Thursday, October 22, 2015

One Year Later

These shots are from the last few weeks, taken at the National War Memorial and its surroundings.

A year ago today, two days after the death of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, rammed by a hit and run driver lunatic in Quebec, another deranged individual shot and killed Corporal Nathan Cirillo, who was serving that day here at the Memorial as one of the two sentries by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The gunman made it into Centre Block, where he was shot and killed.

It was a shocking day for us. I was a few blocks away that morning at an appointment, and remember the lockdown of buildings, the strange deserted atmosphere of the downtown core later in the day. And I remember the following days, when the Memorial was reopened and the public started placing wreaths, flowers, and objects of remembrance at the site. One moment stands out to me- standing looking at these items and seeing a bride and groom come up out of the crowd and place a wreath. I found it touching- that on the most important day of their lives, a couple would take the time to show their respects in this way.


  1. It's sobering when a place of significance like this takes on another entirely new meaning with other painful associations.

  2. An amazing memorial which now is a memorial to one of it's own

  3. These monuments are a way of being grateful for what the soldiers have done for the people.


  4. Yes I remember the attack, so sad the world is turning into an unsafe place everywhere.

  5. Such painful layers on this beautifully designed monument. The energy created in the figures on the monument is most creative.

  6. Great shots of that impressive monument. I remember the attack which resulted in the death of the corporal. I'm affraid there are no safe places anymore ...

  7. It is sad that this happened to the Corporal and that these things are still going on here and all over the world makes me wonder about a lot and what this Country and world will become in the future !

  8. Beautiful photos of this impressive monument, William !
    Sad stories...

  9. That's a beautiful positive story, about the bride and groom.
    We look for the uplifting stories amongst the horrible.

  10. Wonderful set of photos. The bride and groom story is very poignant.

  11. @Kay: it is.

    @Bill: that's true.

    @Tomas: they certainly do that.

    @Marianne: it does seem that way.

    @Gemma: the monument designer knew what he was doing with this.

    @Jan: it does seem that way.

    @Country Gal: it's a day for reflection.

    @Janis: indeed.

    @Karl: thank you!

    @Orvokki: thanks.

    @Jennifer: we do, yes.

  12. I remember this terrible business. But what a great story about the bride and groom!

  13. It was indeed a shocking day! This sort of thing is not supposed to happen in Ottawa.

  14. I remember reading your post mentioning bride and groom coming to place a wreath. It sure is very touching.

  15. Beautiful post. It was a tragic and sad day for our country. I watched the memorial on CBC at noon.

  16. Has it really been a year? Beautiful post William.

  17. A day that changed a lot of things for us.

  18. I remember getting your email about it....

  19. fave parts horses & the leaves! way cool! ( ;

  20. Very touching words William, well done...

  21. @Sharon: I certainly thought so at the time.

    @Lowell: there was a ceremony today. I wasn't in attendance, but I expect it was busy.

    @EG: it's not supposed to, and yet it did.

    @Tamago: it was such a shock, that happening here.

    @Pamela: I think the city would have stopped.

    @Ciel: it doesn't seem that long.

    @RedPat: it did.

    @Norma: what a day it was.

    @Beth: thank you.

    @Tex: all too true.

    @Geoff: thank you.

  22. I remember the attacks. Lovely photos.

  23. I remember this William, gosh I can't believe that it's been a year since it happened.

  24. Sad memories but your pictures are lovely.

  25. We will always remember these horrific acts but I will never totally understand them. A touching story about the bride and groom.

  26. @Mari: thanks.

    @Linda: thank you.

    @Grace: a year... it sometimes seems much shorter.

    @Carolann: thank you.

    @Denise: I was very moved by it.

  27. I remember that day also. Tragic.
    Touching post.

  28. It is depressing that, in today's world, there are memories of crazy people killing innocents in so many different places.

    1. Unfortunate that it happens. The memory stays with you ever after.