Friday, July 5, 2019

On A Stage And Beyond Stage

While I was on stage in Southam Hall, a number of people were taking their place at the conductor's podium, picking up the baton and posing for shots. I pointed and clicked. It was later on that I really saw what I'd taken. The woman's smile in this first one just makes the shot.

Most instruments were off stage, but some of the percussion instruments were set up behind a strategically placed line. We can't have three year olds banging the drums, after all, as much as they might like to.

Beyond the stage is the vastness of the backstage area, which one only sees on occasions like this. 

It includes equipment, photographs of technical crew at work, props, and even a fog making machine.

Two organs are back here as well, and a display went into detail about them. I have more to come.


  1. I agree, the smile is making not only her happy!

  2. Maybe a memorandum should be sent out to classical conductors to smile more.

  3. That first photo is wonderful. You took it at just the right time!

  4. I'm pretty sure ... if Nigel Kennedy will come to sing an aria under her baton, she'll be very excited ...
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. I would like to be a conductor for a day, and I would be a dictator in the manner of Toscanini. The big difference of course would be that Toscanini knew what he was doing!

  6. ...what fun to be the maestro for a moment.

  7. You are right, that smile is priceless.

  8. i have always thought it would be so incredible to lead a band ... to be in charge ... i use to as a kid would watch the Boston Pops Orchestra ... it was amazing ... drawing a blank on the man's name ... he was so fun to watch ... u know the deal tap tap tapping the podium to get the orchestra ready ... found it so entertaining. fun to pretend. can you believe it is Friday. time flies. have a great weekend. ( ;

  9. Everyone looks to be having a good time. I enjoyed "visiting" through your pictures. :-)

  10. @Iris: true!

    @John: I agree.

    @Marleen: good timing on my part.

    @Ella: possibly!

    @Italiafinlandia: it is.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @David: that would be the same for me!

    @Tom: it was!

    @Jan: I thought so.

    @Anvilcloud: thanks!

    @Beth: thank you.

    @DJan: I enjoyed showing it.

  11. I think this is my favourite visit ever.

  12. Loved the backstage visit William ✨

  13. Such a treat to be able to explore these places, William!

  14. Yes , back stages can be huge. Where else would they make costumes and sets? I enjoy backstage tours.

  15. A fun way to get an inside look.

  16. What a lovely backstage tour.

  17. Wonderful selection of photos to post. I feel like music will be heard any second now.

  18. @Marie: thanks!

    @Grace: so did I.

    @RedPat: that it is.

    @Red: the backstage area is quite impressive.

    @Barbara: yes, we don't usually see this space.

    @Sharon: it is indeed.

    @Bill: I enjoyed it.

    @Maywyn: thank you!

  19. I am always in awe of such venues.

  20. Absolutely! You captured the moment!

  21. Very interesting!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. What a place and delightful event and photos ~ ^_^

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  23. Who hasn't imagined themselves conducting a magnificent orchestra? :-)

  24. Amazing! And you and your commenters, that first lady's smile makes the picture.

  25. Beautiful captures and yes the 1st pic is truly precious.

  26. interesting stuff you never think of that goes on behind the curtain.

  27. Great to see peole enjoying themselves, the lady has a lovely smile:)

  28. That IS a great shot -- and it looks like a wonderful concert hall.

  29. The woman's smile in your first photograph is just perfect - great shot.

    All the best Jan

  30. I always stood behind the tympani!

  31. Back stages are always fun to see.

  32. @Klara: it's a great venue.

    @Jack: very good timing.

    @Lea: thank you.

    @Carol: I enjoyed it.

    @Revrunner: I'd be out of my depth.

    @Catalyst: it very much does.

    @Magiceye: thank you.

    @Lorelei: there's a whole world back there.

    @Rosie: yes she does.

    @Jeanie: it is, yes.

    @Jan: thank you.

    @Jennifer: a good position.

    @Klara: definitely.