Sunday, May 5, 2019

The Giants Of Another Time

The Fossil Gallery, as you can imagine, is a wonder to visit at the Museum of Nature, with dinosaur fossils and casts arranged throughout. Information panels go into detail on the various species.

These fossils are a recent addition to the collection, of a recently discovered species. The bones are displayed as they were found.

The panel gives information on the species and what it might have looked like. Spiclypeus shipporum was found in the area of the Judith River in Montana.

Here we have a view of the big alpha predator that dominates the entrance. This is a species called Daspletosaurus torosus, closely related to the Tyrannosaurus rex.

There are several species of horned dinosaurs exhibited here.

This panel examines the differences between the various horned dinosaurs.

Today I finish off with this giant turtle as the centrepiece of the shot. Archelon ischyros was the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, and lived 74 million years ago. This is a cast of the specimen.


  1. Amazing photos
    As a kid, and to this day, when I hear big metal doors rumbling, I think of dinosaurs coming after us.

  2. A wonderful place for inspiring youngsters with a love of history and science.

  3. It looks so similar to ours here in Brussels !

    Tell the spammer above my comment to go to hell ! I had the honor too !

  4. Only yesterday we saw "A Night at the Museum II" with Rexi, the dinosaur :-)

  5. Makes me glad I am not sharing my space with these animals. I find horses and cows big enough.

  6. Fascinating creatures but I'm glad they're not around anymore 😊

  7. ...dinosaurs and their tongue twisting names has always held an appeal particularly for children.

  8. I never thought about how natural selection (that of nature) brought bi-pedal dinosaurs around like the Rex and your example "torosus" who still had tiny front legs. Interesting!

  9. I would love to take our grandkids to a fossil gallery!

  10. Hello, the dinosaur exhibit is cool. I love the horned dinosaurs and the turtle. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week ahead!

  11. It is quite frightening that those creatures actually roamed the earth,

  12. Dinosaurs must have scared any other species.

  13. They are always fascinating, William !

  14. @Maywyn: 'don't go into the long grass!'

    @John: and kids really go for this.

    @Gattina: thanks! The spammer has been banished yet again. Dear Mumbai: rot in hell.

    @Iris: my feeling of those movies is that they'd be much improved if Ben Stiller hadn't been the star.

    @Joan: and these were a lot bigger!

    @Grace: you mean you wouldn't like to hug a raptor?

    @Tom: that is quite true.

    @Barbara: that seems true of several different species like the T-Rex: such small forearms.

    @Marie: they'd enjoy this one.

    @Eileen: thank you.

    @Jan: definitely.

    @Janey: I find them fascinating. But yes, we wouldn't exist today had it not been for their removal.

    @DJan: they really are.

    @Red: they would.

    @Karl: I agree.

    @Francisco: thanks!

  15. Reminds me of a similar museum in Amherst, Massachusetts. Mind blowing!

  16. Imagine those giant creatures walking around today..

  17. It's hard to imagine these giant creatures walking the Earth. I suppose it would be like seeing an elephant in the wild...but bigger and toothier!

  18. Doesn't Spiclypeus shipporum look like an interesting creature? Actually, they all do!

  19. Wonderful exhibits, my grandchildren would love this place :)

    All the best Jan

  20. Very interesting museum for vosoting. Many thanks for sharing those pictures.

  21. Amazing fossil photos and what history told ~

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  22. All of my grandsons know every dinosaur. My granddaughters seem to know every Disney princess.

  23. Aren't you glad these creatures aren't roaming the earth today?

  24. always been a fan of dinos - since i was a young one. ( ;

  25. Wonderful photos, it looks like a fascinating gallery:)

  26. There is a wonderful store in Westport which has small fossils. I bought my daughter some, for some reason. She's difficult to buy for. She turns 40 this year. sigh.

  27. Someday our Baby Grand will be old enough to go see the dinosaur bones. If we took him now, they might collapse! Very nice shots, William.

  28. @Revrunner: dinosaurs fascinate us.

    @Bill: that they are.

    @Marleen: we wouldn't exist.

    @Sandi: definitely.

    @Kay: they do.

    @Jan: no doubt.

    @MDP: thank you.

    @Carol: thanks.

  29. @Joanne: dinosaurs fascinate kids.

    @Sharon: one sometimes wonders!

    @Beth: me too.

    @Italiafinlandia: definitely.

    @Rosie: that it is.

    @Jennifer: fossils are a niche gift.

    @Jeanie: I can see that.

    @Klara: thank you.