Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A Monument Within The Park

I'm still in Confederation Park today having a look at another of the military monuments here. The National Aboriginal Veterans Monument was placed on the west side of the park in 2011, paying tribute to servicemen of First Nations, Inuit, and Metis cultures. I photographed it first at night, with the Lord Elgin Hotel as a backdrop, before coming around and photographing it from the front.

Here we have a distant view of the Monument from within the park. The blue fencing is part of the preparations for Winterlude- activities are presently being held on the ground between here and the sculpture.

The sculptor, Lloyd Pinay, incorporated a bronze sculpture on top of a massive granite base, with a plaque attached. A golden eagle is at top, symbolizing the Creator. Four human figures, facing each direction of the compass, represent the various indigenous peoples of the country. Spiritual objects such as feathers or the peace pipe are found with them, in addition to their weapons. The four animals at each corner are spirit guides: the wolf, the bear, the elk, and the bison. 


  1. ...something that wouldn't be found in the US.

  2. Such a grand sculpture. And Tom is right. We still treat our indigenous peoples as non-citizens and are a constant threat to take away the little land they have left.

  3. So much thought went into this monument!


  4. @Tom: I think it was a wonderful idea.

    @Lowell: we've had our own problems with how we've treated indigenous people. Every step forward in progress is a good one.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Janis: it was well designed.

    @Marie: it certainly is.

  5. This sculptor certainly knew a thing or two about aboriginal culture.

  6. I find veterans memorials very touching. Thank you for sharing these.

  7. It is an amazing monument William so very moving and impressive. Your last three shots here in silhouette are wonderful.

  8. It looks like an amazing monument!

  9. Impressive monument, great photos
    At night, the sculpture takes on another dimension.

  10. Love how you silhouetted the bird against that beautiful sky!

  11. @Red: he did.

    @Norma: thanks!

    @Jeanie: we have a lot of military monuments here.

    @Grace: the next time I photograph this, I'll have to do it in the morning.

    @Christine: it certainly is.

    @Sharon: that it is.

    @Maywyn: thank you!

    @Lois: thanks!

  12. Real dramatic take on it in your pics, William

  13. gorgeous wings ... makes it look like it might take flight. ( ;

  14. I'm glad they have installed that.

  15. And again you're showing us an impressive monument. I specially like the night shots.

  16. The monument is very impressive and beautiful.

  17. Is the sculptor himself an aboriginal person?

  18. I'm preparing myself for those c-c-c-o-l-d ice sculptures. :-)

  19. @Cloudia: I thought so!

    @Beth: everything does look quite lifelike on the sculpture, especially so at night.

    @Lady Fi: it certainly is.

    @RedPat: I am as well.

    @Jan: I find it very striking in the evenings.

    @Parsnip: definitely!

    @Bill: I agree!

    @Shammickite: yes, I should have thought of putting that into the post in the first place. He's Cree.

    @Revrunner: I believe the first post of what's going to be a long series starts on Saturday. I'm busy getting a post or two a day added in advance.

  20. Wow that sculpture is amazing! I love it! And yay....winterlude is coming!

  21. These look like wonderful monuments, William, but admittedly it was a bit hard to see them. But they are impressive.

  22. The shadows create imagery, but I would have loved to see the sculpture bathed in pure sunlight too.

  23. Wonderful monument. A bit hard to make out the details. Looking forward to seeing some fancy ice soon!

  24. @Tanya: and Winterlude is coming again- in fact already underway. I've been taking photographs and expect to take a good many this weekend.

    @Beatrice: it's the lighting.

    @Mari: I have photographed the aboriginal monument in morning sunlight, which is the best time to photograph it.

    @Kay: thank you.

    @Klara: it is!