Saturday, November 4, 2017

Canadian Personality In Living Form

I made several visits to MosaiCanada during the time the topiary exhibition was going on in Jacques Cartier Park over in Gatineau, photographing on most of those trips. Organizers anticipated 800 000 visitors over the course of the exhibition; the preliminary numbers once it was over indicated 1.3 million visits were made. Today we're going to start another series on the event, taken during a visit back in September, with the exception of one shot late in the series, which was done during an October visit. During subsequent visits after my first excursion, I noticed that among some of the sculptures, music or sounds were being incorporated- the speakers were very well hidden among the flowers.

A Ticket To Canada depicts a train station house, with the sculpture of the building completely overlaid by plants. A large scale photograph of times gone by can be seen as one walks through the passageway.

Engine CPR 374 can be viewed on the far side of the building. This is both the beginning and the ending of the exhibit, which follows a looping route through a series of themes.

Lying across the track in this shot is a hose. Work crews were often seen among the sculptures, giving them a shower or pruning as needed.

Also at the station is Anne of Green Gables in a sculpture titled More Scope For The Imagination.

A Journey Across Canada begins the first of the thematic elements, with the provinces and territories represented in turn, along with extra sculptures. The Wild Rose represents Alberta.

The Royal Canadian Mint is behind this one, titled Proudly Canadian.

Saskatchewan is represented by Royal Canadian Mounted Police Horse And Rider.

Red Foxes depicts a mother and cub pair of foxes, and represents Prince Edward Island.


  1. How nice to be back at this exhibition. These sculptures are extraordinary.

  2. ...Canadians are such wonderful gardeners!

  3. Love these! Have you watched the series Anne With an E?

  4. I love the Anne of Green Gables topiary.


  5. @Linda: they are!

    @Kay: definitely.

    @Tom: this was quite an exhibition.

    @Marianne: I enjoyed visiting it.

    @Janey: I have not. I've seen the Megan Follows miniseries.

    @Janis: it really does evoke Anne!

  6. Fun exhibit, the work they put into the sculptures is much appreciated in you photographs.

  7. 150 was a great celebration of Canada. I hope much of these shows will stay with us and maybe some of it will be set up and shown in western Canada.

  8. What a fine celebration/exhibition. Wish I could be there to see it. All those topiaries remind me a bit of the Rose Parade. Nice series, William!

  9. What a wonderful exhibition, great to see all the different green sculptures.

  10. My gosh, you had a lot of wonderful events happening this last summer. This is another great event. What talent it took to create this "living" sculptures.

  11. I like the train, and the sweet animal ones, but the Mountie says a LOT

  12. Great and beautiful exhibitions. Love the sculptures!

  13. @Francisco: thank you!

    @Maywyn: it was an amazing exhibition.

    @Red: given how many visitors came to see this, it would do well in other parts of the country- something perhaps for the provincial governments to consider.

    @Lowell: I enjoyed this each time I went to visit.

    @Jan: it was quite a treat to have this in our midst.

    @Sharon: it has been a busy year, and it's not even over yet!

    @Cloudia: each of these were impressive in their own ways.

    @Nancy: they were wonderful works to see up close.

    @Tammie: definitely!

  14. I love those sculptures. The horse is amazing!

  15. love the Anne of Green Gables, very cool. train and all. on the must see list for sure. happy weekend!! ( ;

  16. @Christine: they were such a pleasure to see.

    @RedPat: I know my favourite of the whole lot was the Mother Earth one, but each of these were a delight.

    @Marleen: they were so beautifully done.

    @Revrunner: green indeed!

    @Beth: it was an amazing exhibit.

  17. I'm so glad you visited it! it just wasn't in the cards for us!

  18. Wonderful works of semi-natural art.

  19. Sorry i missed the sculptures.

  20. Loved them all, but a special fondness for Anne of Green Gables. So perfect at a train station.

  21. These are wonderful. Foxes are my favourite.

  22. You certainly have some brilliant events and I like the name MosaiCanada too!
    The sculptures are just amazing.

    All the best Jan

  23. @Jennifer: I enjoyed each visit.

    @Bill: it certainly was.

    @Catalyst: they were!

    @Fun60: I think you would have been in the area just a few days after it closed.

    @Mari: Anne rules!

    @Klara: they are cute.

    @Jan: they certainly are.