Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Here we have another Rubens, a painting titled Stormy Weather, circa 1635-36. Again, because of the light of the internal courtyard behind me, it was only really possible to photograph from the side. It's different seeing it in the evening.

Bernado Cavallino painted The Vision Of Saint Dominic circa 1640-45. That deep blue colour particularly draws the eye.

Here we have a look down into the courtyard, with the reflecting pool below.

For today I finish off with Benjamin West's masterpiece The Death Of General Wolfe, dating to 1770. West did several versions of this work (one hangs in the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto), but this is considered the primary version. It depicts the British general James Wolfe, mortally wounded during the Battle Of The Plains Of Abraham at Quebec City during the French and Indian War. 


  1. The reflecting pool is such an unusual thing to see in a gallery, really like it.

  2. It all looks very tranquil around the pool. There's an old folk song about General Wolfe, I believe.

  3. Hello,

    It is a beautiful museum, neat view looking down at the courtyard.
    Take care, enjoy your day!

  4. Just think, if ever you owned one of these masterpieces you would never be able to display it for fear of burglary.

  5. Great piece of an important battle in Canadian history.

  6. Wonderful to see William, merci beaucoup ✨

  7. We have some great art collected .

  8. Rubens had an amazing artistic talent.

  9. Beautiful paintings. He is talented.

  10. I wonder how the Rubens ended up in Canada !! Has probably a long story to tell !

  11. @Lady Fi: thanks!

    @Gemel: so do I.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @John: that doesn't surprise me.

    @Eileen: I agree.

    @Tom: definitely.

    @David: you wouldn't.

    @Marie: it certainly is.

    @DJan: very much so.

    @Grace: you're welcome.

    @Maywyn: it is indeed.

    @Red: we do!

    @Sharon: yes he did.

    @Nancy: very much so.

    @Gattina: indeed.

  12. Beautiful paintings and photos.

  13. The Plains of Abraham was one destination high on my Dad's list of things to see when I was a kid.

  14. I'm looking forward to the day when I can again visit an art museum.

  15. Some fantastic works of art! Bravo!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog!

  16. That blue is really regal and does draw the eye.

  17. That reflecting pool is really beautiful and I love that you can look down on it.

  18. @Bill: thank you.

    @RedPat: I've been there.

    @Joanne: I think so too.

    @Revrunner: I missed it at the height of Covid.

    @Leif: you're welcome.

    @Kay: very much so.

    @Jeanie: I do too.

    @Jan: thank you.