Monday, July 23, 2018


Here we have views of the central space in the Museum of Nature, in between galleries, both looking up and down. Natural light spills in from overhead and from the adjoining Queens' Lantern.

High overhead, the inflated ornament in the Lantern is called La Meduse, modeled specifically after a species of jellyfish that glows in the dark, pelagia noctiluca.

The Water Gallery is the next stop. A wall of displays blocks a direct view from outside the gallery, so much the better, because once you walk around it, you're met all at once with the centrepiece of this exhibit area- the skeleton of a blue whale.

Various whale types are in this particular display case.

This installation depicts the kind of life you find around deep sea vents, where hot mineralized waters flow up out of cracks. Specialized organisms tend to congregate here and live off of the minerals being emitted into the water, or other creatures drawn to the spots.

Other sea life shows up in display cases in the form of models.

Water applies not just to the sea, but to fresh water as well, and it's not just life in that water, but creatures who make use of it- the raccoon, a land dweller, nonetheless often finds its food in creeks, streams, and ponds.

Coming back out, I stopped by three scale models. An average sized human is placed beside each creature of the deep for comparison- the whale shark, the colossal squid, and the blue whale. 

Today I leave off with a view looking up in the central atrium towards the Queens' Lantern on the other side of the wall.


  1. It is a good idea to have the human figures standing beside the whale models as it gives you more idea of their actual size.

  2. Interesting underwater exhibits!

  3. Nice museum William. I like the jellyfish ornament and the blue whale skeleton is huge.

  4. ...a wonderful display William! 😀

  5. @Rosemary: and they're so much bigger.

    @Nancy: they are.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Sami: and it's not even a full sized blue whale.

    @Tom: I certainly think so.

  6. Hello, a wonderful museum. I would enjoy these nature exhibits. Have a happy day and new week!

  7. What a display. I'll bet during the school year that there are lots of school groups.


  8. Another fine museum. Thanks for the visit, William. :-)

  9. The scale of the whales is incredible!

  10. I would spend hours in this museum. Bright idea to show a human and whale on the same scale.

  11. Just like when I take photos of my mountains or clouds you can't feel how big they are , I can imagine how large the Whale was.
    Wonderful post.

    cheers, parsnip

  12. oh this is amazing,, I will mark this place to visit for sure,, wonderful exhibits,

  13. That whale skeleton is pretty amazing.

  14. @Eileen: thank you!

    @Janis: it can be quite busy with kids throughout the year.

    @DJan: you're welcome.

    @RedPat: that it is.

    @Red: I've spent hours inside.

    @Parsnip: thank you!

    @Laurie: it's a wonderful place.

    @Sharon: it certainly is.

  15. I have seen similar things here in Brussels but in the Museum of science ! Very interesting !

  16. Beautiful and interesting pics of this museum, William !

  17. A great place to visit. I am taking notes. : )

  18. Neat place! Amazing the size of blue whales!

  19. It was a bit of a surprise to see that raccoon there with all the water creatures!

  20. @Gattina: our museum of science is one that I should really get to.

    @Karl: it is quite a place to visit.

    @Catarina: you'd enjoy it.

    @Jenn: they're incredible animals.

    @Norma: and yet fitting when you consider how much time they spend around water.

    @Maywyn: it's all very well done.

  21. Wonderful displays ... I learned (or probably re-learned) something about deep sea vents, thank you ! Everything seems presented so clearly ...a fun way to learn. Your photos are great with no glass reflections or shadows and no crowds of people ...

  22. Excellent displays, lots to see. Thanks for the tour, William.

  23. love looking up on jellyfish ... cool arches. ( ;

  24. You might enjoy the movie "In the Heart of the Sea" about the whaling ship Essex. We bailed on it after the first big storm. Too much testosterone for us.

  25. I think the display are very good, nice to see so much light in the building.

    All the best Jan

  26. So many of my favourite critters represented here!

  27. @Sallie: I tend to choose angles, and shoot more shots than I post. I do have a reflective shot coming up, but that's from another museum.

    @Bill: you're welcome.

    @Beth: it's quite a building to see.

    @Catalyst: I've seen that one!

    @Jan: it does let in a lot of light.

    @Marie: and more to come.

    @Janey: it's a splendid museum.

  28. You have no shortage of fabulous museums. I would think that sealife around sea vents would be fascinating.

  29. The Museum of Nature is worthy of a visit in its own right William, a beautiful piece of architecture. I would see this as a must visit kind of deal!

  30. Intriguing place and photos!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  31. And there is jellyfish in full shape! I like the last picture the most. Light and people on the stairs makes it beautiful.

  32. @Kay: we have a lot.

    @Lady Fi: that it is.

    @Grace: you'd enjoy it.

    @Jeanie: indeed.

    @Carol: thank you.

    @Klara: thanks!