Thursday, January 17, 2019

Interiors And Exteriors

Laurentian Splendour is the title of this 1880 oil on canvas painting by John A. Fraser, capturing a landscape view in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec.

Allan Edson painted this oil painting, Landscape With Cascade, in 1872.

One of the visual treats in this part of the National Gallery is the Croscop Room. Set in a side gallery, this is a transplanted front parlour from the Croscop home in Nova Scotia, one that you walk into. It was done around 1845 by an unknown artist. The wall paintings give the impression of a larger world being looked out on as if the walls are windows.

Waterfall is the title of this 1866 oil painting by O.R. Jacobi.

Close by is the other interior courtyard, which has a reflecting pool at its heart.

Back in the gallery spaces, the First Nations presence throughout the Canadian collection returns again with this display case of Haida artifacts. The chief's robe is used on occasion; the last time I visited, the robe was out for a ceremony.

This 1879 oil painting has drawn my eye before. The Croppy Boy (The Confession Of An Irish Patriot) is by Charlotte Schreiber. The work is inspired by an Irish ballad of a patriot who confesses his sins before battle- only the priest isn't a priest, it's a British officer in disguise. While the subject matter is British and of the Irish question, the artist herself was English-Canadian, in fact the first woman artist elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Art. This was her diploma painting that got her accepted.

Here we have a wider gallery view. More First Nations items in the display case mingle with the conventional styles of art; in this particular area the emphasis is on Canadian artists who spent time abroad and came back with new ideas.

One of those artists was Maurice Cullen. He spent time in France where he studied Impressionism and en plein air techniques. Coming home, he applied Impressionism to Canadian subjects. The Ice Harvest is a circa 1913 oil painting in an Impressionist style, depicting the vital ice industry of the time in vibrant light.


  1. Looks like an awesome museum. Love the painted walls!

  2. I love the Croscop Room, well, I wouldn´t want to live in it, but it is beautiful.
    As is the courtyard, that I would like to have here!

  3. I always thought that if I ever designed my own home I would build it in a square and have an open courtyard garden in the middle along with a 'reflective pool'.
    I particularly like the painting of the 'ice harvest' - you can see the influence of the French impressionists in it.

  4. This gallery has so many beautiful spaces. Love the worlds beyond worlds on the walls and the first 2 landscape paintings are stunning.

  5. A nice collection of paintings and artifacts and not to forget the reflecting pool as resting point.

  6. Hello William!
    Very impressive museum!
    Like the wall paintings and the reflecting pool!!! So beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing! Enjoy your day!

  7. ...a wonderful place for a cold winter's day!

  8. Great series on the art of the National Gallery. It reinforces the fact that I shoukd make a visit there.

  9. Nice collection of paintings. I like the reflective pool area.

  10. Beautiful paintings, but the reflecting pool is my favourite.
    I'd like to sit there for a while after a walk around.

  11. This gallery is very beautiful. Love the paintings, they are stunning.
    My laptop is working again ... yuppie! :))

  12. Interesting to see the ice harvest! The waterfront here had such a business about the same time.

  13. oh cool, really nice murals ... wonder how many folks try to open the door? i have seen silly crazier things!! lol!!
    ( ;

  14. @Whisk: it is.

    @Linda: it is quite a museum.

    @Iris: as a parlour, this space might have had two or three comfortable chairs, a table. I can envision how it would have looked back then.

    @Rosemary: you certainly can.

    @Gemma: it's a grand place to visit.

    @SC: indeed.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Dimi: you're welcome.

    @Tom: it certainly is.

    @David: you should.

    @Nancy: so do i.

    @Jan: it's a good spot for that.

    @Ella: thank you!

    @Marie: it was common in Canada.

    @Beth: it wouldn't surprise me, though I don't see a handle.

  15. The courtyard area with its reflecting pool is wonderful:)

  16. I don't remember the Croscop Room. It is either newish or I am forgetful. I know which I am betting on. :)

  17. Beautiful paintings here and last post William. The Croscop Room is fabulous ✨

  18. Wonderful art there, William. I like the transplanted parlour!

  19. Amazing works of art ~ favorite is the mural ~ exquisite ~

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  20. I love those wall paintings. If I were there, you might catch me sitting in that courtyard by the fountain.

  21. Beautiful paintings. the ones of cascading water appeals to me.

  22. We have a tremendous amount of art. I remember not having enough time to tour this gallery.

  23. These are such beautiful landscapes, and the Confessions of the Irish Man painting is great in story telling (which I'm glad you explained since I woudn't have figured it out on my own!) So glad it got the woman artist acclaim!

  24. @Rosie: I think so too.

    @Anvilcloud: as it is in a side gallery off the main path, it is quite easy to miss it. It's been there for years, but I don't always step into that side gallery when I visit.

    @Grace: thank you!

    @RedPat: so do I.

    @Carol: thanks!

    @Sharon: it's a good spot to stop at.

    @Janey: me too.

    @Red: it's a wonderful collection.

    @Barbara: it is fine storytelling indeed.

  25. Lovely paintings and the refective pool is beautiful . Plenty of art to enjoy, a great place to visit.

  26. So much to see.
    Such lovely paintings, and I liked the painted walls too, and then there was the reflecting pool … all so good.

    All the best Jan

  27. The third picture is pretty cool.
    Lots of great pictures.

  28. Beautiful paintings. I love the paintings on the wall!

  29. What a wonderful museum. I especially love the murals.

  30. @Bill: that it is.

    @Jan: thank you!

    @Happyone: thanks!

    @Tamago: so do I.

    @Jeanie: I do as well.

  31. The reflecting pool is amazing!

  32. Love the reflecting pool. And that woman's diploma painting should have gotten her admitted anywhere!

  33. The reflecting pool is a real star of your post, though the Coscop Room is pretty interesting.
    Lots to like here.

  34. Another cool idea with the pool.