Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The School Of Art

In yesterday's post I mentioned the Ottawa School Of Art. Here's the downtown building itself, the day after Nuit Blanche. During Nuit Blanche, it was a busy hub in the Market for visitors, with exhibits and activities on all four floors.

Clay pottery was being done in this workshop, with the artist speaking about the process while working. When one seriously gets to working on pottery art, he explained, it can take up the entire day. I spent a few minutes moulding clay in my hands, something I haven't done since high school art classes.

Another spot inside was occupied by visitors working on cartoon panels. Previous panels from earlier Nuit Blanche evenings were on one wall, while people were spread out at tables.

Downstairs on the ground floor, this small gallery space looking out on the street was a curiousity- the artist Claudio Ghirardo conceived the idea of spontaneous writings and drawings on the glass, changing throughout the night.

This was my favourite part of the various installations in the school. Artist Lilly Koltun created this art-performance piece entitled 'In My Other Job'. The walls in this room were covered with various sentences, some applying to men, others to women- things that visitors could at least find something they'd relate to (I really liked "in my other job, I'm the devil"). A mass of balloons with red ink had been offered up earlier in the evening to visitors who could throw darts (hence what looks like blood). Fans of Peanuts will recognize a familiar line in this set.


  1. That's a sweet building



  2. I would like to be younger and stydieng in this school. The buildning looks lovely, and inside there are great works.

  3. Love to watch all these pictures of different things to do in school.

  4. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving William! This building is gorgeous (and look at that sky!) and I would have loved to visit!

  5. I like the "in my other job" wall, too. Always great to see buildings repurposed.

  6. There are strange things written on the wall.


  7. I did sketching in my art classes lol Photography is considered an art to ! Interesting to see all the different types of art ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. beautiful building and i too like the "in my other job" wall...interesting!

  9. I didn't know pottery was an art. Almost everything is art today...

  10. I also like the "in my other job" wall.

  11. The last piece is cool as people participate. I'm saying, "I want to put my sentence on." Good art involves the public as the potter works and explains what he is doing.

  12. I enjoy watching a potter at work. I don't know how they do what they do - it's no where as easy as it looks!

  13. @Cloudia: it is. The school has another campus, I believe, but this one has a lot of character.

    @Orvokki: it was a busy place that night.

    @Marianne: it appears to me to be a building with a lot of use. And I've always liked the look of it.

    @Ciel: nice to see you back! It was a fun night!

    @Janis: that room was quite a popular room through the evening, and the artist was quite engaging in how she spoke.

    @Tomas: and funny things too!

    @Country Gal: thank you!

    @Tanya: it really inspired visitors!

    @VP: it certainly is an art, and he noted that the fundamentals of it really haven't changed that much.

    @Karl: I definitely did!

    @Red: it was interesting to watch. I hadn't thought I'd ever handle clay again.

    @EG: it certainly isn't!

  14. What a nice and interesting posting.
    Many creative people under the same roof.
    Best wishes to them.

  15. Very interesting, William! Your first photo of this building reminds me of an old fire station here in Montreal!

  16. Ya, Snoopy's classic line grabbed my eye right off.
    Otherwise, artist once settled WORK all day. I know. I live with 2 of them.

  17. Great set of pictures. Art schools are always wonderful!

  18. The pot "throwing" looks like fun.

  19. This all looks amazing and great fun. What a fine space to be creative and it must be nice to be working with and around others. My mother made pottery long ago - I don't remember much about that but she was very talented.

  20. I love art but never get to study art or any of its subject. I love pottery too but never had the chance to try it. This art school must be a very interesting place to go to.

  21. That's a grand looking building, I think potters are so clever...

  22. Did you create anything from the clay?

  23. I like the sentence about that bloody Red Baron. ;-)

  24. I love Art schools. Now that I have moved. I am like 10 minutes away from the Art College. I took pictures of last year. .

    To-day I had tea with an Artist in her apt . She does art with Material. She is going to have art lessons in that in Nov. I plan to take lessons from her.

    I was so amazed as how she did it. Then she framed them. She also did a carving of wolves and the Lune. So many people nowadays are so artistic. Your pictures are intriguing as what you always manage to take. You have an art in that William. Very professional your photo taking. I enjoy always.

  25. @Gunn: it's a good use of the building.

    @Linda: the architecture goes back quite into the past, as I understand it.

    @Birdman: one must love that overly imaginative beagle!

    @Luis: this one really goes all out in taking part in this evening.

    @Revrunner: I thought so!

    @Lowell: my mother's artistic skills leaned more to other mediums.

    @Nancy: I get the sense that it's well attended.

    @Geoff: they are!

    @Marleen: no, I just fiddled around for a few minutes with the clay in my hands.

    @Jan: yes, quite appropriate!

    @RedPat: it was well thought out by the artist.

    @Janey: it certainly is.

    @Carolann: visual arts for me tend to be beyond my abilities- I can sketch a landscape, but I'm terrible with people in terms of drawing.

  26. Did you photograph your clayart project?

  27. How fun that they let you participate. I used to work in the College of Fine Arts at the university here and loved watching the students create their masterpieces!

  28. Sounds like a great night. I saw the Red Baron :)

  29. In my other job I'm a superhero.

  30. Love the "in my other job" wall!

  31. I like the 'in my other job' except I'm gainfully unemployed!

  32. What a melee of secret values and ideas. Hilarious. A great idea to display them together - like the reality of art.

  33. @Eve: nope!

    @Mari: too late now!

    @Lois: It was fun to get inside.

    @Debs: it was an enjoyable event. I hope they do it again. They haven't done it since 2015.

    @Kay: I'd be a villain.

    @Norma: so did I.

    @Whisk: it is!

    @Linda: so do I.

    @Jennifer: it was fun.

    @Gemma: true!