Wednesday, February 6, 2019

A Chartered Bank Of Mugsy

Picking up where I left off yesterday, this sheet of thousand dollar Canadian bills certainly caught my eye. The denomination is no longer in circulation.

Older Canadian denominations are organized here.

While these are more recent.

One of the hands on activities for kids around here is making your own currency. I decided to have a go, adding 'Kilroy was here' as a signature. The Bank of Mugsy is in good shape and unlike Deutsche Bank was not handling money for the Trump campaign before the election. We do have some standards. :)

The designed currency can be sent to one's email, so of course I did that. Here are both sides.

This is the opposite side of that oversized five dollar bill I showed you.

Turning around, I photographed this view of what was to come.

The new Viola Desmond ten dollar bill is the first vertical bill to go into circulation in Canada, but it's not quite the first of its kind. A proposed series back in 2000 was meant to feature animals- in this case moose- in a vertical fashion on the one side, with a horizontal conventional portrait on the other. The decision was made at the time by the Finance Minister not to go ahead with the series, as it had only been recently that a series of currency bills had been issued into general circulation with a bird theme. I came back a couple of days after my visit to get some clarifications and a couple of shots of this one on the display screen, and chatted with one of the museum staff about this rejected series of bills, as well as one related to the American Civil War, which will turn up in tomorrow's post.


  1. ...drugs and drug dealing put an end to big bells!

  2. Nice bills. Whoever made the decision not to issue the moose should a shame on me sign confessing the sin. The moose dollars are beautiful.

  3. Very nice the eland banknote! :)

  4. currency designing is fascinating. The plastic currencies have so many possibilities.


  5. @Tom: yes, that brought an end to the thousand dollar bill. I imagine it's the same in the States.

    @Maywyn: well, it's understandable given that there'd already been an animal design a few years earlier. The design of that banknote is beautifully done.

    @Italiafinlandia: so did I.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Ella: I thought so!

    @Janis: that's true.

  6. What a fun museum! I like the moose money too!

  7. I like the fact that you can make your own notes and e-mail them to yourself:)

  8. I'll be happy to bank at your I get low interest on my $2.25 deposits?

  9. I like the idea of vertical bills, but I've never seen one other than in your pictures here. :-)

  10. I LOVE your own currency! That's very cool.

    I just read an article about how the currencies in the UK and any Commonwealth countries that have the Queen's image will be rapidly changed when she dies and Charles becomes King. (I can't remember if they said within ten days? That doesn't seem long enough so I might be wrong on that.) What a massive job that will be.

  11. i have heard of a gift card being emailed ...but money? interesting?? i guess we have to keep moving forward with our technology ...the folks who do it well .. creatively ... fun!
    ( ;

  12. I like your bill! It could be easy to copy though. ;-)

  13. I like that currency you designed very much!

  14. Debates on what images go on our currency must be long and interesting.

  15. @Tanya: I certainly did.

    @Rosie: so did I.

    @Barbara: hah!

    @DJan: I've got a couple more in tomorrow's post, from another country.

    @Jeanie: that would probably be too tight a window when the time comes.

    @Beth: well, it's not like a Mugsy banknote will actually get far in the real world!

    @RedPat: it would be!

    @Sharon: thank you!

    @Red: yes, there's a lot of considerations going into it.

  16. I will sing "Money, Money, Money" ! As we changed all currencies to the Euro in 2001 I have difficulties to recognize the Belgian francs, the Deutsche Mark, etc, now it's all Euros. Much better !

  17. Currency is fascinating especially the different designs.

  18. Modern bills are getting quite pretty and must be pretty well forgery proof.
    (It just took me about 20 seconds to come up with 'forgery' as I was having a senior moment.)

  19. Designing your own currency would be interesting and fun. Love the moose money too.

  20. I do like those vertical bills.

  21. @Gattina: I've got a Belgian franc note tomorrow.

    @Fun60: that it is.

    @Anvilcloud: that happens!

    @Bill: I liked it, though there was no Eye of Sauron option. :)

    @Lois: I do too.

  22. Fascinating post and glad Canada has some standards and didn't handle Trump election funds ~ He is one sorry President!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  23. It would be interesting to design your own currency!

  24. Oh, my, I really had to read it twice and feel ashamed. But then, funny how Merkel and Trump never warm up, always looks as if they truly hate each other. Can you believe we have since over 12 years. Should not be allowed.
    To design your own note must be a fun challenge! And animals are always a good choice!

  25. I like the Bank of Mugsy. And I'm always taken by how much more colorful Canadian bills are than those in the U.S.

  26. Love your "notes" they are fun and colourful William.

  27. I'm not sure if we've ever had a 1000 dollar bill, seems a bit outrageous, can you imagine finding change for that if a customer produced one 😱 The Bank of Mugsy 😀😀

  28. The new tenner is a major step forward!

  29. I'd love to see animals on notes. Or plants. That's why I collect coins, they are much more interesting then notes...

  30. @Carol: he is!

    @Marie: I liked it.

    @Iris: I thought so.

    @Kay: we've got a mix of colours.

    @Sami: thank you!

    @Grace: I couldn't resist!

    @Jennifer: it is indeed.

    @Klara: I do collect some coins.

    @Jenn: I do too.