Tuesday, August 18, 2020


Having had looked around, apparently our theme days at City Daily Photo are coming to an end, and the group will be carrying on around Facebook (which I haven't been on since Covid started). Alas, more's the pity. The final theme day for September will be around favourite shots.

August in Ottawa is when the sunflowers come out and show off. Starting by the last week of July and often going into September, these flowers grow big and bright. The Sunnyside branch of the Ottawa Public Library has garden space outside, with a lot of them planted among the other plants. Bees were busy on the day I visited. This is technically still my home branch, but I haven't been inside since Covid restrictions started, and not all branches are operating at present. Those that are have been mostly doing curbside returns and holds pickups in the lobbies.

Across the street and just visible in the background is Southminster United Church.

The bridge beyond is the Bank Street Bridge. Two lanes on either side of the bridge have been cordoned off during Covid to give room for cyclists and pedestrians to avoid each other.


  1. Oh, if only my Dad was still around! His happy grin would be very big!
    His coffin was covered in mini-sunflowers as he loved these flowers so much.

  2. Sunflowers are such cheery flowers - they make you smile.

  3. The sunflowers look magnificent. Lots of seed for the birds there.

  4. ...thanks for the sunny start to me day!

  5. I have seen some around here, but the farm field has changed locations, and it is not as accessible for photos, or so I am told. I should check it out anyway.

  6. So cheerful and a good indication of summer's harvest. :-)

  7. Such a happy sight!
    I don't do FaceBook so will just try to keep up with blogs directly.

  8. Sunflowers certainly brighten up a city.

  9. Oh such lovely photos of the beautiful sunflowers ~ a delight ^_^

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  10. I adore sunflowers. I usually have them in my garden each summer in Washington. Missing my gardening this year!

  11. happy sunny faces. thanks for sharing

  12. Sunny and bright, so pretty to see!

  13. Hello,

    The sunflowers are such a cheery sight, love them! Great collection of photos!
    Take care, enjoy your day!

  14. I am such a sucker for sunflowers. They brighten my entire week, just one day's worth! These hotos really are making my heart sing!

  15. What a bright and sunny post.

  16. I love sunflowers and will grow a pot next year.
    These were a joy to see.

  17. Lovely Photos! Sunflowers bring the best out of any scenery.

  18. @Iris: they're wonderful flowers.

    @Agnieszka: thank you.

    @Rosemary: they do, yes.

    @David: very much so.

    @Tom: you're welcome.

  19. @Anvilcloud: apparently one of the fields at the Experimental Farm has a lot of them.

    @Jennifer: so do I.

    @DJan: that they are.

    @RedPat: I am still trying as much as possible to keep up with blogs, but it is a challenge. I'm not able to get online every day.

    @Red: they really do.

    @Carol: thank you.

  20. @Marie: me too.

    @Susie: thanks!

    @Kreig: thank you.

    @Bill: definitely.

    @Eileen: thanks!

    @Jeanie: thank you.

  21. @Francisco: thanks!

    @Mari: thank you.

    @Gemel: indeed.

    @Joanne: a joy to photograph too.

    @Maywyn: they do, yes.

  22. These are a wonderful day brightener. Thank you!

  23. O what a nice flowers, and so much! Love the sunny yellow!

  24. Beautiful, I love sunflowers!