Sunday, September 21, 2014

By Costello Creek

Still in the archives today, and in Algonquin Park, with these two fall shots I took some years ago. Costello Creek runs down from Lake Opeongo in the Highway 60 corridor. The lake is a well known launching off spot for canoe trips, and one can expect canoes to be found along this quiet stream during the summer while driving up to the lake. This large boulder is a familiar sight on the way.

This view of the creek looking northward on its way to the lake has good fall colours as well.


  1. Nice colours in the second shot.

  2. Both photos are well done, filled with interest. My two sons would want to climb those boulders!

  3. Beautiful nature... Excellent photos and reflection on it

  4. More shots filled with serenity and the reflections are so nice in the first one.

  5. I like both pictures. I like the colors and reflection especially in the first picture.
    even they are from archive. I believe, fall is already there and this year's fresh pictures will be here on your blog soon..
    regards - Feyza

  6. I see you are a lover of nature, that you see her better than it is, therefore, because you love her.


  7. Oh! It's so beautiful! I love that second shot!

  8. Wonderful shots of the landscape during fall. The colours are beautiful in both photos, but I prefer the first one because of the wonderful refelction of the rocks.

  9. Very nice fall colours. I like this season.

  10. We paddled down Costello Creek with the kids about 25 years ago! Beautiful little creek.

  11. @Linda: thanks!

    @Lynette: I know the impulse!

    @Viera: thank you!

    @Kay: that stream is a pleasant one to follow, so reflections are quite common.

    @Feyza: I've already been looking at some fall colours and thinking of angles for shots.

    @Tomas: I do!

    @Tamera: thanks.

    @Jan: fall is a lovely season.

    @Marianne: so do I.

    @Gnome: I've never paddled it, but driving past people in canoes is quite an experience.

    @Tex: thank you!

  12. It's a fabulous vista William, can imagine how popular it would be during summer and autumn and spring too I guess.

  13. Must be a great area for hiking. Beautiful.

  14. Coming soon to a creek near you. :-)

  15. So beautiful. A great treat to see these photos, today. I'm in an autumn sort of mood!


  16. @Sharon: thanks!

    @Grace: it's very popular in all seasons. The road's kept open in winter- there's a research facility up at the lake along with the facilities for canoe trips- and I've been up that road with snow still around everything.

    @Marleen: it certainly is.

    @Revrunner: I wouldn't mind being there now.

    @Norma: thank you!

    @Greensboro: so am I.

  17. I like spending my vacations in big cities, but after a few days you miss places like these!

  18. The big stone in the picture, it's like a monster! Sorry for my brain...

  19. The top image looks like a wale to me.

  20. @VP: I would miss never getting to such places again.

    @Jeroen: thank you!

    @Peter: it does have a Moby Dick thing going on for it.

    @Beth: in my experiences seeing that stream, it usually is.

    @Whisk: I can see something of a whale in it.

  21. Everyone knows Autumn's flamboyance, but you well show it's mousey glories

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  22. What a beautiful, expansive landscape. Hope you'll show us the autumn colors there when they come.

  23. That boulder looks like a large stone frog with its mouth open.

  24. I love this photo. It reminds me of some I've taken in Bala, Muskoka, where we used to live!

  25. Looks like a lovely place. Hope you'll do some autumn pix, too!

  26. These are wonderful. I am a big fan of marshes.

  27. @Cloudia: thanks!

    @ODP: they're magnificent in Algonquin.

    @Randy: thanks!

    @Linda: definitely.

    @EG: it's a wonderful drive up that way.

    @Gerald: I can see that.

    @Jennifer: it's that part of the province.

    @Cheryl: I have to get back out that way.

    @Jack: so am I.

    @Jose: so do I.