Saturday, January 5, 2019

Oh, The Night That Paddy Murphy Died

That title is taken from a Newfoundland folk and drinking song, one that's been quite popularized by the band Great Big Sea- you can see it at this video link. Incidentally, I'd love to hear that sung at a funeral. 

I heard the song twice on New Year's Eve, when I went down to Lansdowne Park and the Aberdeen Pavilion for Hogman-eh!, a Canadian take on the Scottish word Hogmanay, for the last day of the year. New Year's is big in Scotland, and the Scottish Society of Ottawa has been putting on a New Year's Eve event each year, free to the public, here at Lansdowne. Music included rock, folk, and the pipes and drums, and there was food and displays from various groups, with fireworks outside shortly after midnight came. There were a good many people in the building, mostly around the stage area at its heart.

The Ottawa Caledonian Pipes and Drums participated through the evening, marching out from a rest area over at the west end to do sets at the front of the stage each hour.

I got close up shots of two of the bands, the first more of a folk-Celtic feel with fiddles involved.

The second was more of a rock band feel to their music, albeit one with bagpipes.


  1. Oh, my friend T´d loved it!
    In his city there is such a band, too.

  2. I think I would have enjoyed that. I sometimes think that Canada is more Scottish than Scotland itself!

  3. My response was similar to that of John at Stargoose and Hanglands - however, not totally Scottish, Paddy Murphy is an Irish name.

  4. Was certainly a lot of fun ! I think the worst to celebrate New Year are the Germans ! Imagine they spent this year 137 Millions Euro for firewwork !!

  5. Wasn't that a party? Eh?
    I guess that's GBSs most iconic tune.

  6. Hi William, have just been back to look at missed posts.. enjoyed your choices for the theme on the 1st and 2nd and all shots following. Love the new header shot, is that Chateau Laurier?

  7. neat, perhaps I shouldn't go to bed so early on New Years Eve.

  8. Hello William!
    Wonderful pictures! I’m sure you had a great time!
    I love Scottish music and I would love to visit Scotland one day!
    Thank you for sharing! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Looks like it was a lot of fun. I was not sure what to expect when I saw the title of this post. :-)

  10. This looks like a really, really fun event! I would have loved this -- my kind of music!

  11. @Iris: thank you.

    @John: there are a lot of Scots here.

    @Rosemary: very Irish!

    @Gattina: it was quite a party.

    @Anvilcloud: I love their music.

    @Janey: thank you.

    @Grace: Parliament Hill.

    @Tom: I certainly stayed up.

    @Marie: what a song!

    @Dimi: thank you!

    @DJan: I figured using it as a title was a good idea.

  12. It looks like a good time was had by all!

  13. And I love the photos with the men in Green Scottish skirts.

  14. A great cultural event which is well worth while. I hope it continues.

  15. Now that was a fun evening ! Great photos.

    cheers, parsnip

  16. @Maywyn: it was a lot of fun.

    @Jeanie: it was good music!

    @RedPat: I thought so!

    @Aritha: and women, because there were women among the band.

    @Red: I think the event has established itself over the years now. I paid a visit some years ago, but this year I was there through the evening.

    @Marleen: it was!

    @Parsnip: thanks!

  17. I like bagpipes and when we lived in Scotland I actually took lessons and learned to play them. Not very good I might add!!

  18. Oh you do find the best places to go ~ and the music variety sounds wonderful! Quality too. Great nite shots.

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  19. Well, I think I'd rather stay home and read a book on New Year's eve, but then I'm getting old and tired. Kinda like your aunt who keeps her dog stoned all the time. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Have a great weekend.

  20. Another great way to ring in the new year. That is a fun song.

  21. A lot of fun, I like those guys with skirts.

  22. @happyone: I love the sound of the pipes.

    @Carol: it was a blast.

    @Lowell: I can still manage an event like this. I did pass on the haggis poutine.

    @Sharon: I get a kick out of that song.

    @Karl: never ask a Scotsman where his trousers are.

    @Bill: that it was.

  23. It makes sense that the Scottish traditions are celebrated. Looks like you had fun.


  24. wow, looks like fun!! love the plaid. ( ;

  25. It looks like a fun event, filled with color in addition to music.

  26. Happy New Year! That Aberdeen Pavilion is enormous! I love the sound of bagpipes

  27. Looks like a great night of entertainment. Happy New Year:)

  28. Sure looks a lot of fun :)

    All the best Jan

  29. Spectacular photos. Swear I can almost hear the music.

  30. @Janis: it was a fun evening.

    @Beth: they wore it well.

    @Kay: it was quite colourful!

    @Pat: it is quite a building.

    @Sandi: they were good.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Rosie: thanks!

    @Jennifer: it was!

    @Italiafinlandia: I did!

    @Jan: that it was.

    @Sallie: thanks!

    @Klara: thank you!