Saturday, February 15, 2014


Three more sculptures from the park today. These can all be enlarged by clicking on them, by the way. This first one depicts man and nature in an intricate way.

While this one focuses on the simple act of sniffing a flower.

And this one, in fact, won first place in competition, depicting a warrior of the ancient world in battle. I'm impressed by how the carvers fashioned a flowing cape behind him.


  1. That 2nd one looks like it could have been done by Jean Cocteau. And I can see why the last one was the winner. It's powerful and delicate at the same time. Nicely captured.

  2. So incredible! I wish I had half the talent.

  3. A well deserved win in my humble opinion....

  4. I hadn't seen Cocteau in the second one but Stuart is so right. They are fabulous, yes the cape is amazing.

  5. @Stuart: thank you.

    @Karl: they are!

    @Revrunner: I'd say so!

    @EG: same here!

    @Gill: yes, it is.

    @Luis: very delicate indeed.

    @Ciel: I keep wondering how they pulled it off.

  6. I did as you suggested and clicked to embiggen. I'm still astounded. And I thought it is sad that these beautiful sculptures are not going to be preserved for future generations.

    I'd think it would be terribly hard to work with ice as it's so brittle and fragile. How in the world would you create a flowing cape like that?

  7. I never fail to be impressed with ice sculptures.
    Jane x

  8. wow, they are incredible, and yes, that cape!

  9. Amazing! I can see why the warrior took first place!

  10. I continue to be amazed by the talent of these artists. Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. @Lowell: I'm inclined to think they must fashion the cape in stages. I've seen them use power tools that buff the ice and make a bit of a curved shape, so it might involve that and perhaps blow torches...

    @Jane and Chris: they're visually stunning.

    @Tanya: thanks for stopping in!

    @Cheryl: it deserved it!

    @Lois: you're welcome!

  12. The ice of the flowing cape seems so thin . Quite a remarkable feat. thanks for sharing. MB

  13. That warrior is amazing. It must take a steady and gentle hand to do something like this.

  14. I have enjoyed your ice-sculpture series immensely and would love to see one of these actually carved. Such talent! Great photos again William!

  15. ephemeral but recorded for posterity

  16. @MB: you're welcome!

    @Sharon: a very steady hand.

    @RedPat: you're not the only one!

    @Norma: yes they are.

    @Denise: it's a pleasure to watch them at work.

    @Gerald: and that's a good thing.

  17. More lovely sculptures! Seems like a shame they are temporary.