Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Daenerys Has Brought Dragons

That title, of course, is a Game Of Thrones reference that I couldn't resist. Picking up where I left off, the Ice Dragon Boat Festival was part of Winterlude, and this final race of the morning got underway just as I had gotten in place for some shots.

The boats got to the finish line before I did, of course, and here they are. They were moved to the sides of the course for the lunch time break, but would be back in action in the afternoon.

The crowds were out and about, and some of them were dragon boat teams, looking quite cheerful.

The Winterlude Ice Hogs were also present among the crowd for photo ops.

Here we have a view of the course from the north side.


  1. ...I see also see long canoes here!

  2. I dunno...dragon boats and ice hogs...strange things are happening on that canal in Ottawa. Strange and fun!

  3. You have captured this winterlude race well, William.

  4. So nice to see the dragon boats again, so colourful!

  5. Dragon boats look so much fun. Nobody looks cold


  6. I haven't seen Game of Thrones, but that line is fabulous! (As are these photos!)

  7. A winter take on dragon boats is quite interesting!

  8. That must have been so impressive to watch!

  9. @Tom: they're very long, but they don't seem to weigh too much.

    @Lowell: very strange!

    @Francisco: thank you!

    @Jo: thanks!

    @Marianne: they do stand out particularly well on ice.

    @Janis: they were certainly getting a work out, so the chances of getting cold are slim.

    @Sandi: I haven't seen it either, though I periodically use memes from it for my other blog.

    @Marie: last year was the first time this event had been held in North America. It's been done in China in the winter, but not here until last year. Meanwhile many cities have summer dragon boat racing.

    @Marleen: it was! I was glad that I arrived just in time. Twenty seconds slower and I would not have been in position to catch the start of the race.

  10. Great action shots but then keeping active means you keep warm!

  11. It looks like everyone is having a good time in spite of the dreary skies for that day.

  12. Participation makes an event much more interesting.

  13. I bet that's hard work getting the boats to move along speedily William, looks like you and I both have dragons on our minds 😀

  14. @Christine: it does!

    @Sharon: people were enjoying themselves.

    @Red: it does, yes.

    @MB: I enjoyed getting out to see it.

    @Grace: yes, your post from yesterday had that dragon theme!

  15. You must have frozen fingers! I love the sails!

  16. i appreciate all the colors ... u guys need some color and happiness when the skies are looking so gloomy or snowy??! love it! ( ;

  17. Dragons are cool, but not as much so as Ice Hogs!

  18. They sure know how to have fun even in the winter!

  19. Wonderful photos! Love thecontrast of the bright sailsa nd costumes against the cold, grey ice:)

  20. @Jeanie: that second weekend was okay in terms of photographing without gloves. I can't say the same for the first weekend of the festival, which was colder!

    @Beth: the colours do cheer things up considerably.

    @Norma: I'll have to remember that Ice Hogs shot for the best shots of the year. I like it.

    @RedPat: if you can't beat winter, celebrate it!

    @Rosie: thank you!

  21. Wow! You have more fun where you are ~ Great action shots and wonderful colorful photos!

    Happy week to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka, (A Creative Harbor)

  22. Winter fun for everyone, looks like a blast.

  23. So much fun!!!
    There is so much to do and to see in the winter...just a matter of plannning.

  24. Don't think I have ever seen such a boat.

  25. It looks so cold with the grey skies but looks like fun.
    We had a little snow today warm weather tomorrow.

    cheers, parsnip

  26. Boats on ice, I really like the idea and the sight of it.

  27. The Winterlude Ice Hogs are cute!

  28. Dragon Boat Race on the ice! It's crazy!

  29. @Carol: thanks!

    @Bill: it was.

    @Catarina: it's a lot of work to get organized.

    @Mari: it certainly was.

    @Janey: some areas do have dragon boat racing in the summer. Until last year, it was unheard of to do this on ice outside of China.

    @Parsnip: it was a lot of fun.

    @Jan: I think it's a splendid idea, and now after two years of it, I think it would do well as a permanent fixture for Winterlude.

    @Nancy: they are indeed.

    @Klara: crazy but fun.