Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Grandest Views In The Capital

Carrying on where we left off yesterday, here we have a look up on the south face at some of the architecture of the Peace Tower. To address a comment from yesterday, while the tower rises to a total height of 92.5 metres, the observation deck is at 60 metres.

The panel is directly beneath it.

In this display case, with the west side beyond it, is the original Hipp type clock movement, built in England and installed in 1927. It was replaced by a synchronous electric motor in 1970.

A display panel shows some of the landmarks west of here.

Looking down, we see the West Block in the foreground. A courtyard has been covered over with a sloping glass ceiling- one that does not detract from the Gothic architecture, with the Mackenzie Tower above it. Within the courtyard is the interim House of Commons, enclosed from the elements but open to the sky. The glass of the ceiling is enabled to become shaded, so that a sunny day won't be too glaring on proceedings inside. The Confederation and Justice Buildings, two additional blocks of Parliament, lie to the west, with the Supreme Court beyond that.

Here we have a look upstream on the Ottawa River. The Court looms above it, and the river makes its way between Ottawa and Gatineau among a group of islands and the Portage and Chaudiere Bridges.

On the north side of the observation deck, another panel shows landmarks and places.

And here we have the view north, with the Library of Parliament front and center over the river. The Canadian Museum of History is over on the Gatineau shore, while the Alexandra and Macdonald-Cartier Bridges cross the river. Ice has built up on the river below since I was up here. Nepean Point is the high ground at right.

Another angle adds the National Gallery and Major's Hill Park to the mix.

And here we have one more of the panels.

A look up shows the north side clock face.

One last glance of the north view, with the Gatineau Hills off in the distance.

And then it was time to leave. I stepped into the elevator, still the only visitor on the observation deck, and the guide suggested I photograph looking up through the gap at some of the infrastructure above. Tomorrow we turn to the Memorial Chamber.


  1. Again stunning views! My Dad was a watchmaker and sure would´ve loved to see the Hipp type clock!
    Must´ve been awesome to be the only visitor, too.

  2. Grand far-reaching views across the city - it's so easy to fail to visit such places when they're near to home.

  3. Hello William!
    The views are fantastic! Everything looks so beautiful from up there!
    Stunning pictures! Have a happy Tuesday!

  4. If only it was as easy to achieve peace in the world as to build a tower.

  5. What a difference the sun makes. Everything looks glorious, from every vantage point.


  6. ...the views of the river are my favorite!

  7. I did a quick search and it looks like the central block was completed in 1927? Some of it anyway! Isn't it amazing that was built before all of our modern technology and it is beautiful, perfect, and still standing. Wow!

  8. Man man, what a dizzying height, but the views are fantastic!
    How do you get up there by the way, do you have to climb stairs or can you go up with a lift?

  9. The clock is fascinating. I especially love the oblique view of the clock face. That's a really striking photo. I could imagine that one enlarged rather big on canvas.

  10. What great views, but the clock is amazing. I never heard of that kind of clock and will have to look it up now. Thanks! :-)

  11. @Iris: I enjoyed the chance to be the first one up.

    @John: I grew up in southern Ontario- going to Niagara Falls seemed more the tourist thing to do, so it was rare to make a visit out there.

    @Lady Fi: definitely!

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Dimi: thank you.

    @David: quite true.

    @Janis: yes, a sunny day makes quite a difference.

    @Tom: they really do stand out.

    @Sandi: yes, the priority was the two Houses. The tower was part of the plan from the beginning, but it was easier to finish with it than to start with it.

    @Jan: the elevator takes you up.

    @Jeanie: I can imagine that one turned into a ten thousand piece jigsaw puzzle.

    @Anvilcloud: I thought so!

    @DJan: you're welcome!

  12. Hello William!
    I wish you a happy and healthy new year!
    Very nice photos!

  13. I loved the idea of a courtyard covered by glass which changes to keep the light manageable. That and the tower of course...what great views of your lovely city.

  14. Love the clock view. Angles like that are interesting abstracts.

  15. The beautiful architecture and the water sure make for spectacular city.

  16. I like that last view over the library!

  17. Those views over the river are beautiful.

  18. Since you were the only visitor you got to do your work without being bothered.

  19. I like the shots from the tower!
    How nice to have it to yourself!!!!

  20. @Ella: thank you!

    @Barbara: I'll look forward to getting into West Block, as I've never been inside.

    @Maywyn: that's true!

    @Janey: they do!

    @RedPat: so do I.

    @Sharon: I agree.

    @Red: true!

    @Jennifer: yes, that was a first for me.

  21. Such incredible view of the city! I love the up-close view of the clock as well :-)

  22. Aw what a gorgeous place. It's a good thing Trump is not in Canadian politics as he could destroy all this beauty in less that two years!

  23. Wonderful views, William. My faorite is the view looking upstream on the Ottawa River. Another fine shot of the clock too, very nice!

  24. Unique places and creative photos!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  25. I hope to live long enough to see the renovations completed.

  26. Beautiful views of the city! I especially enjoyed the shot of the clock.

  27. @Tamago: imagine that clock as a jigsaw puzzle.

    @Lowell: he no doubt would, and replace it with a casino.

    @Bill: it's such a magnificent view.

    @Carol: thank you.

    @Marie: it's going to be a long process.

    @Betty: the clock faces have been quite popular!

  28. A great looking place with fantastic views.

  29. Wonderful views, another enjoyable post!

  30. Such grand vistas! Thank you once again, William!

  31. William - Happy New Year! The views from the Peace Tower are grand and stunning, especially with the wintery aspects of snow and ice. I was impressed by the glass ceiling on the West Block - tastefully and thoughtfully done. I hope 2019 brings you much joy and peace!

  32. Breathtaking views once again William, such a pleasure to see. The glass ceiling over the courtyard of the West Block is fabulous!

  33. This is a great spot for getting perspective on the city. I love spots like this that have display panels that help match up what the viewer is seeing.

  34. Fantastic shots! I miss your FB posts and "likes."

  35. sometimes i feel like i am in the twilight zone ... like how did i miss William's blog again. sorry. my bad. life gets in the way ... i am drawing a blank on that movie ... the one where the show a close up a clock ... it was ... he lives behind the clock? such a cool movie. found it "Hugo" from 2011 .. i have no clue what kind of movies u like ... probably action and horror ... but Hugo is very cool. check it out if you enjoy clock stuff. have a great day! ( ;

  36. @Happyone: it has such splendid views.

    @Denise: thank you!

    @Catalyst: you're welcome.

    @Angie: thanks!

    @Grace: I found it quite impressive. The last time I was up there the fog was so dense you could barely make out the West Block.

    @Kay: it's a good idea.

    @Linda: yes, I'm back in Facebook jail, which I find infuriating.

    @Italiafinlandia: that they are.

    @Beth: thank you!

  37. Once again stunning views here :)

    All the best Jan