Monday, May 27, 2019

The Crowded Park

The two people in this shot haven't just strode into a bed of tulips. There are certain spots at Commissioners Park where a walkway has been inserted into the bed, giving space for photo ops.

Hence this shot, taken where they were positioned.

On the weekends, and a day like Victoria Day when I took these shots, the tulip sites get busy. I prefer weekdays when it's quieter. And we get the sort of photographer who has to have their family standing in front of the tulips. And take a couple of dozen shots. Or four dozen shots. As opposed to just photographing the tulips.

Have I mentioned I don't like that sort of photographer? I've said it before, but it's the same kind of numbskull who goes to the Grand Canyon and insists on having their spouse and ill behaved brats posing in front of scenic splendour for every single shot. "Isn't this beautiful, honey? We can only improve it by having you and little Waldo and little Hilda blocking everything."

It's not that I mind photographing people around tulips, particularly if they're in the background. But that kind of photographer is the sort I'd like to throttle.

Some of the beds, such as this one, are less densely planted than others.

The lake itself features into the background here. We'll pick up here again tomorrow.


  1. Oh my goodness, all the tulips and people. Love that they put a path in so people could take some photos.
    Lovely post today.

  2. Family poses are a major annoyance but people posing for selfies are a hot button for me. At one spot in Iceland we encountered a man setting up and moving his cell phone (on a tripod, or a selfie stick) from one spot to the next...and the next...and next. I don't think he saw anything besides himself on the whole beach.

  3. Ha ha, loved your rant on 'family' photographers but like Kay it is the selfie photographers that get me. I can't imagine visiting a place and just taking photos of myself at them. It is rare for any of my photos to have us in them, except for my husband's back because we are walking together and I stop to take a photo and he keeps walking and doesn't seem to get out of the way.'

  4. I know what you mean about taking family photos and blocking all those beautiful tulips. We can see all kinds of photographers around us.

  5. The tulips seem to be in full bloom ! Here the main season is over !

  6. You have a real Keukenhof or tulips there!
    Very nice!

  7. People never cease to amaze me. What really staggers the imagination are those who wish to have their children get close to wild animals for pictures.

  8. So many people, Yikes ! I’m not good with crowds and I wish some people would be more considerate, it’s all fine and well to take photos but people should try to be considerate to others! On a brighter note such beautiful tulips the sheer number of them is mind boggling!

  9. ...everyone wants to enjoy the beauty at Dow's Lake!

  10. Hello, the tulips are beautiful. I think I have a lot of vacation photos that do not have any people in the shot. Loveld images. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  11. I think the path through the beds in some locations is a great idea.

  12. Not sure which irritates me the most - the selfie stick or the never ending family photos.

  13. I encountered several of those photographers yesterday during Doors Open.

  14. For years I hiked through the Rockies with a guy who always wanted a person in his photos. Yes , some people can overdo it.

  15. @Parsnip: the little pathways are a good idea.

    @Kay: we see no shortage of selfie sticks here too.

    @Joan: I don't like how I look, so I rarely turn up in a photo.

    @Nancy: it just baffles me.

    @Iris: I agree.

    @Gattina: I was passing by a bed yesterday that was still coming into its own.

    @Italiafinlandia: indeed!

    @Ella: that we do.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @David: that doesn't surprise me.

    @Karl: I'm pretty sure that'll never happen for me. :)

    @Laurie: I tend to ideally avoid crowds, so I like getting down there in mid week when it's quieter.

    @Tom: that is true.

    @Eileen: there are times I like having people in the shot- the sixth of this post, for instance- but they're always part of the background, as opposed to the subject itself.

    @Jan: for me as well.

    @Marie: it is.

    @Fun60: both.

    @RedPat: that's not surprising.

    @Red: they can, yes.

  16. A walkway into the display should keep people from trampling the tulips. Another magnificent display. Tweeted.

  17. I am still enjoying your tulip pictures. Thank you once again. :-)

  18. you know i love this series so so much. so pretty. those magenta ones are amazing ...but really how can you pick a fave. so lovely!! ( :

  19. Lovely series of tulip photos
    and we get the 'families' here as well ~ they mean well ~ just documenting family travels ~

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  20. @Marleen: that's true!

    @Mari: thank you.

    @DJan: you're welcome.

    @Beth: thank you.

    @Carol: I find it a pet peeve.

  21. I can see why everyone wants to take photos of the tulips but of themselves with the tulips, maybe one but that's it 😉 Gorgeous shots here William.

  22. Everyone is there for a reason, it seems. For some, it's to line up the family and shoot them--in front of the tulips, of course.

  23. I think that little walkway into the tulip bed is a rather fine idea.

  24. One of my sons is against most "posed" photos, though he's more amenable as he's aged. He does like making strange gestures whenever someone points a camera at him. I like catching him in a naturally gesturing conversation with someone...truly meeting his desires as well as mine. But nature shots should be of nature!

  25. So pretty. My tulip just finished up.
    Coffee is on

  26. I'd much raher have photos of places than of people and certainly non of myself:)

  27. I see why families might want to pose their kids in front of the tulips for a special photo but how many do you need? Don't have to do it at all of them and yes, I'd rather have pix of the tulips!

  28. A lovely post again William.
    So many beautiful tulips, no wonder so many people want to see them.
    Isn't that path a good idea, it makes it a little easier for a photo opportunity.

    All the best Jan

  29. I 'like' these kind of photographers too....

  30. @Grace: thanks.

    @Joanne: I prefer letting the tulips be the star of the show.

    @Anvilcloud: it is a good idea.

    @Barbara: I quite agree.

    @Dora: they don't last long.

    @Catalyst: we're spoiled for beauty.

    @Rosie: I rarely appear in photographs.

    @Jeanie: I'm definitely of that opinion.

    @Cloudia: indeed.

    @Jan: it does, yes.

    @Klara: it's a curious habit.