Thursday, February 2, 2017

Scooby Dooby Doo, Where Are You?

First, the prognosticating rodent is no doubt predicting ten more weeks of winter. Which would please me greatly. Have a peek over at my writer's blog where I took on Groundhog Day yesterday.

I have some murals for today and tomorrow. This first one is on the side wall of a dry cleaner in Old Ottawa South.

This one is in Centretown, on a building that's being turned into a new cafe. It appears to feature birds, one of whom seems to be throwing up a city. It's a relatively new mural, painted last year.

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a mural, but it's painted on the side of the Glebe Meat Market.

The Glebe neighbourhood seems to have a lot of murals. This one is on the side of a bakery.

In an alley up the street, both sides feature murals.

Close to these is another one that belongs to a jewelry shop.


  1. Love all these murals, William. So varied and interesting!

  2. Very nice murals. I used to watch Scooby Doo with my boys when they were young and I enjoyed it!

  3. The murals are of the most beautiful I have seen, they are very nice.


  4. Looks nice and trendy this, also funny, and it surprised me a bit too.

  5. Gracious! More than I see in a year.

  6. The matryoshka doll mural is fabulous. If I come to ottawa, I will seek it out for a photo op!


  7. A really nice selection of murals.

  8. An interesting and rather unique collection of this type of "art."

  9. wow, i love creativity. so neat!! the nesting dolls, the flowers and tractor. i think the tractor 'cause it is in red .. that is very unique. way cool. ( :

  10. What a gorgeous series! I love murals.

  11. @Susie: they are.

    @Nancy: it was still syndicated when I was a kid.

    @Tomas: they are nice.

    @Gunn: I like these ones.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Revrunner: we don't have a lot in the city.

    @Janis: so that's the term!

    @Halcyon: thanks!

    @Marleen: thank you.

    @Lowell: it does keep the graffiti away.

    @Beth: the farm motif fits the shop.

    @Nathalie: as do I.

  12. Interesting series of murals, William !
    The matryoshka is my preferred.

  13. You found some good ones, William!

  14. I like them all. And a giggle for the ground hog. Cant wait for a early Spring.

    Was it your Birthday Yesterday? If so a belated Birthday and may you continue in health and happiness as you are doing. I sure Enjoy your blogs and photos and your explanations. I

  15. Those are all very nice murals. The one with the birds is a little strange but still nicely done.

  16. Good murals add much to an area. It becomes interesting. There's a new one here that I haven't photographed.

  17. @Karl: my mother had a couple of those Russian nesting dolls.

    @RedPat: some more fun than others!

    @Carolann: yes, yesterday was my birthday.

    @Sharon: it's quite odd. It's nice to see the building being used again- that place had been quiet for some years, but the restoration work has been going on since sometime last fall. I think the mural was done sometime in October.

    @Red: I do look for them. A lot in the Glebe, a lot less downtown.

  18. I like the one on the bakery the best.

  19. Gosh these are fab William.. favourites for me are the flower on the bakery wall and the Babushka dolls.

  20. They murals are beautiful, William, and I especially love the bakery one!

  21. Love the meat market one. and yes it is a mural.
    Nice photos today. Your lucky to live around there.

    cheers, parsnip

  22. Great set of murals. I think it's great when murals are painted onto buildings rather than graffiti. I like all of these for different reasons and you've chosen a nice variety.

  23. @Catalyst: that one has a lot of character.

    @Grace: both seem popular!

    @Linda: me too!

    @Parsnip: thanks!

    @Wendy: it's a good backstop against graffiti.

  24. Great murals! I like the one at Glebe Meat Market. Simple and nice!

  25. Fun murals. My little city is loaded with them.

  26. What a nice assortment of wonderful murals. I really like the bakery one.

  27. These are all wonderful. Like Bill I think I especially like the one on the side of the bakery.

  28. I've always liked murals. Thanks for taking these pictures and sharing them.

  29. These are great! I love public art!

  30. These are all very nice! So much talent out there.

  31. Oh my gosh. Another round. Love the flowers, but also love the nesting dolls.

  32. These are all excellent!

    I'm so far behind on blog's taken me most of the morning to get partially caught up!

  33. These murals capture such a wide range of artistic styles. Each is so intriguing.

  34. I like this kind of murals, they make dull buildings fun.

  35. @Tamago: it is!

    @Mari: these ones I know pretty well, though others can be more elusive to find.

    @Bill: as do I.

    @Kay: it's popular!

    @Eve: you're welcome.

    @Linda: I do as well.

    @Pat: indeed!

    @Whisk: thanks!

    @Norma: that's okay!

    @Gemma: I like each in turn.

    @Orvokki: I agree.

    @Jan: they do indeed.