Sunday, February 9, 2014

Frozen Splendour

This ice sculpture stands at one of the entrances into Confederation Park. Colour has been incorporated into the ice.

Not everything in the park, mind you, is an ice sculpture. These snowshoes, for instance, are quite oversized. Perhaps Paul Bunyan might find them useful?

Nearby, out in the open stands this ice sculpture of two bears. It carries a theme of friendship between Canada and Germany since the end of the Cold War. The maple leaf is on the sculpture at the left, while a representation of the Brandenburg Gate is on the sculpture at the right.

At night, sculptures throughout the park get lit up with multicoloured lights for an entirely different effect.


  1. Impressive ice sculptures William and those snow shoes are enormous! I hope Paul comes by for them soon :)

  2. The creativity never ends in this place. The color and the lights on the sculptures are fabulous.

  3. These are very cool ice sculptures. Makes me shiver, though, to think that they don't melt. :)

    Thanks for your comments. It was nice to meet you. I've been scrolling through your blog(s) and like what I see very much. I shall return!

  4. is it paint used on the first sculptures? How long do they expect to last?

  5. The flowers (?) added are so pretty, it looks like blown glass!

    Ah, the Berliner Bär!

  6. @Denise: let us hope Paul is in a good mood!

    @Stuart: it does appeal to a lot of people.

    @Audrey: merci!

    @Lowell: as long as it stays below freezing the ones outside stay fine.

    @Gill: it is paint. And when Winterlude is done the sculptures get brokben up.

    @Luis: they are indeed.

    @Ciel: the work tha goes into these amazes me.

    @Mike: thanks!

  7. Winterlude would definitely be worth seeing on a visit to Canada!

  8. Gorgeous! Know this sounds odd, but I've never been to a park or anything with ice sculptures, except for wedding receptions (that open bars melted).

  9. Could do with those snow shoes here.
    Jane x

  10. There must a lot of beauty to behold here!

  11. Great to see those impressive ice sculptures outside. We can only see them in cooled buildings.

  12. These ice sculptures are fantastic!

  13. A piece of Berlin in Ottawa!!! Those bears are all over Berlin. Companies, restaurants, etc. pay to have one and then they decorate them with their own logo. I will have to show some soon on my blog. They are really quite cute. The golf club where I play even has one.

  14. Wow - these are real masterpieces!

  15. Did you actually see Paul Bunyan? Babe might have accidentally stepped on a few sculptures.
    Good for Canada. MB

  16. @Norma: it's very busy this year.

    @Kittie: you should try this festival once!

    @Jane and Chris: shall we dispatch a St. Bernard with a flask of brandy?

    @Sharon: there is!

    @Whisk: it's a good detail.

    @Afanja: we do have the climate for it.

    @Karl: the carvers outdid themselves.

    @Gunn: thanks!

    @Halcyon: I look forward to that!

    @RedPat: the carvers can be proud of what they did this year.

    @MB: Paul would have a mighty thirst if he showed up!

  17. Wow, folks are taking their ice art pretty seriously! Very decorative!

  18. These are so beautiful that I'm going to have to visit during winter! And I hate snow and ice!

  19. The ice sculptures are really beautiful. Amazing how intricate the designs are.

  20. I go for the snowshoes, though the ice bears are also interesting.

  21. I wish we had something so artful and lovely to look at amidst the snow! I love those snowshoes too, would've been great if someone sculpted a giant Bunyon to go with them:)

  22. Many happy memories of Ottawa in my wandering days: hitchiking a ride on a boat on the Rideau Canal all the way to Montreal...... Rolling on the "River"

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral


  23. The lights really do change the look! Very nice!

  24. @Linda: it must be taken seriously!

    @Cheryl: get a pair of yaktrax. They work well on snow and ice.

    @Joan: it always impresses me how detailed the carvers can get.

    @Jack: The snowshoes, of course, would pose a challenge to try to haul out of there...

    @LondonLulu: he'd have been a huge sculpture!

    @Cloudia: it's a lovely city to wander through.

    @EG: thank you!