Saturday, February 24, 2018

At City Hall

City Hall has been the site of some Winterlude events, here in the plaza in front of the newer wing and the provincial courthouse. That includes inflatable versions of the festival's mascots, the Ice Hogs (groundhogs, in this case).

On the day I took these shots, the Ice Hogs themselves were strolling about. There are four of them in total, escorted about by volunteers during the festival from site to site. I saw them on numerous occasions throughout the festival.

The skating rink at City Hall is popular. It opens in December and might well stay open deep into March, providing a skating place when the Canal is not available. I caught it first at night, with skaters on the surface. The new wing of City Hall and the drill hall occupying Cartier Square provide the backdrop for these shots.

During Winterlude, aside from regular skating, the rink also held events and demonstrations, like a shinny game between NHL alumni, or figure skating. These are young skaters with the Minto Skating Club in the midst of a demonstration skate.


  1. I bet it is nice and warm in those Ice Hog suits!

  2. Cute Ice Hogs! Over here, it will be no fun to wear the suits, will be hot, sweaty and stuffy!

  3. The mascots are lovely, William !

  4. Fun times for groundhogs & skaters alike!

  5. Great shots! I love ice skating.

  6. May as well embrace winter! We get enough of it.

  7. Fun in the winter!!! Marvelous!
    : )

  8. @Tom: lots of fun!

    @Jenn: it would be!

    @Nancy: I wonder how the Disney mascots handle it in summer.

    @Karl: they are a lot of fun.

    @Marianne: it does draw skaters.

    @Christine: definitely!

    @Sandi: and I don't know how to skate.

    @Marie: we certainly do.

    @Catarina: it is!

  9. There's a wide variety in the Winterlude activities. I'm always amazed at how much is going on.

  10. What festive times you have and so colorful and fun ~ Great night shots too!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  11. So much fun to watch the skating demonstration!

  12. Those Ice Hogs look like pretty social creatures.

  13. I love those Ice Hogs! Canadians do seem to take full advantage of all winter sports.

  14. Hello, I like the cute mascots. They remind me of Disney characters. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  15. Hi William, what a large skating rink. The groundhogs are very cheerful mascots at the Winterlude. Thanks for sharing something so unknown with me. Greetings Jo

  16. @Red: the event always has a lot to offer.

    @Carol: thanks!

    @Marleen: they're very good at it.

    @Kate: I saw quite a bit of them this year. I'll have them coming up in one post before the month's end, and I've also got them hidden away in a post for a theme day later in the year.

    @Sharon: we make the most of winter!

    @Eileen: they do, yes.

    @Cloudia: very cute!

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Jo: you're welcome.

  17. aren't they cute!! funny how they always make ground hogs so darn cute, but they sure can cause your home or yard issues. ( ;

  18. What a great idea to have the figure skaters out there!

  19. It's nice that the skating field is in middle the city. And you have very big one there. I love the mascots and the figure skaters looks beautiful.

  20. Those ice hogs and the setting remind me so much of the Disney characters that wander about Disney World in Orlando; well, except for the cold weather, the ice, the frozen water, etc. I would have enjoyed the skating demonstration!

  21. The ice hogs are very cool. The skaters are enjoying themselves. Great photos, William!

  22. @Beth: they certainly can!

    @RedPat: they're very skilled skaters.

    @Orvokki: it's a convenient rink, being down in the heart of the city.

    @Lowell: it's fun to watch, even if, like me, you've never learned to skate.

    @Bill: thanks!

  23. I specially like the shots of the ice rink at night, the colours give a nice atmosphere.

  24. The young skaters are doing a credible job.

  25. Your city makes sure you have plenty to do to have a great winter.
    Besides the cold wet and gray.

    cheers, parsnip

  26. Cutest groundhogs! Love that first night shot of the ice.

  27. That's really fun! I guess the mascots are, at least, warm, and not too warm!

  28. Those two bears in the first photo are so colorful, you just feel good looking at them!

  29. Ice skating at night is so much fun.

  30. @Jan: they do!

    @Mari: they're good at it.

    @Parsnip: this is a good city for getting through winter.

    @Linda: thank you!

    @Jennifer: they're quite warm!

    @Norma: so do I. I try to photograph them each year.

    @Jeanie: you do indeed.

    @Klara: lots of people do so.