Thursday, September 18, 2014

Canoe Lake

I have something else from the archives, and also from Algonquin Park. Speaking of which, check out this post from Merry@Syracuse, who was in the Park some weeks ago. That is the first post in a series currently underway by Merry, and the rest can be found on the right hand column; the trails mentioned in these posts are ones I know very well.

This is Canoe Lake on a tranquil, quiet day years ago. It's a big jumping off point for people with canoes, both for serious trips into the interior and for those who just want a day on the lake. There's a nice restaurant here overlooking the water, an outfitter to supply the canoe crowd, a gift shop, and showers for those who have spent a few days in the canoe and on portage trails.

The artist Tom Thomson drowned in this lake in 1917. There's a cairn somewhere on the shores here memorializing him.


  1. A pretty Lake. I even like the name. I would like to canoe around and have a snack whilst drifting. Oops I think I am drifting now. Bye! MB

  2. Great place to meditate, I think. A large Walden Pond. ;)

  3. My kind of place, canoe or not!

  4. What a beautiful scene. I love when the water is so still like that. Between you and EG Camera Girl, I am really missing Canada!

  5. Looks like a very tranquil place and the name sounds good.

  6. A quiet and beautiful place and a good restaurant ... what else?


  7. that is the perfect picture of peaceful!

  8. LOVE Algonquin....although I can't remember where Canoe Lake is.
    Jane x

  9. @MB: I've seen it much choppier, and it is a big lake!

    @Tamera: thanks!

    @Bibi: a very large Walden's Pond!

    @VP: I've enjoyed visiting it anytime I've been in the area.

    @Halcyon: usually only in the morning, of course.

    @Karl: considering how many canoes launch from here, it's an apt name.

    @Tomas: it's a little something for everyone.

    @Jen: thanks!

  10. @Revrunner: indeed.

    @Marianne: on this day, it was.

    @Tanya: I was surprised by that.

    @Jan: it is!

    @Hilary: quite peaceful.

    @Jane and Chris: it's a few kilometres in from the West Gate, and right off Highway 60.

    @Linda: thanks!

  11. I didn't realize that was the lake where Thomson drowned. Amazing what one can learn blogging.

  12. @Luis: I've always thought so.

    @Tex: thanks!

    @EG: I thought I'd add the detail. Canadians will know him well. I'm not sure of the rest of the world.

    @Judy: that time of morning, it was very calm. Later in the day the winds tend to pick up.

    @Sharon: it really is.

  13. Looking at this shot I could just imagine what it would be like to slip a canoe into the water and quietly travel along the lake, such a calm image William.

  14. I would love to canoe on that lake, it's gorgeous. The water was as smooth as glass that day.

  15. Reminds me a bit of Finland. Very peaceful.

  16. Very nice! I meant to go canoeing today, but ended up doing some sewing!!!

  17. @Grace: I'd never seen it that calm before, but then I'd usually be there at different times of day.

    @Norma: it is.

    @Denise: yes, you almost expect to walk out on it.

    @RedPat: it certainly is.

    @Paul: thanks!

    @Marleen: that's why I like it.

    @Jennifer: those are two very different activities.

  18. Lovely image! That story about the drowning is a bit of a shock for such a placid scene.

  19. where are all the canoes? i could bring my kayak. that would be fun! ( :

  20. What a beautiful lake! I can imagine canoeing on it quite easily!

  21. The water is so calm and beautiful! The sky looks pretty reflected in the lake.

  22. I've never made it quite this far, but hope to one day. It's almost a mythical place.

  23. @Linda: he was a great artist. I'll have to show some of his work from inside the National Gallery.

    @Beth: oh, this was an April day, as I recall. The docks weren't even in place yet for the season.

    @Cheryl: not so much on a windy day!

    @Lois: it's a nice way to see a lake, when it's that calm.

    @Hamilton: it's a part of the province you should see.

  24. Beautiful shot! The water looks like glass. When it's calm like this it's sometimes hard to imagine anything but peace and tranquility!

  25. @Kay: that's quite true.

    @Blois: very still. I've never seen that particular lake the same way.

    @Shelly: it is.

  26. William, thank you for this. Your series is really wonderful. It is a wild, varied and endlessly beautiful place. Many happy memories. Thanks so much for mentioning my series.

  27. Further: this is the very spot where we witnessed, from the excellent vantage point of the restaurant, two guys who looked like they knew what they were doing get into a canoe facing one another. Hilarious. You take your pride in your hands when you launch from here. So much can go wrong.