Monday, April 4, 2016

Vantages And Vistas Over The Ottawa River

Looking west, this view shows the Ottawa River that forms the boundary between Ottawa and Gatineau; the ice was starting to break up.

Part of the ongoing work around Parliament Hill can be seen here; the West Block is having final touches done, while a new visitor centre and other infrastructure elements are being added between the West and Centre Blocks.

Another look up at one of the architectural elements by the clock faces; this is on the north side.

And looking north gives us another view of the river, as well as Gatineau on the opposite shore.


  1. Great view from above. I especially like the last 2 views. Have a great new week!

  2. I especially love your last two photos!

  3. Stunning views, would not think the place was covered in snow with all the sunshine

  4. I love the last shot, a vista with the hopefulness of good weather. I love a blue sky!


  5. Can't believe the river is still covered!

  6. @Nancy: thanks!

    @Linda: I do too.

    @Tomas: thanks!

    @Bill: well, things look differently now.

    @Weekend Windup: thank you.

    @Jan: thanks!

    @Janis: as do I.

  7. i am really enjoy the last 2 shots ... seeing the whole area ...that is cool. that one very spiky building is super cool!! ( :

  8. Amazing shots William. Beautiful looking but cold as well. Have a great week.

  9. Great views from almost every angle!

  10. You really got some nice views from up there! Hope you weren't too cold.

  11. Glad to see the tulips instead of the cold snow on your header!

  12. These are great photos of the view from the Peace Tower. I don't think I could go up there due to my fear of heights though.

  13. Ottawa is a very beautiful area and was a great choice for the capital location.

  14. @Furry Gnome: well, these shots are from several weeks ago. Most of the ice is off the river now.

    @Beth: that's the Library of Parliament.

    @Luis: today it's cold again, though not as cold as it was when I took these shots some weeks back.

    @Norma: definitely!

    @Halcyon: not at all; the observation deck is fully enclosed and heated.

    @Linda: it'll still be awhile before this year's tulips show themselves.

    @Pamela: I have no problem at all with heights.

    @Red: yes, Queen Victoria chose well when she picked us.

  15. Marvelous views across the city.

  16. Looks like the perfect place to view the entire city and beyond.

  17. Way cool! My favourite is the fifth!

  18. I can keep up with things in Ottawa by seeing your pics every day. Didn't know there was so much construction going on.

  19. such great views...i like looking up through the windows!

  20. I am always looking for vantage points, these views are spectacular!

  21. Great to see the Gothic through modern glass and elements

  22. @Denise: indeed!

    @Sharon: it's a great perch!

    @Karl: thanks!

    @Tamago: oh yes.

    @Ciel: thank you!

    @RedPat: there's a lot of construction. It'll be years before it's all done.

    @Tanya: I do as well.

    @VP: I quite agree.

    @Cloudia: it is, yes.

  23. It is obvious that you love your city. Second to the last is my favorite.

  24. I especially like the spire in the second to last shot. And it's very interesting to see a frozen river coming back to life with a thaw.

  25. Gosh, you do quite a lot to take those images. Nice view from the top.

  26. Smashing pictures William, think I agree with Ciel about number 5...

  27. @Janey: that it is.

    @Revrunner: definitely.

    @Mari: thank you.

    @Kay: it takes time!

    @Gunn: I certainly thought so.

    @Geoff: thank you.

    @Whisk: I have no problem with heights.