Monday, November 27, 2017

Japanese Culture

Another reminder to members of City Daily Photo: the theme day for December is Gift.

Today I have another in the Ottawa Welcomes The World embassy series, taking place at Lansdowne Park. Japan was the subject of this one.

Inside there was plenty of information on tourism and investment, art, food, and other activities.

Hanging from the balcony overhead were tenugui towels.

I arrived early, as things were just getting underway and people were gathering.

This art caught my eye.

As did the traditional Japanese horticultural skills of floral arrangement and bonsai.

The ambassador opened up the day's activities from the stage.

He was followed by singers, singing in a classical style that nonetheless had a strongly Japanese feel.


  1. There is much to be admired in Japanese culture and the arts. There is much to be admired in the natural beauty of Japan. There is much to be admired in the technological accomplishments and the business accomplishments of Japan. I've driven Japanese cars for many years because of their superior workmanship and overall quality. I would, in other words, have loved this particular "Welcome" provided by the city of Ottawa!

  2. Nice to see a glimpse of Japanese culture.

  3. The World Embassy Series is so educational. Did you have a favorite display?


  4. The Japanese culture is so interesting. I like those towels!

  5. Pretty towels and I would be interest in the floral arrangements.

  6. I have tried 'nursing' bonsai trees about 30 years ago, but it wasn't a succes ...

  7. ...I wish that I had been there.

  8. Hello, that looks like a lovely welcome event and display! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  9. @Lowell: thank you.

    @Kay: it was well said.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Marianne: it was!

    @Janis: a tie between Ireland and Uruguay.

    @Marleen: it was interesting.

    @Nancy: they were well done.

    @Jan: I would be hopeless at it.

    @Tom: I enjoyed it.

    @Eileen: thanks!

  10. That must have been an interesting event. You reminded me that years ago there used to be an annual Ikebana exhibit in Mesa Arizona. I always enjoyed seeing those amazing flower arrangements.

  11. The Japanese put on a great show for you.

  12. I would have loved this William. Love the Japanese kimonos!

  13. I have been lucky and visited Japan.
    So different to other places I have been to.
    If I become rich I will go back for a second trip, but in the spring, not the summer.
    So beautiful, so clean and yes, the design, "the eyes" for details I could see so many places.

  14. I wish they would have had the Taiko drummers. They might have been too loud maybe.
    Love the tenugui towels. Have have bought many over the years and use the to wrap gifts.
    I have a series of designed very soft one that I have used for hand towels.

    cheers, parsnip and mandibles

  15. Nice! I do like the Ikebana and Bonsai. When I worked at a nursery that is one of the things I used to do.

  16. It looks like a nice event, William. You had snow for the football game last night!

  17. The tenugui towels are beautiful. My favorite is the painting, it's absolutely gorgeous.

  18. @Sharon: there's an ikebana exhibit that goes on here, annually, I believe. I have seen it once when they were in the Museum of Nature.

    @Red: it was quite enjoyable.

    @Grace: so did I!

    @Cloudia: indeed.

    @Gunn: I wouldn't mind visiting myself someday.

    @Parsnip: it's possible they did, but at a later point in the day.

    @MB: I'd be out of my depth tending to either!

    @RedPat: yes, we had snow for the Grey Cup, which was welcome. The ground was mostly bare in the morning, but the snow started up in the afternoon and played a factor in the game. That'll be one people will remember!

    @Bill: I agree.

  19. Thank you for taking us on the journey through Japanese culture. Pretty captures.

  20. Love the art creations' of the Japanese ~ Wonderful even to go to and great photos for us ~ thanks,

    Happy Week to you,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka, (A Creative Harbor)

  21. @Klara: you're welcome.

    @Beth: it was!

    @Carol: you're welcome!

    @Revrunner: they certainly are.

    @Janey: it was quite enlightening.

  22. Wonderful displays. I like the costumes too.

  23. Lovely. I went to a similar event a few years ago at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto. Japanese fabric is so beautiful and Japanese paper too, gorgeous designs..... I bought a selection of paper not long ago, not quite sure what I am going to do with it but it is really lovely.

  24. Lovely.
    I do like the tenugui towels.

    All the best Jan

  25. What a great exhibit displaying so many cultures! When I was a kid one of my favorite places was in Balboa park...they had little houses representing different countries and you could go in each of them and see what life was like for them! And they'd also give out tasty little snacks!

  26. I love the Japanese culture. Not a fan of the food, though.

  27. @Lois: so do I.

    @Shammickite: I thoroughly enjoyed this series last year.

    @Mari: it was!

    @Jan: thanks!

    @Tanya: I'd enjoy that.

    @Norma: I can relate!