Saturday, October 5, 2019

Sanctuaries Within The City

Today I'm featuring churches taken at various times. This late April shot of Centretown United Church features the building bathed in late day sunlight. The church dates to 1906, in the Gothic Revival style.

In early May, I passed by McPhail Memorial Baptist Church, also in Centretown. An off shoot of First Baptist Church, this was founded in 1888 and combines Gothic and Norman architecture styles.

On a July day, we had an incoming storm. I took a chance to photograph the familiar roofline of Southminster United Church in Old Ottawa South against the brooding sky.

Some days later, here we had a different perspective of Southminster.

Up in the Glebe, also in July, I took these views of St. Giles Presbyterian Church.

In August, I was passing through Sandy Hill, where the University of Ottawa dominates the neighbourhood. St. Joseph's is a Catholic church, one of two on campus. 

Up the street is St. Paul's- Eastern United Church.

On another August day I was passing once again through the campus at the University of Ottawa and photographed this second church on campus. The Paroisse de Sacre Coeur is a Francophone Catholic church, partnered with St. Joseph's. This modern structure replaces an older one that was destroyed by fire.

There is a chapel off the main entrance that is generally open during the day, with wonderfully abstract stained glass.

And I finish with this shot taken on Labour Day, inside Notre Dame Basilica. Aside from times of mass, the Catholic church is open to visits through the day.


  1. Nice collection of beautiful churches. I like the design of the modern church.

  2. The inside of the Notre Dame Basilica looks stunning.

  3. I like the old and traditional churches. Fantastic photo of the inside of the Notre Dame!

  4. ...Ottawa has some beautiful churches!

  5. You have some very different churches there, a;so very modern ones, I like them.

  6. Diverse series of architecture here William.. the stained class windows are beautiful ✨

  7. The architecture of these could fit quite easily into Australia.

  8. @Nancy: so do I.

    @Rosemary: definitely.

    @Marleen: thank you.

    @Tom: we do.

    @Marianne: thanks.

    @Grace: that they are.

    @Joan: I can see that.

  9. Wonderful tour of some magnificent churches.

  10. Gosh, that basilica is gorgeous!

  11. You have some very beautiful old churches.

  12. A lot of churches in Ottawa with a nice range of architecture.
    I specially like the modern stained glass windows of the Paroisse de Sacre Coeur .

  13. A great series of beautiful churches.

  14. Most enjoyable sanctuary tour of your city. Thanks.

  15. Love the ceiling in that last photo and the brooding sky in an earlier photo!

  16. A beautiful collection of churches, the Basilica is stunning.

  17. @DJan: thank you!

    @Laurie: you're welcome.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Sharon: it certainly is.

    @Red: that we do.

    @Jan: so do I.

    @Happyone: thanks!

    @Barbara: a pleasure to show them.

    @Marie: I always go for brooding skies.

    @Bill: the basilica is pretty much the first church of the city, a landmark in its own right.

  18. A nice selection of churches ending with that spectacular pic of the basilica interior, William!

  19. Ottawa has some lovely churches. That stained glass chapel is especially magnificent!

  20. Love the different architectural style of churches. The Notre Dame Basilica looks very impressive.

  21. Nice photos. I realize looking at your pictures, stone churches are a favorite.

  22. Grand buildings and lovely stained glass. Yes, I Tweeted.

  23. Good series, nicely conceived, paced, with a great punch at the end. I love that stained glass and then the traditional nave. And ideal post

  24. I used to go in and just sit for a few minutes in the church near me. Quiet is lovely.
    All the churches are wonderful in their own way. When I was in the UK I went to as many churches as I could (between the Pubs and shops)
    to look at the windows, Love the last stained glass.

  25. A number of old, elegant churches have been converted to other uses in the London area. Mostly this has happened outside the city. That said, one large church was lost in the east end of the city. The congregation got too small to support such a large building and its location was not attractive to others who could have converted it. And times may just get tougher for aging churches. I do hope we find other uses for the majority as, you clearly show, they are wonderful buildings with great heritage value.

  26. What a good collection of cathedrals and large churches.

  27. Your city churches are all so much more grand than our rural ones. And that Notre Dame interior shot is particularly splendid.

  28. I wonder why Presbyterian churches are so often composed of red brick. And Catholic churches so majestic. The stained glass shots are wonderful.

  29. stain glass always steals the show in my book. nice!! ( ;

  30. Such different buildings, the last one looks wonderful inside:)

  31. I enjoyed seeing them all William... but the inside of the Notre Dame Basilica looks absolutely stunning, I'd love to visit it.

    All the best Jan

  32. @RedPat: that's the idea.

    @Jeanie: I really like it.

    @Alexandria: it's a grand church.

    @Maywyn: I like them.

    @Mari: thank you.

    @Cloudia: thanks!

    @Whisk: me too.

    @Parsnip: stained glass fascinates me.

    @Rockinon: there's a former church here that for a few weeks this summer was hijacked by a reprehensible pack of alt-right lunatics. Fortunately they were evicted.

  33. @Joanne: they stand out.

    @Magiceye: thanks.

    @Kay: Notre Dame is a grand church to see.

    @Catalyst: both seem to be the case.

    @Iris: I always go for that.

    @Beth: I enjoy it.

    @Rosie: it does.

    @Jan: I must return. Haven't been back inside since Covid.