Tuesday, October 1, 2019

City Daily Photo Theme Day: Orange

The first day of the month is a theme day for members of City Daily Photo. For October, we turn to Orange, and you can have a look at how others are interpreting the theme here.

I start with this one taken back in the late winter downtown. Utility boxes in a few blocks radius around the Byward Market have a fashion design, as this area is designated an Arts, Fashion, and Theatre District, having something of all three present and accounted for in the area. 

In early April, I paid a visit to the Canadian Museum of Nature, and this seemed orange enough to me for the theme, so I held it back. The Museum has a series of galleries, one of which is the Earth Gallery. This is quartz, with the sample having had been extracted in Switzerland.

The orange of this caught my eye and seemed to fit the theme. This mineral is hematite, and in this case it was taken from a South African mine.

This panel on buildings here and abroad fit the theme. Situated elsewhere in this gallery, it points out that sedimentary rock has gone into the building of this very museum and the buildings of Parliament Hill, but also places like Petra and the Great Pyramids. Each of the images has some orange to it.

As did this other panel, with a magnificent land formation illuminated in sun to feel orange. I'm pretty sure this is Perce Rock in Quebec, though at the time I didn't photograph the accompanying description.

This shot from May dates back to the time of the Tulip Festival, taken at Dow's Lake.

I took this one at Jacques Cartier Park in Gatineau.

And I returned to Dow's Lake for some more orange. Even with a rogue tulip hiding in the midst.

The first weekend of June sees Doors Open in Ottawa, an event that opens up buildings to visitors. The National Arts Centre was part of that weekend, and performances were set throughout the day as the institution was marking its fiftieth anniversary. I held back this shot from a post done at the time of two dancers, with orange dominating the stage.

This view was taken in August. There's a fireworks event that happens for a couple of weeks, two nights a week each year along the Ottawa River. The orange fireworks stand out well against Centre Block on Parliament Hill, which was illuminated in preparation for the Northern Lights summer light show- which I should have stuck around to photograph, as I missed it this year. Tomorrow I'll show you more fireworks.

And I finish with the same subject matter as I started with. This is a short walk away from the first shot, but taken just a few days ago in the Byward Market.


  1. Happy colors to brighten up the day!

  2. Nice series of orage! Have a great October!

  3. A nice collection of orange pictures !

  4. Hello, lovely orange captures. The tulips are beautiful! Happy October, have a great day and new week ahead.

  5. Lots of orange but I like the first shot best.

  6. Gee, William, I expected to see a selfie of you in your sartorial splendour in the fashion section!

  7. Super series of orange images William 🍊

  8. I can't imagine why you would choose orange for October. ;)

  9. Love the oranges you chose. Especially the first and last ones. :-)

  10. Love the orange, our royal house is also "orange"! :)

  11. That was a good variety of orange.

  12. @Iris: very bright!

    @Lady Fi: so do I.

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    @Red: it was indeed.

  13. Of course I would go for the TULIPS! Orange is good---yes?

  14. I like the variety of places you've selected, nice photos.

  15. I love those utility boxes...and of course the tulips! Good variety of orange.

  16. Beautiful selection of orange, I love the tulips !

  17. Nice! I love the colour orange, it may even be my favourite. I love seeing utility boxes decorated....they should ALL be decorated!

  18. @MB: tulips are my favourite flowers.

    @Maywyn: thank you!

    @OJ: so did I.

    @Sharon: tulips rule!

    @Karl: I knew they'd be welcome.

    @Jenn: a lot of utility boxes here are decorated, often with a historic theme.

  19. Wonderful oranges. I really love those two pieces from the Byward market!

  20. I like how you keep themes in mind and hold on to various photos until the appropriate theme occurs. I don’t often think that far ahead.

  21. I like the fashion illustrations!

  22. Nice series of orange. I love the utility box, it's incredible.

  23. Nice collection of different shades of orange.

  24. @Jeanie: thank you!

    @Marie: I try to do so.

    @RedPat: they're fun.

    @Bill: both of them are.

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  25. Wow, you've come up with some wonderful splashes of orange here! Good work!

  26. A great orange post today :) Always fun to see what you will be sharing each day. Thank you William :)

  27. NICE series of pictures with orange!!

  28. Orange you glad you had so many nice shots.

  29. What a fun post. It is so strange to me but Orange is not one of my favorite colors.

  30. @Kay: thank you!

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    @Parsnip: I prefer black.

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  31. sorry i have fallen behind ...it has been a busy camping time. commenting now. i love the tulip season in your neck of the woods. thank you for sharing. always a fan. ( ;