Monday, October 14, 2019

The Old Masters

A happy Thankgiving to my fellow Canadians!

Today I start with a look at some of the art in the world section of the National Gallery. The Crucifixion is attributed to Jean Penicaud II, dating circa 1550. Colour is used sparingly in his works. 

This is from the workshop of Antoine Caron. Dated circa 1570, The Submission Of Milan To Frances I blends a mix of historical and allegorical elements in this depiction of the 1515 battle.

Here we have a marble work by Gregorio di Lorenzo, circa 1485. The Virgin And Child was likely done for a client in Urbino, given the coat of arms incorporated into the work. 

Here we have something from the workshop of Sandro Botticelli. The Christ Child And The Infant John The Baptist dates to around 1490. Botticelli sketched the idea and delegated it to an apprentice. 

One of the spaces here is called the Baroque Room, filled with large paintings and several sculptures.

Sebastien Bourdon painted Ulysses Discovering Astyanax Hidden In Hector's Tomb at some point between 1654-56. It depicts the Greek king of Ithaca, Odysseus, finding the hidden heir of Troy after the city has fallen. Hector's widow Andromache pleads for her son's life, but to no avail.

Jacopo Bassano and his workshop were behind this large canvas. The Departure of Abraham For Canaan dates to around 1570, and depicts the Old Testament patriarch and his family being directed by the Almighty to go to Canaan. 

For today I finish with three shots of this bust by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The sculptor crafted this marble bust around 1632. Maffeo Barberini, Pope Urban VIII gives us a very human look- crow feet, wrinkles, and stubble included- at his patron in the Vatican.


  1. I like the look of that room. And I like the sculpture better than the paintings. But that's just me.

  2. These old paintings have travelled a lot ! and changed owners too. Now they are in museums all over the world.

  3. Nice exhibit of paintings and sculpture.

  4. It is remarkable how these works of art have survived the numerous wars etc of the last 500 years. I would like to see the Bernini sculpture and touch it ( although I realise that will never happen). Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, William.

  6. So wonderful to have art from so long ago. I cannot believe those gallery walls are such a bright pink!


  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Beautiful art and exhibit. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week ahead.

  8. they really did concentrate on those details having to do with that facial hair ... very cool. ( ;

  9. ...we have been expressing ourselves through art since the beginning of time.

  10. That was a very nice exhibition.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  11. Marvelous work, especially liked the marble work by Gregorio di Lorenzo.

  12. A wonderful place to visit and photograph such fine works of art. I do like that bust, too.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving, William. The relief pieces are particularly interesting to me.

  14. Beautiful. The art was large, but the photos are small. I guess you were too busy with holidays to enlarge them in your post today. I also didn't have time to click on them to enlarge each one. Thanks for sharing treasures.

  15. Hey William. Happy Thanksgiving and gobble gobble.

  16. We really ought to go into the city for some culture!

  17. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! The age of those works is always so startling.

  18. Happy Thanksgiving William.. enjoyed seeing these fabulous artworks ✨

  19. @Catalyst: I like both.

    @Iris: that it is.

    @Gattina: you wonder how a Vatican item ended up here.

    @Nancy: that it is.

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    @Magiceye: I agree.

    @DJan: it stands out.

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    @Barbara: you're welcome.

    @Whisk: thank you.

    @Jennifer: you should.

    @RedPat: I agree.

    @Grace: so did I.

    @Red: thank you

  20. I love that look at the Baroque Room. There is something elegant about red walls in a gallery. I also find that Botticelli a little disturbing to look at.

  21. Interesting subjects. Baby J. has a round tummy

  22. Happy Thanksgiving to you ~ great art photos ^_^

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  23. What a fantastic art gallery! Tweeted. And Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. An interesting exhibition. Happy Thanksgiving William.

  25. Happy Thanksgiving William and thank you for your loyalty to so many bloggers - love the Sandro Botticelli - The Christ Child And The Infant John The Baptist.

  26. A Happy Thanksgiving to you, William.

  27. Great shots of the art exhibit and love your header too. Happy Thanksgiving William!

  28. @Sharon: it is odd

    @Italiafinlandia: thank you.

    @MB: so it seems!

    @Carol: thanks!

    @Mari: thank you.

    @Marleen: it was.

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  29. The Baroque Room would take some time to peruse! Love it!

  30. This is my kind of way to spend some time. Beautiful paintings.

  31. The red walls do a great job showing off the beautiful works of art

  32. These are beautiful paintings, and more.

  33. The Bernini sculpture is wonderful:)

  34. Belated Happy Thanksgiving, William.

    All the best Jan

  35. Happy Thanksgiving! thanks for showing us all this beautiful art!