Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Finale To Doors Open

Today brings to a close the Doors Open series. When I saw the interior of this church, it didn't take long for me to decide this would be the place I would conclude the series with. Picking up where I left off yesterday, here is the altar stained glass window in St. Bartholomew's. It was designed by an Irish artist, Wilhelmina Geddes, and is her only work in North America. Commissioned by Queen Victoria's son Prince Arthur, the Governor General at the time, it pays tribute to members of his staff who died during the First World War, and has a military theme- warrior-saints, angels, and the fallen soldier. 

I mentioned yesterday that the walls of the church had quite a number of memorial plaques down through time, from members of the congregation. Some of those include plaques for various governor-generals.

This plaque marks a unique spot in this church. Roland Michener was Governor General from 1967-74. He and his wife Norah were members here during their time at Rideau Hall, and their urns have been interred behind the plaque, the only instance of that in this building.

Another plaque here is in honour of another Governor General, Vincent Massey, the first Canadian to serve in the post.

Here we have another view back towards the organ.

Being a regimental chapel, this church also houses several regimental colours for the Foot Guards, encased behind glass, with the history of the regiment marked on each over time. Typically these are used for around twenty years before being retired and making their way into places like this. The Foot Guards, which share duties with the Canadian Grenadier Guards as part of the Ceremonial Guard each summer, have an extensive history of military service dating back to the 1870s and including service in both World Wars. St. Bartholomew's was designated as the official chapel for the Guards in 1973, and the rector serves as their chaplain.


  1. What lovely stained glass windows.

  2. Beautiful captures:)

  3. ...all good things come to an end and what a great ending. What's next? 😀

  4. What a beautiful chapel, the windows are wonderful:)

  5. It's a nice conclusion of this year's Doors Open series.

  6. Those windows are fabulous. Show stoppers, literally!


  7. @Lady Fi: indeed!

    @Weekend: thank you.

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    @Tom: I've got Canada Day posts through the end of the month. Still working on getting them all together.

    @Rosie: it's quite a church.

    @Jan: I thought it was well suited for my final featured spot of the tour.

    @Janis: they are indeed.

  8. A fitting finale William! The windows, the organ.. everything about St. Bartholomew's is fabulous ✨

  9. i have not heard an organ in a long time. it has been a while. gorgeous stain glass. ( :

  10. What a beautiful tribute by the then governor of Canada, to remember his staff. I love the regimental colors as well. Have a great day. Jo

  11. This is a wonderful church, William. Filled with so much history.

  12. Safe to say, I'll never be on a plaque!!!

  13. The stained glass windows are beautiful and the organ is quite wonderful

  14. That stained glass is wonderful and the pipe organ is pretty nice too!

  15. @Grace: it's quite a church.

    @Beth: this one was well played.

    @Jo: there is a lot of history here.

    @RedPat: that is true.

    @Jennifer: hah!

    @MB: I agree.

    @Marie: that they are.

    @Sharon: definitely!

  16. This is much more than a grand church. Much history is stored here.

  17. The stained glass windows are beautiful!

  18. I love the history inside the church! Beautiful.

  19. That organ shot is really splendid as is the stained glass. Another lovely church.

  20. The organ and stained glass are absolutely gorgeous. What a fabulous ending to all the wonderful posts. Well done, William.

  21. @Red: that's true.

    @Nancy: they are indeed.

    @Jenn: it's a beautiful sanctuary.

    @Jeanie: thank you!

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  22. I do like the stained glass.

  23. I like picture #3 with the light coming from the corner.

  24. I love the stained glass windows!

  25. Amazing stained glass windows and great series of photos!

    Happy Day to you,
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  26. So fascinating! I love all stained glass, but these are just stunning. Thank you for showing them and explaining their history. :-)

  27. Thank you for replying to my inquiry about how long Orrawas Open Doors lasts. It is such a great idea! Would love to visit your City in person (anytime of the year). I’ve enjoyed the whole tour...thank you for taking us along.

  28. This church is full of human, political, and military history - an interesting combination.

  29. A super series of posts again William, thank you.
    Those windows are absolutely fabulous - how could you not like them!

    All the best Jan

  30. @Fun60: so do I.

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    @Michelle: so do I.

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    @Sallie: it's a wonderful event each year.

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