Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Lantern Views

The burning of Centre Block on Parliament Hill looms in the story of the Museum of Nature, as it hosted temporary quarters for our Parliament for a number of years during the rebuild.

When the former Prime Minister, Wilfred Laurier, died, he laid in state inside the Museum 

This view looking up at the Moon includes some of the side we're more accustomed to.

The Museum's collection began to grow out of its earliest exhibits, particularly the collection of the Geological Survey. 

During the 1990s, preparations were made for a project of rehabilitation of the building that would include the Queens Lantern. The Museum would remain open during the work, with some limited access at times.

The Lantern is dedicated to two Queens: Victoria and Elizabeth, the latter of whom attended the formal reopening in 2010. New gallery concepts and expanded spaces would be part of the project.

To this day, there are stories of hauntings in the building, which seems appropriate in a castle.

The exhibits and public face of the Museum of Nature are here, but the administrative centre, housing research and collections vaults, are over in Gatineau.

For today I finish off with two more views of the Moon before we go over to another gallery.


  1. That Moon display is going to haunt me. Fantastic photos

  2. That moon I would love to see. The ghosts not so much.

  3. As others have mentioned the moon display is quite fascinating,

  4. I wonder what´ll happen to Notre Dame...

  5. Hello, love the moon! Great exhibit. Have a happy day!

  6. It’s wonderful that the museum stayed open during the years of rebuild.

  7. I have admit, I'm in awe of that moon.

  8. The moon looks amazing hanging there in the Central Block William. Such a shocker the fire 🔥

  9. I visited the museum in the mid 1960's It was ancient, dark and dull. We were the only visitors as it was close to closing time,.

  10. I sure like that moon. I thought it was mandatory for all castles to be haunted. :-)

  11. I'm grateful for seeing this museum virtually through your visits. Apparently many museums are making their collections available on line now that they are closed due to the virus.

  12. @Maywyn: thank you.

    @Tom: it is indeed.

    @John: I'm sure staff have stories.

    @David: very much so.

    @Iris: we shall see.

    @Ella: I agree.

    @Eileen: thanks.

    @Jan: definitely.

    @RedPat: indeed.

    @Marleen: my first visit was during the last stage when there was one or two galleries open.

    @Sharon: me too.

    @Grace: thank you.

    @Red: when I visited this time, there were few visitors at first, but within a few minutes kids started turning up for field trips.

    @DJan: it should be!

    @Barbara: this one's now closed.

  13. What a wonderful place you live in. Love the huge moon !
    It is spring ! your header photo is fabulous as always !

  14. I hope the Moon doesn't fall on anyone---LOL
    I like your header

  15. What a fascinating museum and great photos ~ Nature ~ gotta love it.

    Keep calm and Be well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  16. So many early buildings were lost to fire. I'm pleased that many have been reconstructed.

  17. Interesting, all those views of the moon.

  18. Thanks for mooning us, William.

  19. @Jenn: indeed.

    @Revrunner: very much so.

    @Jeanie: it is.

    @Parsnip: thanks!

    @Bill: I agree.

    @Marie: definitely.

    @MB: thank you.

    @Carol: thanks!

    @Kay: me too.

    @Joanne: they are.

    @Catalyst: hah!

  20. William - silly me, but I have never really thought about "sides" to the Moon, and what I might be seeing can change. Thanks for this illuminating thought!

  21. Wow!
    That moon is really something!

    All the best Jan