Monday, July 2, 2018

Gentle Light And Geometric Styles

The Delegation Of The Ismaili Imamat has been part of Doors Open in recent years. It is quite unlike other buildings along Sussex Drive, and yet doesn't clash with the area. Opened in 2008, it operates as a quasi-embassy for the Aga Khan, the spiritual head of Nizari Muslims. His philanthropic organization, the Aga Khan Foundation, works around the world on development, education, and other improvements, and the Canadian chapter is based out of here. It also features a residence for the Aga Khan when he is in Ottawa. Last year I also visited the Global Centre for Pluralism, a think tank devised by the foundation and occupying the former War Museum a short walk away from here, but this year I only had time to stop in here.

Public tours are given regularly, and you can see why. Light illuminates the interior from above, with a patterned screen of geometric metal shapes making for fascinating photo ops. An exterior courtyard features a garden. Working space and a library are also found here.


  1. Definitely great light and patterns in that museum.

  2. I like the interior with the metal shapes and patterns.

  3. I wonder if you have shown this building with its wonderful patterns before. But anyway, I love it in and out, what a great architecture.
    And great shots of it, William, thanks for sharing.

  4. ...this building makes a dramatic statement!

  5. Beautiful designs! Have a great day!

  6. Hello, I like the pattern and design. Very pretty. Enjoy your day and week ahead.

  7. I like the pretty designs. Hope you're doing well. :-)

  8. Interesting building, nice to se something so contemporary.

  9. This is an astounding piece of architecture William, I love that the glass walls let in so much light. Beautifully shown here ✨

  10. It looks fabulous! I still haven't visited their building and museum here.

  11. I have visited the Aga Khan Museum in North York, Toronto. It is also a fabulous museum.

  12. @Pat: it is marvelous architecture.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Marianne: so do I.

    @Jan: yes, I have featured it before.

    @Tom: it does.

    @Nancy: thank you.

    @Eileen: thanks.

    @DJan: it is hot here. I'll have to catch up tomorrow and Wednesday.

    @Marie: I agree.

    @Jenny: it is quite different.

    @Grace: its design appeals to me.

    @RedPat: you should!

  13. Looks great and is very different but it's awfully busy.

  14. Ooooh....I love all those lines and patterns.

  15. The geometric designs remind me of ancient Moorish designs. Neat photos

  16. looks like a honeycomb ... neat-O!!! ( ;
    have a super great week!

  17. @Catarina: I'd like to see that sometime.

    @Red: it was popular!

    @Sharon: so do I.

    @Norma: me too.

    @Maywyn: thanks!

    @Beth: it does!

  18. All the metal shapes and patterns are pretty impressive.

  19. Have you featured this place before? I think I remember the gorgeous architecture, the ceilings and those beautiful panels. Nice shots! (I hope the weather cools down for you. It sounds beastly.)

  20. Some wonderful angle shots and neat building ~

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  21. Light and patterns always fascinate me as they create such great photo ops like in this building.

  22. What an interesting interior. I'm not a huge fan of modern but when it's done well -- and this is -- it's really striking.

  23. Wonderful structure. I like buildings like that, but I always think how hard it is to keep them clean.

  24. Quite different and quite dramatic!

    All the best Jan

  25. @Bill: that they are.

    @Janey: it is indeed.

    @Kay: yes, I've featured it before.

    @Carol: it's quite impressive.

    @Beatrice: this one certainly does.

    @Jeanie: it's quite something to see.

    @Klara: it would be quite a job!

    @Jan: thank you!

    @Jenn: definitely!