Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bold Shades

One will often see tulips growing in private gardens and other spots this time of year. While they're not as densely planted as the main sites, they're pretty. Here we have tulips in the church yard at Fourth Avenue Baptist Church in the Glebe.

These are in gardens outside a home and a florist in Centretown.

And on another note, some trees are blossoming now- this bush is down the street from my home.


  1. Lovely variety of colours...very nice!

  2. I am enjoying all the beautiful blossoms. Have a wonderful day!

  3. It is noted here that May is the month of tulips, right ?.


  4. Estou encantada com a beleza das belas flores
    É só admirar essas preciosidades
    Um abraço

  5. Very beautiful. I think deep purple has to be one of my favorite colors!

  6. Although they're all rather late this year, it's so refreshing to see everything in bloom, once again. Lovely colours in those tulips.

  7. All of those flowers are so pretty.

  8. @Linda: thanks!

    @Nancy: thank you.

    @Tomas: it is.

    @Gracita: thank you.

    @Tex: they are.

    @Lowell: that is a good colour.

    @Hilary: it has been a late year.

    @Bill: I do agree.

  9. It starts getting sad when tulips do the "goodbye" open.

    1. I just visited your recent tulip posts and the photos are beautiful to see. A friend posted amazing photos of the tulip festival. Did you hear about the new Canada tulip for our 150th birthday next year? It's a beauty.

  10. Tulips are beautiful everywhere and also the white bush is lovely.

  11. It's a great time of your for blooms. We've gone through a long period without color so these early blooms are welcome.

  12. Tulips are pretty just about anywhere.
    Interesting shrub.

  13. I don't think I have ever seen a tulip quite that dark in color. Very pretty in purple.

  14. @Janis: they are certainly short lived when the blossoms are in full form.

    @Pamela: yes, I mentioned that one a few days ago. I think the ones in the article I saw might well have been potted tulips brought in for the announcement, as opposed to planted in the ground- there are none marked Canada 150 in the tulip beds, but not all tulip beds are marked. I have to compare some upcoming images to those in the article.

    @Karl: they certainly are. That bush just blossoms for a few days, and then the petals are gone.

    @Red: the colour is very welcome.

    @MB: I have no idea what kind of shrub it is.

    @Linda: there are some very dark shades of tulips.

  15. Things are popping open all over this week!

  16. Only those who've lived a northern winter can really appreciate the tulips!

  17. Bold and beautiful, great photos!

  18. In especially like the purple tulip.

  19. the last ones look like snow, you Canadian can not get away from snow it is year round. just kidding. ( ;

  20. It's nice to see spring happening all over again via your gorgeous photos. Thanks!

  21. Alone, with a few or with hundreds ... tulips are just beautiful with all their wonderful colours.

  22. @Sharon: no shortage of colours!

    @RedPat: they're looking good at present.

    @Cloudia: I quite agree.

    @Denise: thank you!

    @Janey: I do too.

    @Beth: hah!

    @Kay: you're welcome.

    @Geoff: it's a pleasure to see this so close to home.

    @Jan: they certainly are.

  23. I do like those purple tulips.

  24. such beautiful spring blooms! i must remember to plant tulips!

  25. Who knew there were so many gorgeous colours William.. this dark purple is fabulous!

  26. Our tulips down here don't look as nice as yours! Guess it's because of the warm weather. But our other flowers are doing quite well!

  27. We have those trees growing abundantly near our place....

  28. @Mari: thanks!

    @Lois: I do too.

    @Tanya: many, many people do here in the fall, or just leave the bulbs in the ground.

    @Grace: I quite agree!

    @Cheryl: weather really is a factor.

    @Norma: some trees here seem to have gone right into leafing out, and others are blossoming.

  29. That bush is beautiful. I have been walking when it is nice and sunny . I wish Canada weather was so short. Before one know Fall is here. In your case case you are young and the four seasons do not bother you. So we are delighted you take those winter pictures for us.