Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Readying The Tulips

Today I start off a series on the Tulip Festival, which kicked off before the weekend and will go through to next Monday. I like to do a post with the flowers in progress, and so on the first of the month, I passed through Commissioners Park at Dow's Lake to photograph some of the beds.

Beyond the park in this shot is a house built in the last year or two. Frankly it's an eyesore that clashes with nearby homes and tarnishes the neighbourhood. The architect who designed this should be run out of town on a rail. The developer who decided this gargantuan infill should belong here should be driven out of business. And the owners should be smacked upside the head twenty thousand times. I'm just saying.

Companion plants like narcissus are often planted in with the tulips.

On a slope beyond one of the beds, these scilla were seen growing.

Three beds at the south end of the park are often the ones that show the first tulips. A few of them are seen showing here.


  1. Oh, it´s still so dark - but you´re on the way!

  2. Here in the Netherlands the tulip season starts in February ...
    But I am glad that I can see another season of these beautiful flowers!

  3. That must be so beautiful when they are blooming!

  4. Looks as if it is a bit too early for blooming ! My friend flew yesterday to Gattineau to visit her son for the first time. He first lived in Toronto.

  5. In all the years I have been coming to Ottawa, I have never made it for the tulip festival. Maybe this is the year to change that!

  6. Beautiful landscape photos. It will be fun to see the flowers all in bloom!

  7. What a beautiful header you made, tulips from Amsterdam!

  8. Looking forward to the floral display.

  9. Oh they are going to be a sight to see!

  10. Must be very much nicer right now.

  11. ...the ground is waking up from it's winter rest.

  12. Hello, it will be beautiful to see all the tulips blooming. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  13. So nice to see another tulip festival, this one a bit later than ours, which finished when the month of May began. :-)

  14. I'm not sure we'll see them soon! It's lovely seeing their progress.

  15. @Iris: some years the first of May, they're already out. This year they've been late.

    @Fun60: it is quite something to see unfold.

    @Ella: I love seeing them each year.

    @Italiafinlandia: eventually!

    @Aritha: and the blooms are coming.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Gattina: hopefully she gets to see some of the tulips. The ones I've seen yesterday, for instance, are not quite there. I'm planning on getting down to this park today or tomorrow to photograph some more, because I have no posts set beyond tomorrow and I need a few days worth of shots in advance!

    @David: even if you come after the Victoria Day weekend, there'll be tulips.

    @Maywyn: I'll have lots of flowers yet to come.

    @Marianne: many tulips to come.

    @Joan: and a lot of that coming.

    @Laurie: definitely.

    @Anvilcloud: a few days can make quite a difference.

    @Marie: I'll be busy taking photos.

    @Tom: that's a good way of putting it.

    @Eileen: thank you.

    @DJan: ours is always in May.

    @Jennifer: some around the War Memorial are not yet blooming, I noticed yesterday. It largely depends on when they're planted.

  16. The flowers all seem to be a bit slow this year. Hopefully we get some dry warmer weather this week.

  17. Soon we will see colour, lots of colour...

  18. Great to see the little plants all emerging from the soil...this is a nice wander through the park. On modern architecture...sometimes it is garish in a more traditional environment, isn't it?

  19. The anticipation is growing William 😉 🌷🌷🌷

  20. A lot of work goes into getting fine tulips. Yes, this would be the ugliest house in the neighborhood.

  21. I can't wait to see these wonderful things in bloom!

  22. I always enjoy your tulip photos, from start to finish. Thanks William. That house does stick out like a sore thumb, especially so if there are more traditional style houses surrounding it.

  23. Great idea to following the progress of the tulips in photos ~

    Happy Day To You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  24. @RedPat: I have to get more photos in, but am planning on doing so in the morning, early. I hope the tulips are more out now than they were last Wednesday, which occupies tomorrow's post.

    @Catarina: when it starts showing, it really shows.

    @Barbara: the irony is that if it was in a different setting, it might not be that bad, but in this place, the house does not fit at all.

    @Grace: we'll have tulips for quite some time to come. In an emergency- such as if tomorrow's tulip visit turns out a bust- I do have a couple of days worth of a contingency after a place I visited on the weekend.

    @Red: I find a lot of modern infill housing does have that effect.

    @Jeanie: they are a wonder to see.

    @Denise: you're welcome.

    @Carol: it is, I think.

  25. Soon there will be color everywhere.

  26. Oooh I can't wait to see all the colorful tulips blooming!

  27. Looking forward to the burst of colour.

  28. With a little patience it will be a sea of color again.
    Overhere the tulips are long gone.

  29. I think the tulips are done on this side of Lake Erie. I think I missed them, in all the rain.

  30. @Sharon: it doesn't take long.

    @Tamago: I'll have to see what it's like here in the morning.

    @Bill: as am I.

    @Jan: I'll be busy with photography over the next few days.

    @Joanne: here they've been late this year.

  31. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, the Tulip Festival. I can't wait!

  32. William - I am looking forward to seeing the progression of the tulips. We just don't see many here in Montana since they would be eaten by the deer before they ever had a chance to bloom. I get your point about the house … if it doesn't fit in the neighborhood, it's a shame they went modern. Looks like they had the money they could have built anything!

  33. Can't wait to see them in bloom.

  34. i love spring ... i wish it would go slower, spring time, i love the blooms and temps, good weather ... like u blink and it is gone. we are having a cold snap these days. kind of odd. ( ;

  35. Can't wait.
    I love your Tulip Festival.

    All the best Jan

  36. We went to Tulip Festival too, not far from my city.

  37. @Catalyst: I always get in lots of shots.

    @Sandi: thank you.

    @Angie: that house is unfortunately still there, and for sale again. Assuming it's not just the original owner trying to sell and withdrawing every time they're not getting offers.

    @Lady Fi: I love seeing them.

    @Beth: thank you.

    @Kay: and they're gone so soon.

    @Cloudia: I think so too.

    @Jan: I love showing it.

    @Klara: good!