Tuesday, June 2, 2020

A Cold Time In A Hot Town Tonight

No, it doesn't look like this around here at present.

These shots date to the last day of February, after a snow storm. At the moment around these parts, it's seasonal, but we've already had some hot days.

These are close to home for me.

At one point there was a church here. I've never found what happened to it, but all that's left is a side chapel and the basement. Today the basement is a parking garage for a number of townhouses, while what had been the floor of the church is a private yard for those townhouses.

Another church can be seen down the street here. It's the Peace Tower Church, an independent church.

Later in the day I was out in the Glebe and stopped on the Bank Street Bridge to photograph the Rideau Canal looking east. The Canal is presently filled up for the season, with boats apparently being allowed to travel just now as opposed to some weeks ago. The current Covid situation would be a reason. The stadium at Lansdowne Park can be seen at left.

Here's a view taken looking into the stadium. Part of the field is given over to parking in the winter. Right now the sports teams operating here are on hiatus.

I finish with a shot taken a couple of days later. This was in the Westboro neighbourhood. More cold scenes tomorrow.


  1. I love the white stuff....in pictures. Too cold for me now.

  2. Beautiful winter views, William, you really got some snow.

  3. Hello, it looks pretty when the snow first comes down. I am not a fan of snow and cold weather. Have a happy day and great week ahead.

  4. It seems odd to see snow in June, but we have plenty of the white stuff in our mountains still.

  5. It does feel odd to see snow pics. It is like I totally put it out of my mind when it finally leaves.

  6. This brings back so many memories of growing up in the midwest!

  7. It's hard to believe what's in these photos when you see them in June.

  8. I have to admit, William, looking at these scenes on a hot day can really cool one off quickly. This past winter, we didn't have nearly as much snowfall in Nashua, NH.

  9. @Pat: here today it is a bit cool.

    @Karl: we had an average winter.

    @Eileen: thank you.

    @Tom: quite so.

    @Barbara: slush I don't like.

    @DJan: to be expected.

    @RedPat: more snow to come.

    @Sharon: this is typical here.

    @Red: had things been a normal year, I'd have posted this set in March.

    @Beatrice: that's the idea.

  10. We just had some warm and humid days and the photos were great to see. Nice and cool!

  11. It feels cold enough for snow here today.

  12. Lovely wintry scenes ~

    Be Safe, Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  13. Are you nostalgic for the snow?

  14. I know how much you love the snow William, I do also, but I can only enjoy it through images like yours here 💙

  15. Nice wintry tour! It got very hot here today but there was a breeze.

  16. Nice to look back at these winter views …

    All the best Jan

  17. @Bill: I miss the winter.

    @Marie: it's a moderate day here today.

    @Carol: thank you.

    @Joanne: we get long winters.

    @Kay: I love the snow.

    @Grace: I can't get enough of it.

    @Linda: some days here in summer can be quite hot.

    @Jan: I certainly think so.