Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fantasia Or Pinata

One of the members of Ottawa Dance Directive had this large space at her disposal during Nuit Blanche. Allison Blakley was doing an audience participation act mixing together the pinata and classical music- a portion of Beethoven's Sixth Symphony- in a setting looking quite like a child's bedroom, with angels suspended from cables (and fabricated from Cabbage Patch dolls), and the pinatas themselves on cables that allowed them to be moved. The audience members, children and adults alike, were blindfolded and given a stick to take a swing. The result was delightfully fun to watch.


  1. Everyone looks game. Let the fun begin!

  2. You managed very well to photograph in the dark.

  3. That is a fun game. I remembered playing this game during my school days.

  4. Very creative. Did you get to take a swing?

  5. Channeling all that inner aggressiveness. :-)

  6. That's an interesting combination with classical music and pinata. By the looks of the floor they had fun.

  7. @Kay: it was a lot of fun, and a lot of work for her- she'd constructed several of these and set them up around the room for performances later in the evening.

    @Tex: I thought so!

    @Marianne: it was a bit of a challenge! I think this room must have been a courtroom at one point.

    @Nancy: I can't recall off hand ever doing it.

    @Janis: No, but I should have!

    @Revrunner: it's a very good idea!

    @Grace: I imagine many might say that.

    @VP: that appears to be a growing consensus!

    @Red: oh, yes!

  8. That must have been fun to watch.

  9. So cool! Do you know that currently in Mexico they have piñatas which are Donald Trump's heads! :-)))

  10. That looks like so much fun! Did you try it?

  11. Sounds like you had a great time!

  12. Nice shots, William, it seemed to be great fun for everyone.

  13. That sure looks fun! I like the lighting :-)

  14. Looks like a fun, interactive activity. Love the costume on the woman in the last photo.

  15. What an activity. Like the lightening as well. Awesome!

  16. @Linda: it was such fun watching this go on.

    @Sharon: definitely.

    @Jose: that does not surprise me!

    @RedPat: I should have, but I was more busy taking shots.

    @Cloudia: most certainly.

    @Marleen: I did.

    @Jan: it was!

    @Tamago: I did too... nice soft light.

    @Gemma: Allison was memorably dressed for the occasion!

    @Carolann: I thought so!

  17. With tears in my eyes, I must admit I've never taken a swing at a pinata. Still time right?

  18. I haven't swung at a pinata since I was a teenager. The music would have added an unusual element to that activity. Brilliant.

  19. Wow. What a concept! And fun. I remember trying to break a pinata open - it's very hard to do and you kinda feel like a fool beating to the death the air over your head!

  20. They look like it's gonna be a fun night.

  21. @Geoff: thanks!

    @Birdman: there's still time!

    @Mari: it was a delightful combination.

    @Orvokki: thanks!

    @EG: indeed!

    @Lowell: yes- she was using cables to move the pinata around, so people were swinging and missing!

    @Norma: it was!

    @Whisk: it was such fun.