Friday, June 21, 2019

Christ Church

This crest on a wall inside Christ Church Cathedral caught my eye.

I photographed more of the stained glass windows.

Here in the chancel area, I paused to photograph around me.

The altar stained glass is particularly vivid.

I wanted some of the detail work of this chair.

Off to either side of the chancel are side chapels. One of them bears regimental colours on the walls. The other is this one, used for small services during the week.

I took this view of a garden courtyard from the corridor adjoining the church hall.

There is one more item of note beneath the church, a columbarium, where urns are interred. This angel was there.

Here we have a pair of stained glass windows at the far end of the columbarium.

And I finish with a view of the altar inside the small chapel leading into the columbarium.


  1. The top photo is a "hatchment". They are often found in English churches and derive from the medieval practice of a knight's shield and helmet being carried into church at his funeral. When this died out his arms were painted on a diamond-shaped board and these were displayed over the door of his house during a period of mourning and later displayed in the church where he was buried. His wife would also be so honoured, and from the style of the hatchment you can tell if the deceased was a man or a woman and whether their spouses pre-deceased them. In this case Capt Pullen was a single man. Often military emblems would be present but in this case just his Order of Canada medal is shown. The practice has more or less died out, Capt Pullen being one of just a few more modern examples.

  2. Very beautiful church is that! And the little angel is so special!
    Nice weekend!

  3. ...William, it's nice to see the interiors, I only saw the exterior.

  4. Oh, those stained glass windows...
    Beautiful detail photos, William !

  5. Hello, beautiful church, the details are lovely. I do love the stained glass! Wishing you a happy day and weekend!

  6. curious what those towers are made of? kind of a look of ivory?
    marble? ( ;

  7. Beautiful series of detail shots of Christ Church Cathedral William, the windows are fabulous ✨

  8. It's a beautiful church, William, with outstanding stained glass. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  9. Beautiful church and colourful stained glass.

  10. It is a beautiful church inside too.

  11. You gave us a fine tour of the church, William!

  12. Development and change must have taken place on a continuing basis over the years and is probably still taking place. Today's churches are very simple compared to the Cathedral.

  13. I like how detailed those stained glass windows are.

  14. The chair detail, the garden, the angel -- there is so much to love here.

  15. It All Looks So Still - Way Cool


  16. @Iris: it is.

    @Lady Fi: definitely.

    @John: thanks for the information!

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    @Beth: they may be marble.

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    @Jeanie: there is.

    @Padre: thank you.

  17. The interior is gorgeous and the stained glass windows are spectacular.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos, William.

  18. Beautiful church.

  19. Beautiful architecture and stain glass photos ~ my favorite is the angel sculpture ~ ^_^

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  20. The wood work in the chair is beautiful.

  21. I like that stained glass. Always a favorite when I visit churches.

  22. Lovely. Worth the tour. Thanks. Tweeted.

  23. I had to look up several words. Thanks for the augmenting my understanding.

  24. I'm enjoying seeing all the different churches you are

  25. The money they sank into these places.

  26. Such lovely stained glass.

    All the best Jan

  27. It's nice when people take care of the surruondings of churches.

  28. @Bill: you're welcome.

    @R: I think so.

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    @Marie: it is, yes.

    @Michelle: I'm drawn to stained glass.

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