Saturday, April 30, 2022

The Park From Winter Into The Spring

It's been my tradition for some years now to feature a transition series at one spot, showing winter through spring. That spot is Central Park in the north part of the Glebe neighbourhood. The park is divided here as Bank Street runs through it, and is lower than the roadway itself. I take two shots each time, the first looking east and the second looking west. To begin, here's how it looked in late December one morning. 

In January on another early morning this was how things looked after a snowstorm.

In February on another morning, things were dawning brighter.

Early March in the park saw these conditions.

Later in March, the thaw had begun. It was a misty morning as I walked past

Early this month we had some snow falling to replenish the melt.

But spring does come, as does green grass. These were taken the other day.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Frozen In The Day And In The Night

 Ice sculptures are delicate creations, and that was certainly seen in Winterlude 2020 when the mistake was made of letting the big ones go without shelters. 

Perhaps night was more forgiving of the broken sections. I will be pausing this retrospective for the next couple of days for other things, and after that will be getting to work on getting this series concluded. 

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Such Delicate Craftsmanship

 The mastodon ice sculpture, created for Winterlude 2020 on Sparks Street, is another one that held up fairly well throughout the festival.

The big competitive ice sculptures, however, were another story, with portions of the sculpture even collapsing during the first weekend of the festival, and proving to be the biggest argument in favour of the use of the shelters for these. Some fared better than others.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Frosty Wonders Of Art

 More from Winterlude 2020, with ice sculptures photographed at night during this particular visit to Sparks Street.

Another wider view of the street itself.

This winged bench made a popular photo op.

Another look at Louis Riel lit up. The sculpture held up pretty well throughout Winterlude that year.

This wooden sculpture made for a different kind of bench.

I came back one day in daylight. The CBC has its main Ottawa studios on Sparks Street, and this sculpture in ice was near it.

The first two sculptures I started with for this post are seen here in daylight.