Thursday, October 1, 2015

City Daily Photo Theme Day: Shelter

As always, the first day of each month is a theme day for members of City Daily Photo, and so for the first of October, the theme is Shelter. This theme comes from Linda and Forrest at Austin, Texas Daily Photo. You can find other interpretations of the theme right here.

Back in June we had Doors Open here in Ottawa, and one of my first stops was at the Embassy of Algeria in Sandy Hill. You can see what the place looks like here and here. This gazebo in the garden caught my eye, and I knew it was ideal for the theme.

This tunnel comes in handy as a shelter during a sudden rainfall; it travels beneath a road down at Mooney's Bay, a wide stretch of the Rideau River, glimpsed at the far end. Mooney's Bay is where the Rideau River and the Rideau Canal separate for the last time as the two waterways head through the city towards the Ottawa River.

The vaulted space beneath Plaza Bridge downtown, along the Rideau Canal, also makes for good shelter in a storm.

On Parliament Hill is the Summer Pavilion, a beautiful structure with a commanding view of Ottawa, Gatineau, and the Ottawa River. This is a replica of the original, dating back to the 1990s. It stands alongside a memorial wall for police officers, which I'll be posting at sometime in the (hopefully) not so distant future- I took these shots this past Sunday after an annual national memorial service for police and peace officers.


  1. I love the lines in your shot beneath Plaza Bridge but all these shelters are nice, and interesting takes on the theme.

  2. Nice build up to that final great shot!



  3. Great and good shelters there, you can put to the car.


  4. Love the last one: a shelter with a view...

  5. I can see you can have a shelter in many places in Ottawa.

  6. Ottawa has wonderful shelters. I like the view one has from that great last shelter.

  7. I love that gazebo! It makes such a great place to just relax and enjoy the view! The view from pavilion is so beautiful, too! Great photos for shelter theme!

  8. Lovely photos for today. Your theme = open, but sheltered! Love it.


  9. Wow, that last shelter is fancy-schmancy!!

  10. Great photo story, thanks for sharing.

  11. Nice series for this theme, William !

  12. Lovely gazebo and pavilion. Good for shelter, rest and relax to enjoy the surrounding scenery

  13. My goodness, you have a plethora of super "shelters" should the need arise for one. I like the vaulted could do a concern in there!

  14. It looks like shelter is a popular theme in Ottawa.

  15. It does offer some captivating views!

  16. I like the way you chose outdoor shelters with just a roof. You found some pretty fancy shelters as in the last photo.

  17. I really like that pavilion on the Hill. It's beautiful. The shelter under the Plaza Bridge is very nice.

  18. @Kay: thank you!

    @Cloudia: it seemed an appropriate order in which to position these shots.

    @Tomas: thanks!

    @VP: and quite a view!

    @Marianne: oh yes.

    @Jan: so do I.

    @Tamago: thanks!

    @Janis: I'm looking forward to seeing what others make of this theme.

    @EG: it certainly is.

  19. @Blogoratti: you're welcome.

    @Karl: thank you!

    @Norma: I did too.

    @Nancy: and the gazebo and embassy are pretty high up there, so I'm sure they get a good breeze.

    @Lowell: I do wonder what the acoustics beneath the bridge would be like. I've seen artistic displays down there during Nuit Blanche, but that doesn't involve audio.

    @Sharon: it was a bit of a challenge figuring out what I wouldn't use for this theme!

    @Linda: I was pleased to get access there- the back of Centre Block is currently inaccessible for the most part due to some work going on, but because of that occasion, public access was allowed.

    @Red: that pavilion is a beauty.

    @Pamela: thanks!

  20. very nice gazebos and underpasses!

  21. Those are a lot of nice-looking shelters! I especially like the gazebo.

  22. @Tex: thanks!

    @Bibi: I do too.

    @Peter: I thought so!

    @Meradeth: each of them hold great appeal to me.

    @RedPat: I was glad to get access to the pavilion, given the construction work going on in the area.

  23. i was thinking it looks like it would be near a train, bus stop or some thing extra special ... it is so cool. decorative!! love it. ( :

  24. I'd like to shelter in the summer pavilion during the rain please, it looks wonderful...

  25. Gimme shelter!!!

  26. The sun appears to be shining-thank goodness!

  27. I like your gazebo William! All of the pictures are wonderful takes on the theme.

  28. Lots of places to shelter in your city William. I love the beautiful Summer Pavilion.

  29. @Beth: thanks!

    @Geoff: it is certainly good for that purpose!

    @Chieftess: I'm surprised that tune hadn't occurred to me.

    @Eve: yes, a lot of sun!

    @Lois: thank you.

    @Dianne: I was pleased that it was open.

    @Mari: it definitely is.

  30. Love that gazebo and also the vaulted space!

  31. Love the Summer Pavilion. Beautiful structure!

  32. There's no lack of shelter in Ottawa, I see!

  33. The gazebo and the summer pavilion have such appealing styles. And the tunnels look like a practical answer for shelter in an area where I imagine there could be crowds.

  34. Four fab shelters William, the summer pavilion is wonderful and wins as my favourite :)

  35. @Linda: thank you!

    @Joan: it certainly is. It's a good thing that they rebuilt it.

    @Whisk: thanks!

    @Halcyon: certainly not.

    @Gemma: yes, definitely downtown there can be crowds, so Plaza Bridge would come in handy as a spot to rest in a rain storm or on a very hot day.

    @Grace: mine too!

  36. You could have done a whole month's worth of posts about shelters in Ottawa. The Plaza Bridge and the Summer Pavilion are wow's.

  37. Interesting shelters, but the Summer Pavilion stands out for its beautiful craftsmanship and the view!

    1. It is a beautiful structure. It's been some weeks since I've been over that way.