Friday, February 21, 2014

Ice Carvers At Work

Back in Confederation Park today. This is the shelter that housed the first set of ice sculptures, complete with national flags of the various carvers, fluttering in the breeze.

This is another one of the outdoor ice sculptures, erected by a pair of Mexican ice carvers.

After the first weekend of Winterlude, on the west side of the park, several carvers were busy at work at a larger sculpture.

This is something that was being assembled to mark the centennial this year of the First World War.

I'll have the finished product posted in a blog on the weekend.


  1. We have had the most mild winter in 100 years in Denmark, hardly any snow - your pictures are making me feel the cold.

  2. Still rainy and mild here, 12°C yesterday.

    So nice to see all the flags and that WWI was remembered.

  3. What a huge project. Can't wait to see it finished.

  4. The only thing I would know to do with a block of ice would be to make ice cubes.

  5. Just wonderful. I can hardly imagine anymore how cold it must be to do this outside. :-)

  6. you know I thought it was funny to hear some ice carvers were from Mexico. You imagine ice carvers would be all from the colder countries not warm ones?

  7. Thanks for your comments and likes on A Bit About Britain. More fascinating stuff on your blog. On the subject of WW1, have you ever visited the Canadian Memorial at Vimy Ridge? It is one of the most astonishing and beautiful memorials I have ever seen. Will be visiting again in March.

  8. Ida: here it has been a normal winter.

    Ciel: this one was government commisioned. Our federal government is big on military commemoration. Actually supporting the troops? Not so much. One of many reasons I am anxious to see them gone.

    Tamera: yes they are.

    Stuart : each year a big one like this gets put together.

    Revrunner: I think that might be the case for many.

    Jan: one does get used to it.

    Gill: I was most astonished that there was one from Dubai.

    Mike: I have not been to Vimy but someday I must go there.

  9. It's like working with building blocks only the blocks are made of ice.

  10. I didn't see an Australian flag there William :)

  11. These sculptors' skills never cease to amaze! I like they put up the flags of the carvers' nations - and that they're marking WWI (something that is not marked as much stateside).

  12. Again, I'm amazed! This is another whole industry. But I still have difficulty getting my mind around the fact that all this work can melt away in one warm day!

  13. Lots of work. Have a great weekend William.

  14. I'm really looking forward to seeing that memorial. Will there be a special unveiling or ceremony?
    Jane x

  15. @Norma: yes, from Mexico!

    @Sharon: it takes great care too.

    @Grace: I'd imagine there are at least some carvers in Australia who might do this sort of thing...

    @LondonLulu: the feds are putting out a lot of money on centennial commemorations. If they only put that into proper care for troops and vets, but they seem hellbent on annoying them instead through neglect...

    @Lowell: especially those that are outside the shelters. I've seen ice sculptures break because of rising temperatures.

    @Luis: thank you!

    @Jane and Chris: if Veterans Affairs had a ceremony, I missed it for that sculpture.

  16. These people must be dedicated!

    And I'm with Norma--Mexico???

  17. The scale of that WW1 memorial is incredible!

  18. Fascinating! I'm with Norma. Ice Carvers from Mexico?

  19. Very cool! I'll have to remember to come back by and see the final!

  20. @MB: it definitely is.

    @Cheryl: yes, Mexico!

    @RedPat: there's always one sculpture that needs a gang to put it together!

    @Kathy: yes, they are!

    @Linda: thank you.

    @Mari: it astounds me, yes.

    @Meradeth: I'll be posting it tomorrow.

  21. It is simply amazing to me that these artists can create works of art that are so beautiful and yet so temporal.