Thursday, March 1, 2018

City Daily Photo Theme Day: Play

The first day of each month is always a theme day for members of City Daily Photo. For March, that theme is Play. You can see how others are interpreting the theme here

I am in the midst of a series on Winterlude, the February celebration of winter that takes place here in the National Capital Region, and decided that my take on this theme would be the ideal time to look at events over on the Gatineau side of the Ottawa River. Jacques Cartier Park is a large park taking up a good part of the shore across from Ottawa's downtown, and is traditionally the scene for a big winter snow playground, with slides, snow sculptures, and other activities. This year all of that was situated in the east section of the park. I went over on the second weekend of the festival, on what turned out to be a grey day. At a distance, one could see the large mound of snow that comprised the ice slides, useful for going down with sleds or inner tubes. There were sizable lines waiting to go up to the top on each side.

One of the other activities set up here was for young kids (such as under five) to learn the basics of skis or snowboarding- you can see that in the gentle slopes set up here.

Traditional sleds were also available for parents to take their toddlers out on. You can see the frozen Ottawa River and Ottawa itself beyond the perimeter of the park.

Here we have views of the slides from the east side. In the second shot, you can see someone at the left in the midst of a descent. I've done this before, and it is fun.

I've spent much less time in the east side of Jacques Cartier Park than I have in the west side, so I don't know if this particular piece of playground equipment is a permanent part, or was brought in as part of the festival.

At the eastern most edge of the park, a sled dog run had been set up, with teams of dogs pulling sleds for a different kind of winter experience. The building in the background, once a house, is a tourist information spot these days, renting bikes in the summer. Have a look at it in summer here. I will have more from this park over the next three days as I continue my Winterlude series.


  1. ...winter play at it's best!

  2. Excellent post for the theme. You Ottowans certainly are a hardy bunch. This is the kind of weather I'd bury myself in blankets and hide until spring! :)

  3. I love all the fun of your Winterlude celebrations & your great photos of it all happening!

  4. I think Canadians make an effort to enjoy winter as much as possible. We have winter festivals and events here too. It’s good to get the kids involved in winter activity!

  5. Wonderful shots of this Canadian winter fun.

  6. @Tom: and what a playground to be in!

    @Lowell: but winter is the best season!

    @Christine: it's quite a party.

    @Francisco: thank you!

    @Marie: This one and Quebec's event are the big ones in the country, but I know of small villages that hold winter events too.

    @Jan: thanks!

  7. So much fun and excitement during the winter!

  8. There's a good crowd out enjoying the snow. Ottawa believes in embracing the winter.

  9. This looks like my kind of place. If it's winter, I believe in being part of it.

  10. I don't remember ever enjoying winter activities, even as a child. Fun to see here, but not for me.

  11. I think I've said it before but, I'm amazed at all the cold weather play that goes on in your area!

  12. @Cloudia: the dogs are cute!

    @Nancy: there's a lot of it!

    @Red: it is quite a party.

    @Susan: so do I!

    @Norma: it is for me.

    @Sharon: we've got a lot going on.

  13. So much fun!
    I remember the time when my children were small. Tobogganing was the coolest thing for me. ; ))
    Do not enjoy winter as much... and I am not aware of many winter festivals here.

  14. I would like to try one of those dog sleds!

  15. What fun! I'd love to play there. Loved playing in the snow, growing up in Chicago.
    Wow, sled dogs even!

  16. You certainly know how to make the most of snow in Canada - here it has the effect of bringing us all to a halt.

  17. very cool. i guess u all need to do something with all that extra snow, right?? lol!! ( ;

  18. I like seeing those sled dogs.

  19. @Catarina: I've spent many a Saturday afternoon in childhood on sleds.

    @RedPat: they looked fun, and the dogs made a good deal of noise!

    @Dina: it's quite a winter wonderland.

    @Rosemary: we certainly go for it with snow.

    @Beth: that's true!

    @Bill: they're very good dogs!

    @Sandi: cold is a relative thing.

  20. To think, we had snow banks that high in Iowa. Not every winter, but enough times to remember how much fun it was. Wonderful park.

  21. The gud duggies.... so gud but my goodness it is all grey but what fun !

    cheers, parsnip

  22. Your city is so well organized for winter fun!

  23. The good thing about winter in cold climes is that it offers opportunity for lots of different activities.

  24. So much fun in the snow William! You couldn't have had a better pick to the theme, fabulous!

  25. @Mari: this is one massive mound of snow!

    @Catalyst: we do get a proper winter here!

    @Parsnip: I could hear the dogs barking and making noise well before I got there, so I knew what to expect!

    @Linda: there's a lot going on here during Winterlude, on both sides of the river, so it's a great way to get through winter.

    @Kate: it does indeed.

    @Grace: I knew it would be appropriate for this theme.

  26. Dogs are strong and cute at the same time.