Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Of The Sea

The Water Gallery is a fascinating portion of the Museum of Nature, exhibiting both ocean and freshwater environments, as well as the ecosystems thriving around water. Stepping through the front entrance brings the visitor first to a wall, which this aquarium is set into. There's a good reason why that wall is there- it makes it all the more dramatic when you step around and see the centrepiece of the gallery.

And that is the skeleton of a blue whale. I've been in this gallery numerous times since the renovations were completed, and this never ceases to impress me.

A nearby display features sculptures comparing the size of a human to three of the ocean's biggest creatures- the blue whale, the whale shark, and the giant squid.

Another nearby display shows how much of the whale's skeleton is covered with blubber.

And among the display cases are a number of miniatures of whales, from the biggest ones to the smaller ones.

More from this gallery tomorrow, but I'll leave off with this panel.


  1. The skeleton of the blue whale is awesome !.


  2. Those whales are truly gigantic, great to see them compared to the human body.

  3. Imagine a squid like that were to wash up onto someone's private beach!

  4. Oh my gosh how insignificant we are in size to these creatures William.. and in some cases, no names (Trump) mentioned in brain size also :)

  5. Whales are majestic creatures. I've seen belugas many times. they're a small whale but still impressive. They can easily be seen from the air.

  6. The skeleton of the blue whale is impressive, William !

  7. @Tomas: it is.

    @Jan: the size does humble you.

    @Revrunner: it would be a mess.

    @Marianne: and that's not even as big as they get!

    @Grace: hah!

    @Janis: thanks.

    @Jacob: me too.

    @Red: the beluga's in with the small display, and they have a mock up of one hanging in the adjoining area- which I didn't photograph this time out.

    @Karl: it really is.

  8. I love everything about the ocean, except the drowning part. And I love Grace's comment!

  9. Beautiful colors there at the beginning. And I'd give anything to see a real whale skeleton!
    What a great gallery.

  10. That blue whale must have been a very scary looking creature.

  11. I love the aquarium with all the interesting ecosystems in it.

  12. @Norma: well obviously not the drowning.

    @Dina: those critters in the aquarium are quite colourful.

    @MB: it's a great addition to the museum.

    @Sharon: as big as they are, I've always thought of them as graceful.

    @Beth: they are!

    @Nancy: me too.

  13. Der Größen Unterschied zu dem Wahl ist beachtlich.


  14. Looks like a great aquarium. I love them! Your photos are wonderful!

  15. The whale skeleton is awesome!

  16. Always an interesting place to visit!

  17. So many intriguing items must feature in this gallery. A wonderful tribute to sea life. The whale skeleton is most impressive.

  18. The size of those whales! Amazing. What a wonderful place to visit. Love that first image.

  19. @Linda: thanks!

    @Noke: the size differences are indeed quite considerable, even among the whales.

    @Ciel: I certainly think so.

    @Marleen: quite so!

    @Denise: thanks!

    @RedPat: it's a worthy show stopper for the gallery.

    @Halcyon: it certainly is.

    @Gemma: and more to come, though most of my photography this time out was in this part of the gallery.

    @Lauren: thanks!

  20. Very interesting post William, I think it was the Natural History Museum in London that at one time had a full size replica of a Blue Whale suspended from the ceiling. I'm not sure I'll ever venture into the sea again now I've seen the model of the Giant Squid compared to a human....

  21. Those are really beautiful anemones in the aquarium. And the scale of life and the deep sea itself is so great...and yet we know so very little. This is a great exhibit.

  22. Fascinating exhibit! I don't think I have ever seen anything like that whale skeleton before.

  23. I enjoyed everything. Thank you.

    I was out today and yesterday in the nice weather.

  24. Cool! That whale skeleton reminds me of the Hall of Dinosaurs in the Smithsonian.

  25. All of the specimens are impressive and I love the colours of the aquarium.

  26. @Geoff: there's a lot we don't know about those squids.

    @Kay: that is true.

    @Lois: it's a show stopper.

    @Carolann: you're welcome.

    @Linda: and we have dinosaurs in here.

    @Kate: so do I.

    @Whisk: thanks!