A Gondola, Venice, by James Wilson Morrice, circa 1897.

And here we have St. Mark's, Venice, a 1901 painting by Henry Sandham.