Sunday, October 13, 2019

Creative Inspiration

Here we have another Lawren Harris painting, Lighthouse, Father Point, dating to 1930. Harris and his Group of Seven colleague A.Y. Jackson took a trip the previous year to Atlantic Canada, and Harris found this lighthouse near Rimouski, Quebec.

Two works of art are side by side, one a sculpture and the second being a portrait of the artist.

Gesture is a 1927 marble by Elizabeth Wyn Wood.

Gordon Davies painted the artist with two of her works in 1936. Elizabeth And Gesture is the title of this oil painting.

This display case features carved works by First Nations artists.

Woman At Clothesline was painted in 1956-57 by the artist Alex Colville, depicting his wife Rhoda.

Alex Janvier is a First Nations artist of the Dene people who works in a vivid, abstract style; his Morning Star over at the Museum of History is a particular favourite work of art of mine. This is another of his works, Alberta Blues, dating to 1966.

Daphne Odjig was a colleague of Janvier, with Odawa and Potowatomi First Nations roots. Universe is a 1970 acrylic painting.

I headed up to the world art section. On the upper landing I photographed out the glass tower towards Parliament Hill and Major's Hill Park.

There's a staircase that leads up to here. Standing Nude is a limestone sculpture by Aristide Maillol, and it's on the landing halfway up. It was done from 1919-21.

For today I finish off with a view of the garden courtyard from the upper level.


  1. Interesting. I should have been an artist except for the details... limited talent, inability to stay still long enough, shy about self-promotion...

  2. Very nice. Ik vind die eerste zo mooi.

  3. ... the glass tower is gorgeous!

  4. This is great art and I do love lighthouses!

  5. I like all three portrait paintings. For some reason, sculptures appeal to me less in general.

  6. The Janvier painting is beautiful. The color and movement are mind bending mahic.

  7. @Linda: I can relate.

    @Aritha: thank you.

    @Italiafinlandia: thanks!

    @Ella: that it is.

    @Iris: so do I.

    @Anvilcloud: thanks!

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Maywyn: definitely.

    @Marie: as do I.

  8. ...a diverse collection, the common to the whimsical.

  9. A lot of great art works today, William.
    I like this blog from start untill the end.

  10. I very much like the lighthouse painting!

  11. i love the lighthouse. Sunday time. have a great 1. ( ;

  12. Great painting collection...and I liked your photos with the light coming through the glass...first the view out through windows, then the one of the courtyard.

  13. Wonderful art. I especially like that first sculpture.

  14. Hello, wonderful exhibits and displays. I like the Lighthouse and the carved pieces. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  15. A wonderful combination of realism and abstract style. Love the glass work incorporated in the architectural style of the building as it provides a view of the surrounding environment.

  16. I like Colville best, but also Harris!

  17. The windows of the glass tower look very intriguing William, would love to see more ✨

  18. That portrait is wonderful but the woman by the cloths line is my favorite. It even brings back childhood memories.

  19. The lighthouse painting is my favorite. I thought at first it was a wood carving. Beautiful!

  20. @Tom: definitely.

    @Jan: thank you.

    @Marleen: so did I.

    @Beth: thanks.

    @Barbara: thank you!

    @RedPat: it really is.

    @DJan: me too.

    @Eileen: thanks!

    @Red: as do I.

    @Alexandria: I do as well.

    @Jennifer: they were great artists.

    @Grace: the building was beautifully designed.

    @Sharon: I can see that.

    @Sharon: it does feel that way.

  21. The COlville is beautiful. And of course I loved the Harris lighthouse. This museum has wonderful light.

  22. I like the first painting and I always like First Nation art

  23. The lighthouse is my favorite, it's unique!

  24. I like the woman at clothesline. Some of us still hang out clothes out on the line. : )

  25. Interesting paintings. I like the view of courtyard.

  26. Those are all wonderful, for some reason I don’t understand really I’m quite taken with the “woman at the clothesline”.

  27. I really like the movement of "Gesture."

  28. Interesting pieces of work. I like structure of the lighthouse:)

  29. Well I am definitely a fan of Harris!

  30. I do like the marble piece by Elizabeth Wyn Wood.

    All the best Jan

  31. @Jeanie: thanks.

    @MB: me too.

    @Bill: it is.

    @Happyone: I can't!

    @Revrunner: indeed.

    @Tamago: me too.

    @Sallie: that one stands out.

    @Magiceye: thank you.

    @Kay: I do as well.

    @Rosie: me too.

    @Jenn: as am I.

    @Jan: I do too.